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How alien civilizations deal with climate is a measure of how smart they are. Just sayin'...

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The previous scheme is just EE "Doc" Smith SF from 1930s.

Those boffins deserve a beer.

Stuff the movement of celestial spheres, let's sit down and watch Bonnie Tyler on TV

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I'm set up for the weekend.

Being without any useful Internet Cap and given the descent of Irish & UK TV to Italian level, I watch DVDs / BD if watching video at all.

Only a book lets be do less other things at the same time :)

EC puts Qualcomm-NXP investigation on hold, slowing merger approval

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Re: For once


Qualcomm is absolutely an unsuitable owner.

Sub plot subplot thickens: Madsen claims hatch fumble killed Swede journo Kim Wall

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Re: fifteen years old

Doesn't rule him out either. :(

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On a serious note

They have re-opened investigation of other mutilated bodies found in the region.

Microsoft extends free Windows 10 S to Win 10 Pro upgrade offer

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Re: Being forced to use Bing can easily scare any propesctive buyers

Google also spams results with their YouTube, their Books and sites that spend lots with Google / use Google Analytics / Adwords and other Google services.

They also think you want places you have been before over new results. I have a bookmark feature.

Google is MUCH poorer quality on search than they used to be and while many aspects of Android have improved, it's still a work in progress and seriously invasive of privacy. As is Chrome Browser and Chrome OS.

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Re: school administrators who have migrated to Chrome

Maybe acceptable in USA, but is it moral that Google should know everything about the students.

Also completely dependent on serial points of failure.

May prove to be illegal in USA.

It's fashion and childminding, not education ;)

It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower

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Smartphones of the time could not drive an Aero like 3D interface

However they could EASILY even in 2002 drive a decent Windows 3.1 / NT / Win98 /Windows 2000 interface. Aero is a mad trip to the other extreme. Best disabled.

I had 9100 and i9200 "smart phones".

Even a 320 x 240 four shade mono LCD with a Z80 can do a reasonable "3D" hinted effect for buttons, icons, scroll bars etc.

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cannot make very nice shading with low-resolution 2-colour or 8-colour

You don't need shading or much extra space just a 1 pixel border with top & left pale and right and bottom dark. The windows 3.1 3D enhancement was fine on 16 colour EGA. Though some CGA displays might only have done 8 shades of the 16 colour CGA text mode. CGA graphics was only 4 colours or black and white (2 bit or 1 bit). Windows 1 to 3.1 only used the 1bit mono mode of CGA.

The next lowest depth wasn't 8, but black and white Hercules and CGA monochrome modes. Then the paler lines were dotted. However CGA and Hercules Windows was a curiosity, The minimum practical windows was 640 x 350 16 colour EGA.

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Re: Personally

Black text on black buttons on a black panel. This stupidity started long ago for DNA to notice!

I have TV with dark grey over simple touch icons on black.

I have LOADS of LCD screens with a row of unlabelled buttons almost invisible under the front bezel.A nightmare to select inputs or change settings.

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Re: Personally

It is a rubbish idea that just looks like a laser printed page. Fine for content and totally rubbish for menus, buttons, navigation or interaction. NNG have done other tests and been saying this for ages.

I've worked on GUI design since 1980s and it's definitely purely a presentation aesthetic, very poor for interaction. I still find Windows 10 "control panels" / "Forms" totally baffling in terms of what is informational and what is interactive/clickable.

Even Linux Mint with Mate desktop has some "flat" applications creeping in from Gnome3/Unity/Ubuntu.

People copying things because they LOOK clean is a curse, as is excessive glass/smoke/blur/shadow and Skeuomorphic. Simple clear obvious icons, text on a button (using language resource file if the function isn't super obvious. Very simple 3D effect of two bright lines and two dark lines.

People imitating the worst "koolaid" from MS, Apple or Wordpress themes is mental.

15 'could it be aliens?' fast radio bursts observed in one night

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Re: It's not aliens

I agree, it's not aliens.

I have a longer explanation I've given before as to why Radio Telescopes are great for science but not going to receive Alien transmissions, unless the Alien starship is nearer than the nearest star. Otherwise, we'll spot possible alien life or even their industrial pollution via spectrographic analysis. The James Webb should be a good addition for that search.

