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Google: We're not mad, our mobes-in-sky Project Loon is FINE

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Also typically Arrogant of Google. Do it and then try to make it legal, get suitable spectrum.

This project is currently abusing the wrong bands.

Long term a project like OB3 wikipedia OB3 Networks could perhaps deliver more and cost less.

Scalability, spectrum, backhaul and running costs are an issue with Loon. They most know this. So why are Google doing this piece of arrogance? Publicity?

Don't worry, Apple hypegasms haven't gone in the WRISTJOB ERA

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collect it?

So they don't trust couriers or the postal system?

Apple becoming Argos? Order online and collect in store.

Google it onna Google phone onna GOOGLE NETWORK. MVNO plan imminent

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Re: Do you really want....

"We notice that you called ABC plc yesterday. You might be interested in the better deals that ZYX have to offer."

They are more subtle than that.

"Positng AC because we know that Google reads everything posted here that mentions them."

That doesn't work, as Google gets your IP via Analytics, Adverts etc. Unless you already were clever with NoScript domain blocking and possibly your firewall.

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Re: Do you really want....

Indeed more ways for Google to spy on the Advert Consumers.

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs

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HDMI cable

Laptops are generally upgradable in Browser / OS / Applications. Tablets less so. Built in "smart" on a TV / Blu Ray player? Waste of money.

The problem is beyond just YouTube.

Expect Netflix to fail on "Smart" stuff too.

Google versus the EU: Sigh. You can't exploit a contestable monopoly

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Re: I used to trust them.

Now with Android they don't need the War Driving.

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Re: Sigh indeed... Just search the other Monopoly, Wikipedia

Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution. That is, it is the property of essences or goods which are "capable of being substituted in place of one another."[1] For example, since one ounce of gold is equivalent to any other ounce of gold, gold is fungible. Other fungible commodities include sweet crude oil, company shares, bonds, precious metals, and currencies. Fungibility refers only to the equivalence of each unit of a commodity with other units of the same commodity. Fungibility does not relate to the exchange of one commodity for another different commodity.

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This article and EU missing the point.

Everything Google does is to sell Adverts.

They are using all the information they gather from all their services in a way that breaks privacy law and is very creepy and immoral.

They are able to do this because of the way the Internet has to work. A server must know your IP to return data to you.

In the real world the "providers" don't know if you look at the Bill board or listen to radio or watch the TV or DVD or read the paper book.

In the Internet connected world, they do. But worse is that most providers are using Google services in some way, so even apart from Google knowing your email contents (gmail) or documents (Google Cloud / Google Docs) or searches, they know what pages you look at, programs you listen to or watch etc, how long, how often, where you are. Probably often they know who you are.

There is a good reason too why Google wants a single sign in for everything. The near monopoly on many Google services (not just search) is mildly worrying, but not the biggest issue.

The "inventors" and pioneers of Internet and Web were naive in extreme about . But also about "how social pressures" work. It's almost inevitable that security and privacy on the Internet is a huge problem given inherent design. Perhaps each ISP needs to be a "Tor". But also you'll tend to have monopolies. One auction site, one encyclopaedia, one search, one Social magazine, one messaging, one video sharing. It's interesting that "competition" tends to be purely different social groups or languages.

I don't know what the answer is, but it's truly bonkers to believe the "Market" will sort it out on it's own, that anyway only addresses the lesser maybe necessary "evil" of monopolies, not privacy, state control, manipulation of users etc.

Apple Watch shipments: Pick a number, double it. Hey, it worked for them

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We're doomed

Certainly it bodes ill for human race if this overpriced nearly useless iPhone Accessory outsells any watch that doesn't need a phone.

Digital killed the radio star: Norway names FM switchoff date

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Re: Emergency announcements?

That can be done easily on VHF-FM.

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It's about MONEY.

Not about the consumer or Public Services.

Complete idiots that have given the Broadcasting keys to Bean counters. Digital TV works. Digital Radio (no matter how it's done) is inherently a poorer system than AM, never mind FM.

The People need to rise up and complain. It's not as if the spectrum is even any use for anything else. If they want to save money and have more stations then extend FM down to 76MHz and turn off power hungry Digital Radio, which uses x6 power for the consumers.

Let’s pull Augmented Reality and climax with JISM

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

The Internet of things is great until it blows up your house

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Too Late

April 1st was ages ago and had better rubbish.

This is the stupidest article I ever read on El Reg. It wasn't even amusing.

Hungry Apple fanbois can now buy a lunch date with Tim Cook

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Why doesn't he just give them $1M?

I'm reminded of parable of poor woman and show-off donating to Temple.

This is more about Apple and Tim Cook than helping Charity.

