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Forget 1,000 lashes for Facebook posts, Saudis now want to behead blogger Raif Badawi

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Re: I've said it before ...

Well, I agree that it's bad (notwithstanding the smattering of good that may have come through it over the centuries) -- but overall it's just another weapon in the arsenal of those who wish to control and oppress. As a weapon, it is powerful and dangerous, but don't forget that weapons have wielders. To find the source of evil, we have to look behind the weapons into the intentions and aims of those who use the weapons. There are many such weapons in this intensely asymmetric, undeclared war -- but religion is among the most insidious because it purports to lay down ground rules which in fact, only the oppressed believe in or adhere to.

Today's Facebook fury: Coppertone-like baby pic ban baffles US mom

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The law is an ass.

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