I look forward to someone figuring out what FRBs actually are. Though we likely don't want such a generator nearby. Some sort of magnestar is my guess.

An advanced civilisation doesn't even need FRBs for navigation. Pulsars are good for that and can even be used to navigate within our own solar system or the whole galaxy. The missing ingredient is a "starship". A generation ship is feasible but doesn't get the TV ratings.

Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update

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Gaming vs Business

The ONLY major users now that need Windows are business users, mostly with legacy applications.

"The update will allow PC gamers to set the computer to max out the processor for smoother gameplay, and there'll be a bunch of new games as well."

This is as daft a focus as Win8 & Win10 phone interface.

The important things for majority of money spending customers are:

* Legacy compatibility

* Security

* Privacy

* Remote Administration

* Using ANY software source, not just Windows store.

* Decent GUI that offers clues where to click and follows good usability practices. See Norman Nielsen Group. Vista excessive eye candy and Win10 excess flat are two silly extremes. Windows 3.x, Win95, and any NT to Server 2003 are fine. Explorer desktop was a good idea if they fixed Explorer bugs and stupidity (copy, move or shortcut?).

Built in adverts and turning telemetry back on after updates is unacceptable.

Why are MS ignoring their captive and most important customers, chasing phones, tablets, cloud, VR, AR and games. They have an XBox and Cloud should be entirely optional.

Why are all the IoT services on by default?

Why does it take so long to shut down and restart after updates? It didn't use to be like that. Linux can do updates properly.

Why is there less GUI/Desktop customisation than in nearly 30 years?

Why the user data grab?

Why the lack of choice on updates? Feature and Security should be separate.

Why are you asked to confirm change from Edge to Firefox.

Why can't you "turn off" the Windows store entirely or remove unwanted apps/

Why are settings fragmented to five interfaces?

SanDisk's little microSD card sucks up 400GB

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Re: And that's why you need to lock down ports..

Or a coin cell with innards removed and stored in a car key.

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Re: 400 Gb on your little fingernail....

My first HDD was only 5 M Byte.

I forget what capacity the cake cover like Winchesters were. The drive system was stand alone and about the size of a desk height filing cabinet. OS was ISIS II. I think much smaller than 80 MByte. 1983.

Samsung keeps the smartwatch alive. Just

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Re: hand-warming

That was the Intel smart watch.

Bitcoin Foundation wants US Department of Justice investigated

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Western Union

It's not a currency, However it's been used for scams and money laundering due to lack of checking who is sending money (=buying & selling bitcoins) and inadequate checking of recipient who can vanish. Never buy on Internet or classified and pay with Western Union.

In EU they have implemented new regulations at offices taking money for WU.

The IBAN (used nearly everywhere except USA and rather more secure than WU or PayPal) is not a currency. It's a way to transfer money that can be in different currencies. Use requires a bank account. Creation of a bank account in most of EU is subject to strict anti-money laundering.

LG teases us with svelte V30 but refuses to say if it's coming to Blighty

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The main value though of 96 kHz recording is that expensive antialiasing filters aren't needed. There is no need at all to store the processed audio at more than 40KHz sample rate, so the regular 48KHz is fine.

I wish my laptop had that screen resolution, or indeed ANYTHING more than 1080 vertical.

"Key European markets"

Looks like UK is "crashing" out of those. Still, Amazon.de has an English language option. It translates well too. Useful already for people in Ireland as unlike UK, Ireland uses the Euro. The Amazon.ie still redirects to the Amazon.co.uk site.

Western Digital has cloudified the NAS and shoved it in a trendy box

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Can it be 100% NEVER connected to the Internet?

Can I sync via ethernet, USB or WiFi WITHOUT the Internet? If you can only sync via the Internet it's a failure. If it needs a 3rd party server (=Cloud) to sync to your devices and/or a subscription it's a total failure.

Security, privacy, exact functionality seem vague?

Microsoft's fix for web graphics going AWOL? Disable your antivirus

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Re: Untrusted Font?

