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Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

Richard Potts

There might me more!

At the bottom of the developers homepage (http://www.audio-sandwich.com/) for the app it says:

Only 9 people know the secret mantra!

Is this a hint that 9 stupid twats might have bought this? Scary...

Unlocking the iPhone for pleasure and profit... revisited

Richard Potts

@ Law - N95 V20

Sorry Law, but I remember El-Reg covering a positive review of the V20 upgrade last year.


Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory

Richard Potts

Change your N95's product code & Mac!

If the Nokia software updater says you can still only get an old version, then why not change your N95's product code??:


p.s. I'm an N95 & Mac user and don't really give a shit that the Nokia updater is Windoze only - I just leave XP quietly running in VMware Fusion for the odd thing that might need it - or the odd quality app that runs on Windoze (I think there might be 2 of em...). Best of both worlds!

As for the Jesus phone, it doesn't even dangle...

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