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AVG revamps free security scanner

Doug Lynn

AVG Rules!!!

Hi, used all the AV programs, Norton is bloatware and is almost impossible to remove without special Norton program which is hard to find. AVG for the home user is great and glad to hear they are adding free spyware protection. I use Network version at my business, www.lynncomp.com.

AMD will cut 10 per cent of global workforce

Doug Lynn

AMD rules still!

Hi, AMD is still the best bang for the buck, their quad core is much higher tech than Intel. I still am boycotting selling Intel due the knowledge I have about Intel's antitrust violations. The bigger they get the harder they fall.

Best Buy calls copper on unsatisfied shopper

Doug Lynn

Best Buy overreacted

Hi, I agree Best Buy was out of line here, I have been advising customers of bad products while shopping myself. If a clerk overheard me they just gave me a bad look. I have also promoted a good products helping the store sell it if warranted. I was never confronted. On the other side of the coin, if you refuse to leave a store, remember its private property, not public and you have to leave under the law, and they can have you escorted out by police... same as if someone came to your house and they would not leave, you could have police remove them...especially if they were stealing...

AMD announces tri-core, tweaked quad-core Phenoms CPUs

Doug Lynn

AMD still wins in price/performance

Hi, I a little slower and a lot cheaper is great in my book, economy is bad, AMD will sell! If you look at AMD roadmap benchmarks the Phenom is great, it the best cpu for UT3 based games which are abundant per www.lostcircuits.com benchmarks. Thats because Epic optimized UT3 engine on AMD quad core.

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

Doug Lynn

I removed my delicious apple sticker and put it on my computer

Hi, now its an Apple labeled computer! I can use Safari legally!!!

Wanted: AMD Athlon upgrade advice

Doug Lynn
Thumb Up

Phenom 780G motherboard

Hi, great gaming system cheap!

Phenom 9500 quad core, ECG A780GMA motherboard with HD3200 graphics, spider enabled, with HD3450 video in hybrid crossfire mode. Great cheap gaming system with 2G of DDR2 1066MHz memory! Can be had for under $400!

Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1

Doug Lynn

Vista SP1 is a great improvement!

HI, I got SP1 in mid Feb from Windows update, and noticed a great improvement in speed and the notorious slowdowns of Vista prior to SP1. its got my vote!

Three questions for the Jesus SDK

Doug Lynn

Jesus Phone ???

Hi, this is a inappropiate naming of the IPhone, it shows a total disrespect for Jesus Christ. You offending half of the people of the USA.

Intel will flush Xeon line with six-core Dunny

Doug Lynn

Not to worry AMD already has 8 core in the works!

I wonder if the Intel hex core will be 3 dual cores???

US, EU seize counterfeit computer goods

Doug Lynn

Cheap, fake, capacitors

Hi, millions of stolen electrolytic formula caps were sold and are in all kinds of electronic equipment since about 2000. So if you have a computer resetting or won't turn on, check the motherboard for bulging caps. Seems the thieves forgot to steal the gas inhibiting formula and the caps all form hydrogen and explode, bulge and leak. Check it out on www.badcaps.net. We do the repairs at www.lynncomp.com Fixed 3 in last 3 months, from Jetway cubes to Compaq computers. This is a really big problem, and if you see it, have caps replaced.

Time Warner splitting up AOL

Doug Lynn

computer reseller clues customer with broadband, don't pay AOL its now free on broadband!

Hi, yes AOL still collected the fee every month and the customers were not informed of the changes. So if you have broadband its free on the internet, uninstall the memory hog AOL software and go to www.aol.com...

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!

Doug Lynn

Hey you a journalist, stop with the vulgarity, you should know how to say it better without it.

HI, I am sick to death about journalists that have to resort to vulgarity to get their point across. I learned a long time ago, its more effective for you to use regular words to say something like that, and a journalist should know how. Children are reading your work and so is rest of the world. The only respect you will get by using vulgarity are from those who spew it out of their mouth like air. Any fake word is not acceptable that is obviously a F word in disguise. You have lost a reader... and if The Register does not clean up its act, they have lost a reader. Big deal if Microsoft wants to by Yahoo, the two have been talking about it for years.

Brazil bans the evil sold in EverQuest and Counter-Strike

Doug Lynn

Everquest and Counterstrike

Hi, been a avid gamer for 30 years, but as a Christian I won't play games with magic or sorcery. What people don't seem to realize is there are people in this world who take sorcery very seriously and practice it. I have heard stories from Christians who were formally involved in the occult, its real but really evil. I don't think its mentally healthy to role play evil characters even as a grown adult gamer of 57 and definitely not as a young teenager. Did you guys here about the 16 year old who played Grand Theft Auto running over prostitutes and then got a real car and did the same? So Everquest, Doom(sorcery consulted, gives me the creeps), WOW, and such games are not on my list. Although I do played Duke Nukem, Descent and Unreal alot. I should have kept my original Pong game too. I was writing Pacman for Heathkit computers but Midway wanted $10000 for a license. Those where the days...I build the first comsumer available H8 computer from Heathkit in 1978 and an H89 and they are mothballed in my garage and are in working order!!! Wish I hadn't given away my Altair computer someone gave me...

AMD Phenom 9500 processor

Doug Lynn

Another review biased for Intel from the start

Hi, I seen the bench marks, still not going with Intel. I will not deal with a company involved in antitrust issues. Yes I know, I am a reseller for 10 years. AMD will be on 45nm soon anyway. I laughed when I saw how Intel made there "quad core" two duels....

3 gives up (Super)drugs

Doug Lynn

Drug Dealer?

Hi, hmm high street drug dealer, that a definitely bad choice of words...Here in America drug dealer means one thing, illegal drug dealer, try using the correct Chemist.... or Pharmacist as we say.

Preacher jailed for £51m carousel fraud

Doug Lynn

lay preacher is not ordained by the church, anyone can be a lay preacher

Hi, another anti-Christian sensational headline, any 'Christian' can be a lay preacher if authorized by his church and works in a specialized ministry. The headline should read Lay Preacher jailed for...

IBM sues seller over alleged fake ThinkPad batteries

Doug Lynn

fakes are fakes

Hi, all laptop batteries have s/n so IBM will know if they produced it along with dates of manufacture.


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