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Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

David Ryans

Charge back on your credit cards for any fasthosts payments - it costs them

"Forcing passwords changes for people to stupid, shortsighted and/or selfish to do it themselves after a widely publicised major break-in seems perfectly reasonable to me. Your laziness is potentially affecting my business."

Thanks for that, Mr Fasthosts employee, but many of us did all of the resetting demanded of us.

Anyway, needless to say, still locked out, will never get back in in forseeable future.

I will be charging back my credit card - can someone tell me what name they appear as on credit card statements? I have so many hosting/domain related charges I can't tell one from the other.



Fasthosts customers blindsided by emergency password reset

David Ryans

The worst treatment I've ever experienced online

This is just beyond belief, truly staggering - I'm tempted to call it evil!

So it's nearly a week now - despite having already changed all passwords when they asked I am STILL locked out of my account, website down, have had NO emails of apology or explanation, customer service are ignoring my COUNTLESS emails of increasing desperation, my business is in RUINS.

Is someone over there taking pleasure in this? It's the only explanation for this sadistic behaviour.

I finally managed to move the site over to another host after I found an old backup but the damage is done. Just one email with an explanation, just let me login and cancel my damn account! The password letter will never arrive because I no longer live at that address.

If I get charged for one more month they will be done for fraud.

David Ryans
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Smug gits go away!

Some people have posted comments to the effect of 'well you should have changed your passwords and read your emails', well please, up yours. We changed all our passwords immediately which was an immense hassle and still all our passwords were reset last night. Not only this but we didn't even get an email informing us of this or have heard anything back from customer support.

I won't have access to the snail mail address for weeks so looking at a long time down for the website, at the most lucrative time of year.

This is criminally negligent, I urge, nay beg all of you with fasthosts to leave at the earliest possible opportunity. We are in the process of moving right this second.

I only wish there was a representative nearby that I could punch repeatedly in the face.



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