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It's holistic, dude: How to dodge the EU's £17m data regulation sting

Tom Bell

Re: Four words

I'm reminded of the old adage

Fast, cheap, good

Choose any two.....

Internet fraud laundryman gets two years in cooler

Tom Bell

Would you hand £470,000 to someone?

I'm guessing we have only the word of this convicted liar and con-man that handed this money on to someone else ?

I wonder if in two years he will be a rich con-man - it's almost worth spending two years in chink for that

Google officially unveils 'cloud' music beta

Tom Bell
Thumb Down

You can request an invitation to Google's music service here

We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States

Laptops heat up your balls

Tom Bell

@Alpha Tony

If you play enough hours of Civ 5 you will probably find the problem of having any sort sex goes away

Hollywood awarded $110m against TorrentSpy

Tom Bell

@ Liam

Actually, a lot of the best programmers are dyslexic - note I modestly include myself in this elite group. I seem to remember some research many years ago about this. Something to do with the brains being wired differently somehow giving one a oneness with computers.

I started with 370 assembler code but these days mostly do Java or PHP, just trying to picck up Python but I find I can read things in most languages.

One bad habit I did have was using two character variable names - less to make mistakes spelling -- and in the days before spell checking editors comments were a real effort.

French record industry, ISPs in entente to boot off file-sharers

Tom Bell

But will it ever happen?

Ah but if you look at the actual accorde -


what it says (amongst other things) is that the ISPs have up to two years to talk to the copyright holders on experimental network filtering technologies and to deploy if the results are conclusive and technically and financially feasible.

So it will be a typical French farce. Appoint several doubtlessly highly paid functionnaires to oversee the thing. Waffle for two years, by which time the ISPs will have have looked at the cost of monitoring and decided they don't want to spend a fortune to damage their businesses. It will be all be quietly forgotten about......

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