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UK.gov plans central database for all your communications

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RE: Simple Cure

Unfortunately even if you vote for one of the other (Blue, or Yellow) monkeys Toffry or LibDum nothing will change they are all in thrall to their masters in Brussels. Crime crime sexcccrime 1984 ( apologies to the Eurythmics) They have directorships & consultancy jobs lined up when we sack them

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They don't even consider how much storage they would need

There is probably some old US mainframe from the 1960's going cheap... you know the one that fills a building & has lots of lovely (not) reels of magnetic tape spinning round accompanied by lots of disco style flashing lights just like on Voyage to The Bottom Of the Sea... Which is where all the Nu Lab dickweeds belong they are clueless about anything regarding IT. If EDS says it is so they believe them.

UK pushes token security line on child database

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They think we can trust them with our children's details do they?

You cannot trust this government on IT PERIOD. They do not understand the concept of data security, they try to cut cost, they do not know what they require from a database or IT implementation, all IT projects are subject to mission creep, where the original purpose is forgotten in the desire to do more with the system, thus rendering the original purpose null & void. The net result is they are inept, out of their depth; & should never be trusted with anything involving children's details.

That should rule out ID cards then... shouldn't it........ Don't hold your breath; this corrupt morally bankrupt shower called a government know best, so turn up to give your biometrics there's a good citizen. Oh hell they can get our childrens DNA at birth

if they wish

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