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BBC man Linwood 'was unfairly sacked' over £100 MILLION DMI omnifail

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Re: Never mind the "talent", what do their HR people get paid?

He inherited it and his bosses went La La la when he or anyone else suggested there was a serious underlying problem with the approach.

There was a different project in BBC R&D that works that could have been adapted. But that presumably would not have suited Siemens.

How can you possibly bring anything outsourced to Siemens back in without scrapping it and restarting with a new spec? He was doomed to fail.

Brit kids match 45-year-old fogies' tech skill level by the age of 6

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Ofcom has forked tongue

a) I agree with all the earlier posters. Having a false confidence to click the icons till something happens proves nothing. It's not about technology but use of shiny gadgets with style speced by Marketing and Arts people.

b) Anything published by Ofcom is suspect in methodology. First identify the Ofcom agenda.

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days

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Re: Forget about the solar panels!

Doesn't solve Interstellar travel problem.

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Re: At last

The last Starfighter?

True fact: Hubble telescope spots ZOMBIES in SPACE

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Close Galaxies


Chinese 'linkfarms' propel Microsoft to web server crown

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Deja Vu

Wasn't this the IIS news last month too?

So MS has the lead in Servers that only serve an advert for a domain name. Equivalent to a book publisher whose most sales are adverts on bus shelters?

Microsoft KILLS Windows 8.1 Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

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Re: Typical Microsoft

and why SP7 was cancelled for NT4. I ran and tested preview NT4 USB stack that would have been in SP7. Win2K drivers / applications worked on it.

Or why no SP4 for XP.

They don't like SP since they moved to online updates. I'm amazed there were ANY SPs for any windows after XP SP3

Lots of people still don't have Broadband. They need SP CDs.

Scottish independence debate: STV player flops under weight of viewers

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Re: Add it manually to Sky!


Also already on any £25 to £40 generic Sat box (which runs off spare connection on the Sky Dish) like from B&Q, Aldi, Lidl.

Or stick any random Scottish post code into a Freesat box. My Freesat HD, Sky box and generic boxes, PC sat cards all work fine with STV.

IPTV of the Web variety rather than ISP supplied subscription cable clone is rarely ever scalable to cope with larger than usual demand.

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Re: Std Dirty tricks by tory boys of the westminster clan

My theory is that the Yes campaign can't win by anything they say.

But Westminster or the "Staying together camp" could lose.

Perhaps the Tories will in the last week issue some statement that totally enrages the Scottish and they all vote yes.

Then Tories have permanent majority. If you want a conspiracy, I think my idea is better.

BAD VIBES: High-speed video camera records your voice from trash

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Laser eavesdropping

yes, it's off the shelf to eavesdrop by a special IR laser on a window and process the reflection. That's quite simple.

This is more complex and defeats special anti-eavesdropping windows.

Nokia Networks: Don't hate us, broadcasters – we're testing LTE for TV

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8-VSB is poor

European DVB-T and especially DVB-T2 is nothing to do with politically chosen 8-VSB

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Oh dear

This is about Nokia selling gear to dumb operators.

It's no more efficient than DTT. National transmission coverage would cost more than DTT.

It's duplication unless you are scrapping DTT. (a wet dream for Comreg and Ofcom who want to abolish DTT)

It's a massive number of masts to give current DTT coverage.

Not about LTE or efficiency. About Nokia making money.

Let us use Broadcast spectrum for Broadcasting. We need to stop changing the specs too and have stability. People do not want to buy new TVs and Setboxes every few years.

Use Mobile Spectrum for Mobile. Efficiently. The reality is that there is NO need for 800MHz. If the 900, 1800 and 2100 was single Wholesale operator that would give a x4 improvement in many places. But Regulators want to maximise Licence revenue. Licence the retail resellers and have NO licence fee for spectrum, but single regional, national or pan euro wholesale operators for spectrum efficiency.

DTT is maybe 20x more expensive than Satellite for TV broadcaster, (LTE TV won't save money) but should be mandatory for ever for any TV station with a Broadcast licence in the territory. Nor should a station be allowed to give up FTA Terrestrial unless they are encrypted advert free premium subscription only on Cable and Satellite.