Yes, there are / have been vulnerabilities exploited. More recently in some Adobe format than TTF files.

Also the issue of privacy. Fonts being used to track, because people are blocking the 3rd party cookies (browser setting), clear gifs, 3rd party scripts etc (NoScript). I only allow fonts from same domain as webpage. Also you can (on Linux anyway) download many of them so they don't need to be loaded from the 3rd party domains.

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Re: Who'd be a web designer?

Well, fonts and fonts. Using a font for icons (especially not even on your own server) is stupid. If it's for an Icon, then use png and/or SVG. A font used for icons has no fall back. It's a stupid idea copying "Wingdings" on Windows which were convenient but stupid (emailed or LAN doc to someone else without the font. When it's a text font missing, you do usually get text. Unless it's Chinese etc and you have NO Chinese fonts but then you if you can read Chinese, you'd have some Chinese fonts.).

There are good web designs, and also rubbish ones with big animated images, gazillions of images/icons done by fonts, dark grey text on black or light grey on white, fixed layout (either to suit small phone or giant screen), totally flat with no hint as to links or menus etc. Or different versions for different clients (you can do ONE site that works on ANY size screen, the original reason that text flows and isn't like PDF. Imitating multiple sizes of PDF isn't smart. Or changing content according to OS detected (maybe I want to download MacOS or Windows program on my Android or Linux mint client).

Putting an embedded "Google Maps" but no address or phone number for a web site for a "Bricks & Mortar" only business. Or Contact us via Twitter/Facebook (A bot and spammer unfriendly contact page is trivial), even on big companies.

Most web sites seem to be badly designed.

Yes, MS approach to this is idiotic. It doesn't mean many web designers aren't clueless.

Nest cracks out cheaper spin of its thermostat

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much easier to use than a traditional beige box


My thermostat has a single knob calibrated with temperature. It takes no power, has no software vulnerabilities. It's a mechanical switch using a bimetallic strip to sense the ambient temperature. We use it to set the bedroom temperature. So it was was set about 18 years ago and hasn't needed to be changed.

Terry Pratchett's unfinished works flattened by steamroller

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Re: IDE drives

It was only last month I dumped a load of MFM drives, controllers and mobos at the recycling centre. I have an actual IBM AT (though with VGA card and AST memory expansion) in the attic. It might still have MFM. I also dumped old "IDE" drives that used same parallel cable but not the regular IDE/PATA port. Also three kinds of SCSI drives.

Well, debugger me. Microsoft's BSOD fixer is getting a makeover

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Re: Know your market

"some UI tweaks including the iconic ribbon"

One of the worst GUI ideas ever, up there with hiding [least recently used] icons and menu items. The infrequently used stuff must NEVER change location, not even on new versions, or else you can't find it!

AMD agrees to drop $29.5m to make Llano go away once and for all

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Wasn't as good as promised.

Shareholders felt they had been misled.

Um, isn't this the case of MOST products, especially bleeding edge tech, hyped and over sold?

Magneto Optic Disks (Worked but too expensive and storage didn't increase enough).


Apple Lisa and Pippin. Apple Newton handwriting recognition.

So called 3D TV (actually stereoscopic)

Sega Dreamcast?

Intel Xpoint memory

HP Memistors

IBM Watson

All Voice Assistants


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Re: Intel deliberately crippled all consumer chipsets

4G or 8G of RAM?

Actually many Atom chips (even the 64bit ones) can only address 2G of physical RAM. Presumably so these could be sold cheap to compete with AMD or ARM in Netbooks / tablets / setboxes / TVs / NAS etc without cannibalizing existing sales.

Boffin rediscovers 1960s attempt to write fiction with computers

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Stuff like this

Some Hollywood company had a "plot generator" that worked a little like this, without a computer.

I've read about several similar attempts to this since. Most of the output is useless, but some variations can be used by a real writer to develop a real story.

The number of plausible variations output is more related to the amount of input than any cleverness in the program. In this case the point is not the "output" but the achievement of getting it to work at all.