Some rich owner of a Card payment processing company just cut his salary today from HUGE to $77K or £77K to be able to double salary of about 1/2 his employees.

WORLD+DOG line up to SLAM Google after anti-trust case unveiled

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Re: I must be missing something

Also the use of EVERY google service, free and paid to abuse privacy in a way that breaks the law in every EU country and probably many outside EU. Simply to try and do advertising more effectively.

Nokia to take $6bn bath on Navteq following AlcaLuc purchase

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After all, MS at the end of the day got very little buying the phone business, no IP, no long term use of brand, ditching staff and factories ...

MS may tell itself, "Look an 80% discount on original price!"

Revealed: The AMAZING technology behind Apple's $1299 Retina MacBooks – a lot of glue

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Re: Guys, it's really no different on the PC side

It's still wrong, no matter who does it.

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Re: How does this pass EU battery regulations?

Life of the battery is measured in complete cycles, and secondarily in time. Only something intended for bin, without recycling, after 1 year should have everything soldered and glued.

Very many units will need Battery and/or Flash replaced inside the two years minimum of SOGA. They can probably "get away" with this because it's not a Lead Acid battery (about 99% of them in some places in Europe become new car/truck batteries).

The design is simply to make it cheap to produce. They do not want their products to be more than 18 months to two years, nor repaired as the bulk of their market is repeat sales. It's designed more like a $399 landfill product.

Android lands on Microsoft's money-machine island fortress

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So ...

Maybe no BSOD ... but which Google service will be spying on the users?

Why didn't NCR use CentOS/Redhat or Debian, Why Android, it only of benefit for portable devices running Google's clone of Java for Apps. This is only going to have NCR's application.

'We STRONGLY DISAGREE' that we done WRONG, says Google

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Competition Violation?

Of course they horribly manipulate the search results to their own benefit. Note that the results don't have to be a Google service, but favour heavy users of all Googles Adverts, APIs and services indirectly.

Open Letter to Google.

Wait till EU realises what you are doing with EU citizen's privacy via your creepy tracking ... to make the Advertising and skew of search results so much more effective.

All those "Free" services you have that rip off people's privacy:

Single log in


Google Groups



Google Translate

Chrome Browser

Chrome Book


Cloud services

Google Docs / Drive

Google Maps

Play Store



Google Images

Google Books

Google Scholar.


and more.

I wonder why you shuttered Google Code? Got enough spyware on Github or something?

Also I don't want Google search to be my bookmarks and for it to promote Wikipedia and eBay. I know how to search those!

Only some really evil needs a motto like yours. You may surpass IBM + Oracle + Halliburton combined.

Purple strain? Purple gain: WD doubles cam count for spy drives

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Any good for building the ultimate PVR? Just record ALL the useful channels on a rolling two week basis, so you have two weeks to watch it or mark it for archive.

Why bother with pesky geolimited iPlayer and trick internet caps or deciding in advance? Read the reviews. Watch 10 days behind :-)

Adobe, Level 3 drive a stake through heart of vid-stream creature before it attacks again

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I Believe in Copyrights, Patents and Registered Design.

But not as implemented and policed in USA.

The Patent Office is useless.

DCMA, Millennium Copyright act, DRM, the So called ITC really US Import Embargo Commission



The Walton kids are ABSURDLY wealthy – and you're benefitting

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As I have no pension pot, perhaps my kids will pay for me to be in the "Home".

Interesting article.

Tech troll's podcasting patent blown out of the water by EFF torpedo

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It's not "Personal Audio" that is the problem but the USPO attitude of basically issuing rubbish patents in the first place.

The system is basically you have to have better lawyers and more money than the patent holder to "prove" a patent is invalid, All of which should have been rejected by the Patent Office.

Are they paid more if they approve rather than reject?

Microsoft's top legal eagle: US cannot ignore foreign privacy laws

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Re: "US cannot ignore foreign privacy laws"

ECJ has recently ruled that "Safe Harbour" isn't worth paper written on.

Irish Data commissioner then warns EU citizens that they shouldn't use Facebook as it doesn't comply with EU Nations individual laws.

It's frightening that I'm on Microsoft's side on this.

Because the server room is certainly no place for pets

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Tape and VM?

If you need to read old tapes, the drive may not work on a VM.

Transfer the tapes now to HDD stored off line or new format tapes, depending on size.

VM may not exist for other old platforms.

The old CPU HW may be for other hardware I/O. Little other than high level ports and networking is available on VM. By definition a VM is unlikely to be able to access strange I/O or HW.

This is a pointless article. We all know what a VM can do and advantages of it.

Explaining what the limitations of VM / Virtualisation are might be more useful.