Windows Registry-infecting malware has no files, survives reboots

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Does the Registry Execution Point analysis tool here on Silentrunners.org find this?

I find it a very useful tool, coupled with rebooting in safe mode and using a couple of root kit scanners is better to check and clean manually than any performance crippling AV. (see gmer for an old one)

END your Macbook SHAME: Convert it into a Microsoft SURFACE

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If there is a real market for this Apple will do it.

They may sue these people out of existence anyway.

The Register editorial job ad

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Re: Commentards ?

8:1 suggests not fearless enough about expressing unpleasant truths or contrary opinions.

A mere populist. You need to be a bit more controversial.

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Surely all that's needed is a bedroom, netbook and internet connection?

Clothes optional.

Coffee probably needed.

Microsoft's Euro cloud darkens: US FEDS can dig into foreign servers

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Irish Data commisioner

Previously has taken the role more seriously than Financial Regulator or Comreg the comms regulator. They even slapped Sky quite hard.

They may take a while to get involved.

There may be popcorn shortages soon.

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US Tech Companies

Even if "uncle sam" wasn't reading the private info, Google, Facebook etc do.

Google, MS, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Linkedin etc regard users as something to be exploited. Boycott the US Tech companies anyway.

"Free" usually has a catch.

Samsung faces down TAB and smartphone MOUNTAIN HORROR

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Re: Peak Samsung?

They'll have to sell more diggers, chips, aircons, fridges, generators etc.

At least they are not a one trick pony.

Dr Dre's crew gets Beats-down from Apple: 200 jobs to go – report

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Probably nearly all of Beats' staff. It's only a reseller and marketing company.

PEAK LANDFILL: Why tablet gloom is good news for Windows users

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One app for all?

Maybe for some trivial apps.

But small phones, large phones & small tablets, large tablets, PCs (inc Notebooks) and "Smart" TVs or any of above driving a TV at 1m to 3m viewing distance need 6 flavours of GUI.

Some applications simply are not suitable all classes of device, even if the underlying API and tools let you write one app for all Java (despite some short comings) can either use Programmer's skin or the native GUI / Skin of the target. I've certainly done some applications in Java that are write once and work on Gnome Linux, windows and a mad 320 x 240 PDA device running Debian on ARM.

So are yet again MS jumping from one extreme to the other? Pre Zune & Metro you had the stupidity of Win95 style interface on WinCE. 320 x 240 devices.

So SOMETIMES you can write one app for all platforms. Other times really best usability is a different application for each. Absolutely though the different platforms need different GUIs.

Has Europe cut the UK adrift on data protection?

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Re: Democracy

N.I. no longer has a Democratic Government. It's a fraud to keep IRA happy.

It's an example of a place where Democracy doesn't work. The same is true of some other countries. e.g. Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Sudan, marginal in Turkey and Pakistan (That's why the Military keep taking over to protect people).

4K video on terrestrial TV? Not if the WRC shares frequencies to mobiles

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It just isn’t feasible to run both DTT and mobile data services in the same band.


Also the 800MHz sell off was Governmental GREED.

No "Digital dividend" for viewer or Broadcaster.

The Mobile operators have captured the Regulators.

They are using existing 900, 1800, 2100 etc poorly.

It's driven by Licence Revenue. Not logic. Ofcom's agenda (And Comreg and some others) is to abolish Terrestrial TV.

Speak your brains on SIGNAL-FREE mobile comms

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Nothing to see

Poor version of existing tech on a USA only channel.

Microsoft bakes a bigger Pi to cook Windows slabs

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You can buy expensive x86 family dev boards with Windows

Since forever, with licence for what ever Windows MS was pushing at the time.

Since this one has no networking (WiFi or Ethernet) it seems particularly poor.

Asteroid's DINO KILLING SPREE just bad luck – boffins

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Not Luck

Obviously those guys that live in Asteroids did it deliberately because the Dinosaurs making too much noise.

Stick a 4K in them: Super high-res TVs are DONE

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Re: Four problems

Yes, we need 96fps progressive, then Film at 24 or Digital cinema 48 can be interpolated. We need to migrate to 96fps instead of mad mix of 24p, 25i, 30i 25p, 50p and 60p at present.