New York Police scrap 36,000 Windows smartphones

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Boffins bust AI with corrupted training data

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The Emperor's Clothes

So called AI and Machine learning is just a fancy algorithm and big database. If it's too expensive to completely curate the data input, or you don't bother, you get the classic problem EVERY computer application with a database suffers. People trust the output but never check the inputs well enough. The incorrect data input can be OCR error, mistyped, image in wrong input queue/metadata or deliberate.

The problem isn't the Singularity, or AI takeover or AI weapons. The problems are the same as ever, lack of input validation, blind trust of results and marketing hype. There is no AI, we still have no idea what biological intelligence is nor consciousness, self awareness etc. We design tests and argue how valid they are.

Ponder on why "double entry" book-keeping was created or why well designed database systems with account codes have check characters / digits (Credit cards, IBAN etc, it's not for security but to catch most data entry mistakes).

Gather round, kids, and let's try to understand the science of 3D NAND

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Save web page complete (in Reader view, various browsers), or copy / paste body to Word/LibreOffice Writer.

Make saved HTML, doc, Odt etc into epub/mobi for eReader or eReader app using Calibre.

PDFs are ghastly things, designed really to see paper documents on screen.

Is it possible to control Amazon Alexa, Google Now using inaudible commands? Absolutely

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Re: low-pass filter on the microphone.

Not so simple if it's the electret capsule. A little easier if it's the FET (need new design of capsule as FET is internal). If it's simply aliasing type "mixing" (Fin - Fsample), then you need a pretty good low pass filter as a simple R C will be defeated by simply more volume. OTOH, if it's aliasing, then sampling at 96kHz and DSP filter is very effective as it's very hard to generate above 48kHz (the nyquist frequency for 96kHz).

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired

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Re: still works with Netflix and YouTube

Security & Privacy.

Only use the TV as a monitor for online content. Connect via HDMI on phone, tablet or Laptop.

Forget trigonometry, 'cos Babylonians did it better 3,700 years ago – by counting in base 60!

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Gilgamesh sued Apple

Well, Gilgamesh isn't Babylonian and he's been dead over 70 years.

Have a beer.

"If Gilgamesh existed, he probably was a king who reigned sometime between 2800 and 2500 BC. The Sumerian King List claims that Gilgamesh ruled the city of Uruk for 126 years."

He probably did exist, but unlikely to have been as described in the Epic Sumerian/Akkadian poem developed over 100s of years (In that sense a bit like King Arthur, though evidence for him is more tenuous and most of what you read/see is stuff made up 100s of years after original Welsh legends.)

So what's in the new Windows Insider build? Bug fixes, an AR goof-around, and a font

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Re: And when ?

The last update I did switched on one Sharing to MS setting. I do check each time.

Can I block "fall Creator's Update release" and only have security and bug fixes? Especially fix the stupid ultraflat GUI that has silly phone elements and inconsistent settings locations.

I don't care about the AR or an extra font. I've far too many already! Mostly I look for fonts similar to old printed ones to recreate old instructions, posters, labels etc. on stuff from 1920s to 1980s. I don't care to have a new font for the screen or for printed books I publish. If I do, there are plenty decent fonts out there.

Though my main laptop only runs Linux Mint + Mate and I have an Android Tablet, I do still mind a Win 10 Tablet / Keyboard and a Win 10 desktop for a games player.

Oldest flying 747 finally grounded, 47 years after first flight

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Re: if Apple made a plane?

Glued on engines and buy a new plane if an engine needs replaced?

Need iTunes to load flight data?

ASUS smoking hashes with 19-GPU, 24,000-core motherboard

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"mining" cryptocurrency

So the Cryptocurrencies replace central banks and governments with anonymous rich people to control increase of money supply.

How is this a good idea?

Also speculators "hoarding" cryptocurrency causes same problem as cash under the mattress or in Offshore accounts to avoid tax. It reduces the amount of money in circulation available to buy & sell stuff.

Very simplistic explanations. Very introductory texts on Economics explain it better.

Germans force Microsoft to scrap future pushy Windows 10 upgrades

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Re: "Optional"?

Add WiFi adaptor to desktop and set to metered?

Where is the setting to set ethernet connection to metered?

Tricky to find where to turn back on driver installs when "metered" applied.