Intel and LG: Our new mobe cams COULDN'T CARE LESS about pixels

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Re: 2560x1440

I like my Sony Xperia Z1.

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Can I get a £500 laptop with 16" screen, optical drive, ethernet etc?

Don't need a new phone.

If I did, perhaps a 1/4 of that many pixels would be OK and save some battery for talking on phone?

RELICS of the Earth's long lost TWIN planet FOUND ON MOON

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Gaia's child

She calved.

ISIS: You bomb us, we’ll interrupt your TV transmissions

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Re: dear, oh dear, El Reg

I'm sure they were thinking of TV.

You are quite correct about WWII domestic Radio.

As Domestic Radio only started about 1922, any WWI tomfoolery would have been military.

Interference though on commercial Morse from other commercial stations and "Amateurs" was common enough from 1900s to 1914.

Sales of radio kits to public to listen to time signals and commercial radio telegraph traffic was from about 1912, about 10 years before scheduled public voice broadcasts.

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1977? Earlier

No, earlier.

Terrestrial TV transmitters when they lost signal feed briefly look "off air" at previous TX mast in the system.

Before 1976, a guy in an a van in Japan with VTR on a hill top waited till close down and kept most of the chain up with his porn.

The BBC had an incident in 1970s were they closed earlier than RTE. The newish RTE transmitter in Longford was on same channel as a Scottish transmitter. Divis, outside Belfast, of course retransmitted RTE till their close down. I don't remember which year it was. Perhaps 1976 or 1977 or 1978. But the Japanese incident was earlier.

Broadcasters added security after these incidents.

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs

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XP users

XP users then won't get spammed

Astronomers battle plague of BLADE-WIELDING ROBOTS

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Should be using optics

These guys (and others, like traffic light sensors) are just

a) Lazy

b) Trying to cut costs.

c) Think they are more special than any other company.

Ban them and fine them till it HURTS. There is an increasing amount of this arrogance. Home Power Networking kit that's really a transmitter! Hint: works of UPS / Battery inverter and still networks without the mains. They are not EU or FCC approved as radio gadgets, they either only plug one in or test pair with no data. They want the rules changed too to allow "more interference"! Then the CFL / LED electronic PSU / Ballast makers, charger makers, TV makers, PSU makers will want the new relaxed rules too. (which often are not enforced, maker puts wire links instead of filters after approval).

Aluminum bendy battery is boffins' answer to exploding Li-ion menace

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Aluminium / Carbon can't be any better capacity than Alkaline, and probably 1/2 Lithium.

Also what is internal resistance?

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Must use something exotic as electrolyte. The inhibiting oxide layer that forms on Aluminium is why Zinc has been used. It's hard to see how this has much different capacity to a Zinc battery of same size. The reason Zinc batteries are not rechargeable is the structure and insulating properties of the reaction products of Zinc as battery discharged. Back to thinking exotic electrolyte. So what is charging efficiency and self discharge rate?

Also needs a lot of electricity to make Aluminium in the first place.

I'm very sceptical as people been trying and failing to use Aluminium since late 1800s.

Alkaline batteries can be recharged. The problem is structure, the electrode falls to bits with cycles, hence recharging of only discharged about 20% works best. Also Alkaline cells have very low self discharge.

HP Stream x360: Flippable and stylish Chromebook killer

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Re: Hmmm

Linux,and/or Firefox but not Chrome Browser or Chrome OS.

Why compare to a Chromebook at all? Chromebooks are for people with perfect Internet and happy to be dependent on Cloud with zero privacy no control.

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Re: Headphone socket EMI noise?

EMI maybe on input, but audio out is < 1 Ohm source to 32 Ohm load. Audible EMI or other pickup is impossible. So some other issue. Perhaps supply rail decoupling or PCB layout between audio ADC/DAC chip and amp.

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Re: So......

yes, low total res screen, very shiny screen, no optical drive and no HDD.

Make a nice Netbook with Linux Mint.

Not keeping windows on any new machine. I have old ones for that.

Icon reminds me of beach girl, as does laptop.

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Why everything shiny screens?

Also can it be sensibly used in Portrait mode for PDFs?

768 vertical is rubbish for a PDF

It seems a little like my Acer Aspire Netbook but with a larger screen.

To defend offshore finance bods looting developing countries of their tax cash

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Must be like Quantum Mechanics

Because you lost me. I think I understood all your previous pieces. Which isn't to say I agree with everything, though a lot makes sense and I'd agree with.

Stress me, test me, vex me ... boffins seek Hall Effect in frustrated magnets

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Sounds Interesting.

I wish I understood it though.