Going to 96fps will give a huge improvement. Also Progressive higher frame rate source means that 3840 x 2160 interpolation from 1920 x 1080 will look really good, esp if the camera was 3840 x 2160 @ 96fps progressive and down sampled with anti-aliasing to 1920 x 1080.

UHD streaming or transmission at 25i 50Hz, 30i 60Hz, 50p or 60p is stupid.

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Re: It doesn't matter how good the display is if there's nothing to display

25fps 50Hz interlace 1080 lines

or 50fps 50Hz 720 progressive

No-one in Europe or UK broadcasts 60Hz.

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aware of the benefits of 4K

What benefits?

1) Unless you are sitting about 2m from a 84" screen (4m from 160") or larger there is little point in more resolution.

2) Where is the content?

3) Hardly any broadcast or streaming does full quality existing 1920 x 1080

4) Who wants an 84" screen in an ordinary room? A motorised screen and motorised zoom on a projector makes more sense above 40" to 56" for most homes.

Most HD content made for TV is still framed for SD, usually far too close in framing.

You didn't get the MeMO? Asus Pad 7 Android tab is ... not bad

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Wrong CPU. Probably subsidised. Intel has seen 85% drop in Mobile division revenue.

But sadly Tesco here has only ever sold Hudl sleeves. They sell Samsung and Apple though.

Bring back error correction, say Danish 'net boffins

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Just implement FEC on the physical links and then TCP/IP won't resend as it won't get errors.

Many fixed wireless, coax and satellite links do this already.

Indie ISP to Netflix: Give it a rest about 'net neutrality' – and get your checkbook out

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Re: Nearly had me agreeing

You miss the point.

If all the traffic is Netflix there is a problem with the connection between ISP and Netflix as in this case there is no affordable peering for the ISP.

The content provider has to pay for their connection to "internet".

Your sub is only paying for connection to ISP and the ISP's normal peering costs.

The whole net neutrality debate is too simplistic.

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Re: Even the story doesn't seem to make sense.

Running the Netflix servers isn't free

They eat data too daily even if the users don't

A very High cost for a small ISP.

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Thumb Up


We need more exposés like this.

Jurassic squawk: Dinosaurs were Earth's early feathered friends

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Sparrow actually, not even Sparrow Hawk


NSA man: 'Tell me about your Turkish connections'

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Re: US Immigration

I was stopped by Highway Patrol in USA outside Wooster Ohio.

They were very thrown by a UK British Driving Licence and a newish Irish Passport. Explaining I'd never had an Irish Licence or British Passport confused him more.

He had to radio someone but let me go. Fortunately I had a Indefinite Stay, Multiple Entry perpetual visa stamped in the Passport. I don't think too common then.

I lived and drove (legally) in Ireland for 8 years before I had to hand in my British Licence (renewed) and get an Irish one in exchange.

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Re: We know, you know.

Some do.

I went to a meeting for a grant application in a Country whose name I'd rather not mention to random strangers on the Internet. I'm sure various agencies know exactly where and when.

They asked a lot of questions about my boss.

They knew everything. Every trip by everyone.

The Interviewer was only prepared to admit he was NOT with the Commerce people.

It was interesting what he claimed they suspected us of. It seemed plausible even to me. In the end he told me and my colleague that either my boss was very clever or very stupid. By implication us too.

We voted for "Stupid".

My colleague was "taken away" from home that night and questioned more. He wouldn't tell us what the questions were and couldn't say where he was taken.

You only hear about stupid stuff!

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Re: Tennessee



The place I wandered to they claimed didn't have "white guys". One Black dude wanted to buy my brown jeans that had leather edging on the pockets etc. On Monday back at office (elsewhere in Ohio) they were amazed that:

1) I wasn't injured or had anything stolen

2) Car was intact when I when I returned to it.

I was last in USA in 1989. I've no desire to return as I hate long haul flights, security and can't afford to visit the more interesting to me bits such as Mountains and National Parks. Four long business trips has stated my curiosity for US Cities.

Keep up the good work Dabbs.