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Turn off that nonsense, disable all the services and setup networking to use DHCP from your router or a NAS box.

If you have no NAS, Server or storage on the Router's USB port, then only enable file & Print sharing and Server Service on ONE PC/Laptop that is on when any other is on.

Peer to Peer with every PC sharing was stupid on WFWG in 1990s. Homegroup is stupid extension of this idea.

Also make sure uPnP is disabled on any Router. I disable it, the associated SSSD and all the IOT services too as those are infection vectors. A gadget can automatically install over network. Worse than Autorun, an evil convenience that should never have been added to Windows. The Amiga showed why before Win 95 had it.

Mozilla ponders making telemetry opt-out, 'cos hardly anyone opted in

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Re: I think that's a good idea


Exactly what does the loss of privacy improve?

How secure will the collected data be?

How is it used?

If someone needs to send me a parcel they can "collect" my address. They ought not to keep it.

If someone is getting paid they can "collect" my credit card info. They ought not to keep it. Many illegally store the extra digits on reverse. On Amazon I make a trivial but valid address change so at least any purchase needs the credit card re-entered (there are loads of ways for people to access your Amazon account, potentially. I set limit for eBook reader very low).

Far too much is collected by Android, Chrome OS, Chrome Browser, MS Browers, Win10 etc. The motivation is not better software.

Also GUI quality and important functionality on many major packages (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla) is going down, so is telemetry replacing proper design, proper user testing and proper research of users directly? Telemetry tells you nothing about WHY the user did something or how important the hardly used features are.

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idea of opt-out telemetry

I suspect that's illegal in many jurisdictions. If not it should be. Why on every front are they trying to copy the worst ideas of the competitors. I've had to install Firefox ESR 52.x on all linux and windows computers. We'll have to change to something else when that ends, unless Mozilla reforms.

Pssst... wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful

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Re: DeepMind should not be shunned because of its owner

They are happy to stop slurping WiFi via street view. Look at Android, Chrome Browser and Chrome book adoption. Parasites.

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Re: DeepMind should not be shunned because of its owner

a) They are totally untrustworthy.

b) They refuse to be regulated, especially outside USA.

c) Who says this app actually works and how was it developed?

d) The company has no track record in Medical applications.

Did ROPEMAKER just unravel email security? Nah, it's likely a feature

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Remote Content

1) Unless you are using Webmail, when it's received in your inbox no-one can change it.


2) You are daft enough to allow remote content, in which case you are pretty doomed anyway.

Uh oh, scientists know how those diamonds got in Uranus, and they're telling everyone!

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Why do they need a factory?

They make small industrial ones to coat tools.

They make large flawless large ones (including small windows) for specialist applications. Superior heat conducting material that's an electrical insulat. Unlike other allotropes of carbon, it's an electrical insulator if pure. Beryllium Oxide is next best. Mica and certain elastomers have been used, but very inferior to Beryllium Oxide.

Diamonds used in Jewellery vary in impurities / flaws.

De Beer's Element Six has a factory in Shannon, Ireland.



But yes, no existing precious metal or gem company wants a cheap new source of the NATURAL products.

Sapphires as gems are worth most in jewellery if natural. Like diamond, there is synthetic sapphire for industrial use (originally mechanical watch face covers and also jewels in movement).

I don't know if record player stylii are synthetic or natural sapphire (50 hrs) and diamond (about 500 hrs) vs single play steel needles. Autochangers in 1930s first used sapphire as obviously a bamboo, thorn or steel needle would be useless. UK single play 78 only turntables still used steeel needles on some models till 1949. Microgroove 33 1/3 1948 and 45 rpm 1949 could only use sapphire or diamond stylus.

Who needs 5G? Qualcomm, Ericsson and Verizon hit 1Gbps with LTE gear

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Re: 5G is a marketing label only

Yes, 5G is about infrastructural integrations not speed.

Capital Expenditure vs Speed.

Why is geographical coverage poor and peak time speed poor for many users? It's NOTHING to do with technology, as indeed this lab demo (which has been done on other HW, this is PR) shows. The Network operators only install enough so not too many calls dropped and PAYG can be consumed and cherry pick the areas with good ability to sign up many bill pay customers (i.e. not much rural).

