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Rogue admin charges cut to size

Marco Gnumar

It's in the contract...

Mine for instance expressly states I am to avoiding being flattened by pizza trucks, getting crashed into the sea by airplanes and getting blown up by the Taleban.

If you initialed that page you are bound by it.

MS revives Outlook for Mac

Marco Gnumar

Mac Users

"MS was serious about the needs of its Mac customers" and by needs they meant a metrosexual purple look'n''feel.... :P

Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

Marco Gnumar
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Spelling Fart

The spelling bee is awful, how can it be steel not steal, and knight not night, or knit not nit. Perhaps the nasal drivel English has differentiation in these words, but I fail to perceive it. The test is made unbeatable in order to prove the Times / their esteemed American university of something or other some obvious point about the degeneration of English. Perhaps the point would be better driven in if they employed a bunch of sodden drunks next time to slur the words out and obliterate any chance of getting any words right?

Also, at Watashi's comment on the pronunciation of "apple", I do hope that was facetious, the same as in America those things slightly taller than hills are referred to as "Mown Ens" and the T sound is simply superfluous candy floss to throw people off.

Convicted cybercrook stands for election in the Ukraine

Marco Gnumar

Cracker, Liar, Thief or Philanderer?

Which makes a better politician?

Rare bug blights Lotus Notes

Marco Gnumar

Buffer Overflow rarity

All the rampant Notes bashing aside... A "BO" can not in any sense be considered rare either as far as security bugs are concerned, as a sloppy programmer forgetting to do simple input validation is unfortunately all too common, so no, this is definitely not a rare bug, more like a dime-a-dozen bug found in yet another piece of software.

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