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UK head of online child protection resigns


Good Riddance

The man may have many achievements to his name, but he was an uncontrolled zealot. That kind of blind fanaticism should never be allowed operational independence in any field; and given some notable mistakes by his agency over the years and the ruined lives left in its wake, this is especially true of the hysterically over-sensitive area of child protection.

Vote Lib Dem, doom humanity to extinction

Thumb Down

Tabloidesque Garbage

Simply wasn't worth the energy it took to read it.

Primark pulls 'disgraceful' padded bikini for kiddies


Get a Life - Please !!!

Come on people, I seen at least a few of you say you have young daughters, so are non of you ever at home? do you never watch them play?


All little girls do it, many of them from what I've seen never stop; and yes they stuff things into tops of their costumes, tennis balls, balloons etc etc so they can look grown up or look like mum.

There is always going to be someone who dresses up their kids to look like a cheap whore, and there is always going to someone willing to print a story about it. The more you keep reacting to these sad, sick purveyors of garbage the more they will write.

Let the kids have their fun - leave them be and get a life...

Milkman skewers Google Street View over garage break-in


Stick up for Google - just for once

Yeah Yeah Yeah! we've heard it all before. Is has to someone else's fault doesn't it. Could it be that better security on the garage would be a good idea, an alarm perhaps or just a decent lock. Yes they do come back several times in a row as police statistics will indicate because people are often too stupid to get the message.

I distrust Googles information gathering powers just as much as the next man, but fairs fair just think what the government would have on us if they were only half as good as google. At least google only want to make money.

I for one love street view - in my work I have to visit lots of people in their homes and good though GPS is you just can't beat having been their before even if it is virtually. I just wish the photo's weren't always so old - and that fact alone must surely make a mockery of any claim that Google inspired the break in.

EU TV laws are coming


Missing the point

The way I understand it is; being a daily limit not an hourly limit the daily total of 288 minutes can now all be crammed in to the peak viewing space. No ads at 4.00am and too many at 7.30pm not really progress in my book.

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