The licensing is too weak, enforcement almost none existent. Regulation exists to raise revenue from licences, not benefit consumers.

One physical RAN operator with "beauty comp" licence and USO 100% coverage, minimum peak time speed KPIs and raise revenue from VAT would be far better. Then the operators would be retailers.

"Free" phones on contracts should be banned. That's a hidden cost and reduces choice and competition.

This is shameful PR, in a long line of it since news of first 3G licences.

Want a medal? Microsoft 7.2% less bad at speech recognition than IBM

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Re: speaker A is from Glasgow and speaker B is from New Jersey.

Context and engage in conversation is best. Speech recognition / "AI" is poor at context and rubbish at "real" conversation.

It's more brute force using a giant database.

"Kin yer mammy sew?"

Very different meaning in parts of Glasgow. Or it was 40 years ago.

Boffins blast beats to bury secret sonar in your 'smart' home

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Re: The simplest ways are best

Especially ones with a parabolic rotating horn.

I made a rotating horn fed by 40kHz transducers. That's a wavelength of 7.5mm. X band radar is about 4x less resolution.

Science fiction great Brian Aldiss, 92, dies at his Oxford home

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Re: The 1920s onwards

Actually the 1780s to 1800. Programmable power looms, then in 1800 we entered the Electrical Age (Steam was well established), due to Volta's battery. Hence Shelly's Frankenstien's Monster 1821 approx (there were revisions). Before the end of 1800s there was telegraph, lead acid batteries, dry cells, fax, voice telephony, radio, cars (Steam, Battery Electric, Petrol and Diesel), typewriters, punch card census analysis (Hollerith = IBM), Gestetner's Rotary Duplicator, photography, cine, phonograph & gramophone, hearing aids using carbon mic/moving iron, amplifier module, torpedoes. HG Wells WOTW "warships" were already obsolete.

Maxwells famous equations only a hair's breadth from relativity than showed speed of light a constant (Einstein credited him) and the Michelson–Morley experiment was performed over the spring and summer of 1887.

The modern novel is mostly an 18th C development. (Jane Austin rather famous now)

Boolean Algebra for computers and the special non-Euclidian geometry need by Einstein for his 2nd Relativity equation.

Improved vacuum pumps and the CRT (UK and Germany).

Though SF can be argued to seriously start with Lucian's True Stories (about 150 AD?) they really took off due to 19th C industrialisation, science, mathematics and tech. Verne's 20,000 leagues was all based on EXISTING tech, he'd been inspired by a model of a French military submarine.

Books were still only for well off people. Most people in 1830s to 1850s saw theatre productions of Frankenstein rather than book. London had many theatres with up to 5,000 people a night.

The whole Victorian pre-Raphelite, neo-pagan, Celtic literature (English translations) and thus Fantasy writing took off in Victorian age, which fed into SF. Dracula (based on the Irish myths & lenann shee more than central Europe, he was Irish), McDonald's Lilith and many otthers without which SF would be rather boring (how much a debt does Hellconia owe to Fantasy?).

Tolkien new all the Victorian stuff, though LOTR is more based on Celtic, Teutonic and Norse myth. & legend.

EE "Doc" Smith in late 1920s "invents" Space Opera (he puts impossible "jokes", he knew science and that Iron is the lowest state were Fusion and Fission end, so the spacecraft powered on Iron is an "in joke").

By the 1980s SF had seriously gone off and is now most is too Transhumanist "religion" and indulgent fantasy (Nano everything that's really just magic, immortality, General AI, resurrection clones and mind transfer to computers, the stuff of the comic end of SF in the 1940s).

I like Aldiss's earlier works.

Hackers scam half a million from Enigma digital currency investors

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So why use Enigma coins?

They can't even do basic security properly.

Cryptocurrencies seem a great idea for anonymity, sadly when money is involved that seems most useful for criminals buying & selling, money laundering, speculation and scammers.

Are there now so many versions because no-one has solved the problems? Scalability is also a problem for true distributed systems rather than peering and centralised electronic funds transfer such as Swift, IBAN and PayPal.

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