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Murdoch tells old media to 'stand up' to Google, Bing

David Hancock

In the same way that...

...the printers "stood up" to Murdoch in 1986?

Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V LCD TV

David Hancock

"Once you've plugged in your... Blu-ray player and PS3

If I had a PS3 I'd be unlikely to have a separate Blu-ray player, unless I had far too much money and a taste for too many remotes.

'Obama quits' spam recruits zombie drones

David Hancock
Black Helicopters

That's gotta be some truck

"The FBI has a weapons-of-mass-destruction response truck on standby"

Can you get them on Autotrader?

Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

David Hancock

@ AC

>How can you be banned from doing something illegal? Isn't everyone already banned from that kinda thing?

I think it means that while you or I would get sixty quid and three points for running a red light, once they slap an ASBO on you with the "failing to observe traffic regulations" bit then the offence you're committing is actually breaking the ASBO, not just the traffic regulations. Breaking the terms of an ASBO incurs a custodial penalty IIRC, so you're going down.

Welsh Darth Vader dodges jail

David Hancock

And the judge said:

From the Beeb story: 'Earlier, when Hughes failed to arrive on time, District Judge Andrew Shaw issued an arrest warrant, adding: "I hope the force will soon be with him."'

I hope he adjourned the session and got his coat right after saying that.

Boris Johnson bans boozing on London transport

David Hancock

@K & unsung rob

Ah, it's been seven years since I left London so that one had passed me by.

I'll get me coat.

David Hancock

If he's into banning things...

...could he ban people dealing crack on the top deck of the No. 38?

Thanks Bozzer. That'd be great. You could even be the one to go up there and tell them to bally well stop it.

David Hancock

And another thing

Drinking in public (including on public transport) has been banned in Glasgow for a lot longer than the seven years I've lived here. It makes absolutely no difference to the squads of neds getting mad wi' it on the Buckfast, but it does allow the cops to bust posh students on their way to parties.

So that's all right then.

More videogames to face censor scrutiny

David Hancock


Surely this is just a bright spark at BBFC who has spotted all that potential for lost revenue. Publishers have to fork out for every title they want to have classified, and I'm pretty sure you have to cough up multiple times for multiple platforms (PC, PS3, XBox360, Wii, PSP, DS... that's a lot more than film distributors who will usually just have to stump up for a 35mm print and a DVD)

As has been pointed out above, most of the titles that need to be classified already are. This just means that the BBFC will spend more time, and pull in more revenue, giving U certificates to "Catz 3: The Cutening"

Note the large "18" in this image


TV heavyweights build on-demand supersite

David Hancock


"cince BBC owns a chunk of the c4 i think it subsidises it"

Er, naw. Channel 4, the station, is owned by and operated by the Channel Four Television Corporation, which is a public body. The channel is entirely self-funded through advertising and other commercial activity - it does not receive any public money or licence fees.

That's why we have to sit through Big Brother every year.


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