Midlife crisis, suck ingenuity? Microsoft turns 40; does the dad dance

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computing will evolve faster in the next 10 years


It's become a commodity and embedded.

Phones as PDAs / Computers / Music players are better than Nokia Communicator of 2002, but arguably worse as phones.

A new laptop has more eye candy, cpu, HDD, GPU, RAM than 2002, but often a poorer screen and more aggravating OS, less privacy.

Actually we are stagnating and shinier "gadgets" is no evidence of "Computing evolving".

Certainly we won't see anything significant from Apple or MS. They are just polishing what they have.

Apple Watch: When I think about you, I digital touch myself

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Paris Hilton

Remote tapping?

Depends where the two watches are.

But maybe Paris has played with the prior art.

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m

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Big Brother

glued together out of a squeezy bottle

Worth reading just for this.

Streaming also has no privacy, like downloads they know who you are. But worse they know when and where you are.

Broadcast Radio may not have "On Demand" selection, but it's free and anonymous. For listening to whole albums worth (which is advantage of 1948 LP invention) buying a CD is better. It's anonymous, don't need Internet connections and after the first time it's free.

Buying single track MP3s is like buying 78s (worse as they had a B side), existing since about 1898 and could be HiFi by 1936. 45s Replaced 78s in 1949.

So now they want us to rent the music and uniquely identify us, and also when and where we listen?

Streaming Music Services are something the Characters running the show in Brave New World or 1984 would have been proud of.

I'll stick to CDs and making my own MP3 playlists for the phone (or laptop into HiFi). The cheap £5 CE legal MP3 FM Transmitters handy for using a good portable FM Stereo Radio with Satellite / TV Set box / Laptop etc music (works to FM tuner in Phone too).

Dot-com intimidation forces Indiana to undo hated anti-gay law

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Re: It's called freedom, folks

It's complicated.

The Indiana law was stupid

Interference by Tech companies in Democracy is bad, even if cause is worthy.

There does need to be consideration of conflicting freedoms.

I should be free to refuse to promote Scientology while promoting my Pastafarianism.

People should not be discriminated against because of who they are or what they believe, but they should not expect everyone to help them promote their viewpoint!

I see my last comment on this attracted knee jerk hyper liberals who obviously didn't really read what I said, or perhaps I communicated it badly.

Judge doesn't want to get set on fire. Reserved judgement on Cake case. Does the fact it wasn't JUST a cake but had a Homosexual supporting slogan and imagery cause a difficulty in the judgement?

EU Commission looking for ways to DECLARE WAR on Google

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What about Google's anti-privacy snooping?

all their services and Google approved/supported/Playstore enabled Android is effectively spyware. They don't need illegal cookies any more.

More spyware:


They need to see the big picture of how Google operates.

France will flog off 700MHz to boost mobe broadband while UK dithers. Thanks, Ofcom

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"Boost Mobile Broadband"


1) No Mobile system delivers broadband, not economically viable, each street would need multiple base stations. Even fibre to home is cheaper than 90% coverage 4G.

2) Like 800MHz the cells are too big, they are even harder to control in size

3) Saves mobile operator some base stations, at best like 800MHz a very marginal increase in coverage, speed and capacity. The Operators want to maximise ROI, not performance (speed, capacity, coverage). The licence requirements are minimal on more recent licences. Almost laughable on Irish 800MHz.

4) Makes Government money (licence)

5) Cripples any future expansion or more advanced TV (real 3D, 4K etc)

6) Like 800Mhz the users' phone/modem transmitter interferes with TV and data on cable.

The coming of DAB+: Stereo eluded the radio star

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Re: If you have an old DAB,

Also VHF-FM sets may have RDS (most DAB sets with FM don't do RDS) and many have LW & MW, I've only ever seen one model DAB with AM, and it's out of production and was buggy.

DRM idea seems to have died on AM, of course some broadcasters killing AM entirely simply to save money on theory that people that don't have FM can use Satellite or Internet! Hardly portable/Mobile.

The VHF-FM radio in my Sony Android phone is better than any DAB set I've tested. It's very good, intuitive tuning simulating analogue scale, auto station naming from RDS and saving favourites. Very sensitive too.

Mage Silver badge

in theory, around three times as efficient as the DAB that we're used to.

No, about x2.

and only if you were using 128K on DAB.

DAB+ is PURELY to double number of stations, by using 64K instead of 128K for same poor quality.

FM / CD quality needs 192K to 256K on DAB. The savings are very much less. 128K AAC has much more artefacts and loss of quality than 256K MP2.

Add issues of radio power consumption, not enough relays, much more expensive for Local Radio (ironically too much coverage), poor design of sets (ergonomics and speaker size and cabinet).

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