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BT OpenZone: Is it or isn't it?

Mike Roantree

What I would like to know is

If someone is willing to share their BB connection to others who pay BT for access, whats in it for the sharer?

Its not like if you share u get access to other peoples connections when needed, just allows the BT to offer more coverage with no outlay for them (unless I have missed something)

Companies burying themselves in IT gear

Mike Roantree

VM promises much

But at least in the enviroment I look after it delivers a lot less

We had a change of management a couple of years ago, this new guy came in and installed a SAN and VMware ESX to our environment

Every server was moved to the new platform consisting of 3 quad core dell 6850s.

Everything slowed down exponentially compared to previous infrastructure, especially SQL, and before anyone says it I know that this scenario was confirmed by the reseller as 'ideal' and we fell for it.

I am now in the process of moving the core infrastructure back to physical servers (at least our 2 SQL servers and exchange) as the performance hit is too high.

The onlly thing our setup does do is simplify backups.

Overall a nice idea but on i386 platorms doesnt seem to be workable

Flirty texting could land Scots in jail for 10 years

Mike Roantree

images of a person or an "imaginary person" engaging in sexual activity

How do u send images of an imaginary person doing anything?

Or do really have a Friday head on today

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari

Mike Roantree

Re Huh

"Someone uses Safari on Windows? I thought it was only idiots and people who didn't know better than to untick it when downloading Quicktime or iTunes?

Surprise surprise some more crap from Apple, rotten to the core."

Still doesnt explain why anyone would install Itunes or QT in the first place, they are both steaming piles of crap.

Bitlocker hack is easily prevented, Microsoft says

Mike Roantree

Sounds like another challenge for HM Goverment

Proof of concept is a very very long way from it being a viable vector, lets be honest the average thief wouldnt know a RAM chip if it came up and punched them in the face.

UK bank blames fraudsters for World of Warcraft ban

Mike Roantree

If they cared about their customers

They would stop making those tedious adverts that bombard us with wannabe singers and spend the money on something more useful.

Like helping retailers etc incorporate the verified by visa/mastercard system to help cut down card fraud

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

Mike Roantree

Support at Dell vs Support at PC World

As my boss insists on buying Dell machines for the office (Laptops, servers and Desktops) I have to admit the that quality of the machines are solid.

I have never really had any reason to open up anything other than to add memory upgrades and the occasional wireless card for laptops so I have no reason to complain about the machines that Dell produce in fact I have been impressed by some for the solidity of some of the servers I have,

PC world, again although its my final port of call if I need something, like if its a Sunday and I need something that cant wait etc they serve a purpose and are a reasonably easy route into computers for the uninitiated.

My Experience of both PC world and Dell support have been exactly the opposite

I remember arguing with a support person in my local PC that just because a laptop had built in wireless it wasnt a Centrino Laptop (the one in question was AMD based) to sending a question but the 'technician' was adamant that any laptop with wireless no matter what hardware was centrino based, and overhearing a guy at the helpdesk enquiring about a printer for an apple he had and being asked what version of windows it was running (This was prior to the Intel macs)

I gave up with Dell support after asking whether the onboard NICs on some of my workstations would support PXE booting and the 'support' person responded with the statement that I didnt actually want PXE I wanted DHCP and had copied and pasted an explanation of what PXE was from whatis.com.

My point is that until the manufacturers/retailers spend the time and resources to train the best resource they have (their staff) to a level that enables them to provide the service that I am sure they are capable of delivering and not just give em a silly name and hope that solves the image problem then these people are doomed to be looked at this way.

Its not the support people I am sure its the lack of basic training that makes the customer facing support people a target for such derision.

Dont even get me started on the asset tag obsessed receptionist at Dell support.

Latest QuickTime Exploit targets both Macs and PCs

Mike Roantree

Damn MacOS

Would never let Itunez or QT anywhere near my PC but comes preinstalled with MacOS.

Another huge patch then to download soon methinks.

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