Auntie remains MYSTIFIED by that weekend BBC iPlayer and website outage

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Re: iPlayer

There is no BBC Licence. There is a UK tax collected by BBC that partially funds BBC. They refuse to collect it outside UK.

Of course some countries there is a TV tax applicable even if you can't get local reception.

The BBC may be partially funded from UK TV tax. It's not a BBC tax though. It's a tax for being able to receive UK TV in the UK.

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I don't give a fig about iPlayer*.

But iPlayer and normal web content should not be the same servers.

(* I don't have enough Cap for ANYONES video, not YouTube or Netflix (So I buy DVDs) and most of iPlayer doesn't work outside UK, which is where I happen to be. I get all the Broadcast UK content live fine though none via DAB platform and my media PC can record 2x DTT, 2 x Satellite (from four satellite positions) and 1 x Analogue Radio simultaneously (100kHz to 1300MHz, Analogue includes up to 8kHz bandwidth narrow band data such as PSK or FSK Weatherfax) UHF Digital reception, Motorised Sat Dish and 28 + 19 + 13 + 9 E sat reception with 16 outlets).

ITC: Seagate and LSI can infringe Realtek patents because Realtek isn't in the US

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Re: I really think that the USA should think about what they are saying here.


Badly named.

It's the USA protection authority for American companies to implement Protectionism. It should be illegal. The UN and WTC should demand

1) USA respect other countries laws

2) USA respect non-USA IP

3) USA fined for each attempt at protectionism and attempt to disrupt international trade.


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The USA copying of IP or Books started to get endemic in 19th Century. The only protection Europeans had was to have a US company and US registrations.

Then in early twentieth century foreign owners forced to sell out to Americans. E.G. RCA formed from forced sell out of Marconi America.

The USA still doesn't handle Broadcast Music copyright royalties properly.

The Canadians fed up with USA companies and copyright violations took a leaf from USA and passed at law that any book NOT offered in Canada by USA publishers within a certain period could be published without payments to the US.

The USA also double taxes US citizens abroad. Refuses to acknowledge that US citizens, solders and corporations abroad should be subject to the local laws and also passes internationally invalid extra-territorial laws.

They need to stop trying to export their concept of Democracy and foisting their culture and laws on the rest of us. The USA isn't divinely created by God or appointed to by them to run the rest of us. They need to stop trying to out do the Russians in Arrogance. Russia is terrible. USA is a different more insidious kind of world cancer.

PROOF the Apple iPhone 6 rumor mill hype-gasm has reached its logical conclusion

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Re: Logan's Run

Those are months of course.

Apple still refuses to believe in 2 year SOGA.

Sign up in O2: All iPhones are 1 year Warranty.

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Re: Colours?

I had a pre-Apple Sagem clamshell almost dumb phone with RGB notification indicator for call, SMS txts, alarm etc.

NO MORE ALL CAPS and other pleasures of Visual Studio 14

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Re: heh VB

There is no VB after 6.0

Madness for .net to use vb.net instead of C#

VB.NET is C# dressed to look like VB

Chips are down at Broadcom: Thousands of workers laid off

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Very sad

Depressing really.

Are you broke? Good with electronics? Build a better AC/DC box, get back in black with $1m

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A decent sinewave and no RFI makes it hard.

It's trivial to do for sort of rubbish pseudo near square wave converters typically sold.

Good design and quite old power MosFETs can do this easily for pseudo near square wave converters. I'm baffled as to why it's a competition though.

Perhaps the real purpose is Google publicity.

iPad? More like iFAD: We reveal why Apple fell into IBM's arms

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Re: iPad's iFad: Intel irrelevant.

Tablets are in the Mobile or PC category?

Intel is 85% down on Mobile and 5% to 6% up on PC/Server

Intel got kicked out of Routers, Set-boxes, TVs etc. Intel are irrelevant to tablets. Actually there will be a Mac Book Air based on ARM. Apple goes for what gives them the best revenue. They have used 68000, Power and x86.

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Re: Drop in Ipad sales / saturated market?

The iPad also seems expensive.

Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network

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Re: Hmmm. Flying a Flag bad?


In N.I. anyway.

They should just ban ALL flags there.

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