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Ancient vulnerability sparks world-wide hypegasm


Rushed this one out?

The spelling needs work!

...in these paranoid days, to good to resist.

definitely a "too" there.

On thing becomes clear, very rapidly....

and I'm pretty sure that's "One"




Ten... Ultrabooks


No mention of Ivy Bridge?

There is no point buying an ultrabook at the moment - Ivy Bridge processors are just around the corner.

Rather mis-timed article in my opinion. Also agree with the above about stats - screen res, boot time, and battery life are key factors for me.


iPad subsidies axed for Microsoft S&M fanbois



Can they still claim for android tablets and phones? If not they're shit out of luck on the tablet front aren't they :)


Amazon Kindle Fire

Paris Hilton

Something missing I feel...

What is the Kindle like as an e-book reader? One photo comment that the text is clear and smooth doesn't really add anything - Does it have all the usual limitations of being an LCD rather than e-ink screen? i.e. after prolonged reading are you eyes strained? is the glare rediculous? or have amazon made some software alterations to minimize this?

Given that the only thing you could put on the device without a PC were books I'm surprised you didn't mention much about them.


Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure


Weird how....

Everyone I play MW3 with is also in the military (all 3 branches) - if it was a war simulator (capitals omitted due to not being a retard) then surely they would all being having PTSD attacks because it's so real! (It is a simulator, apparently).

If we're thinking of the poor children, which game inspired them all to go rioting and steal crap from JD sports and Currys then? Oh wait, must have been GTA the RIOT SIMULATOR (mind the caps!)..the classic scapegoat... or it could just be they're all idiots who should be banned from breeding!

Anyway back to the waste of oxygen, attention seeking MPs - did any of these have anything decent to say in the debate about fuel costs the other day, I doubt it! The sooner we get rid of these self-serving muppets the better!



Poll confirms Brits believe Jesus Phone salvation too costly

Paris Hilton

Why would we pay for this when we can get better for free?

Let me just say, I like Apple/Macs, and I think the iPhone is a mega bit of kit, but my contract on my W880 has 9 months left to go, and by that point there will be a better version out, so whats the point?

Also at £269 for a handset which if it was released by any other manufacturer would be free, it's a waste of money. The yanks will pay for it, but then again half their phones still have pull out aerials, how very 2001.

So I just bought a 16GB Ipod Touch, same price but no contract costs and double the storage.

Maybe they'll get it right next year with V2.0, for now I'll just tease myself in my local apple store and pretend to make calls on my Touch.

Does Paris have an iPhone?


Palm Treo 500v smartphone


But does it work in the car

I've got about 10 Treo 750Vs that as soon as you plug them into the vodafone approved car kit they crash and get errors, not very useful for the mobile based personnel who would require such a device.

Any idea if this one actually works? Also check my ebay page for a lovely Treo 750V ;)



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