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Windows 7 passes XP, Mac OS X passes Vista

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Re: What amazes me...


Which one

3.1, 3,5, 3.51, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 or win 7 which is really approx 6.2

I suspect they mean 4.0, but it should say so

So even though you get Win7 pretty much automatically if you don't buy an overpriced Mac, it's only 0.3% ahead of the 11 year old OS?

written on

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Patent flame storm: Reg hack biteback in reader-pack sack attack

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Which is that the patent system gives us a huge social benefit.

That I agree with. But that was obscured by the rest of the rambling. Not up to your usual quality of writing, which I think is good even when I don't agree with the conclusions.

I believe in patents. But there needs to be tighter control on what gets a patent. Most should NOT be approved. This started in 19th Century USA and got worse. Totally frivolous claims that should be thrown out because of prior art or too broad.

The system doesn't even really need changed. The problem is the people implementing it.

Markets to remain glutted with rapidly-depreciating Facebook shares

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Re: Beer can shares

Without the enjoyment of drinking the beer.

50 cents to $1 is maybe a reasonably high value. I can't imagine WHY anyone bought at the IPO price

Archos pushes out 7-inch GamePad, slaps on dual thumbsticks

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Apple can't sue

Too many buttons :-) for Apple (not too many for gamers)

[Lack of] Availability of compelling games is the issue with all new handheld gaming platform.

How General purpose is it too? Has it got decent resolution or the same dots as a 4" approx screen?

It would want to be more open than the Archos 605 WiFi was.

Police mistake reveals plan for Assange's Embassy capture

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Re: sovereignty only important for your country

Let me see UK & Sweden:

Which one is more likely to extradite to US?

Which one hosts Wikileak servers?

It's complete nonsense to suggest Sweden is more likely to extradite him to US.

Akihabara unplugged: Tokyo's electric town falls flat

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Re: First Tokyo, next London?

Maplin overpriced?

By about 4:1 to 10:1. Even including the postage from Hong Kong.

A visit to Maplin is pointless.

LG making thin screens possibly FOR THE NEW iPHONE

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Re: Recent Reg News...

But it was already patented years ago. Yet again the USPO is useless.

Mage Silver badge


LG also make phones.

I thought Sharp was the development partner on this for Apple (= company that does the real R&D rather than knock off redrawn copies of old patents).

Mine's the one with an old copy of Wireless World showing an integrated touch + LCD display.

Apple, Samsung blast away in patent case closing arguments

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Ironic that Apple is purely an Importer to USA and Samsung has actual manufacturing jobs in the US (assuming Texas is in the USA?)

IEEE admits its MS-DOS history revisionist is in Microsoft's pay

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Davik & JVM?

Obviously the Interface was copied. It wasn't then a huge OS. So not that hard to re-write some of it.

Intel released an 8080 to 8086 translation tool. What match is there if you you pass the source 8080 Assembler of CP/M through that and compare the produced 8086 code with MSDOS 1.0?

Intel: Xeon breaks Calxeda's ARM in Apache benchmark

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What ever about the fine detail...

ARM is looking viable.

So why doesn't Intel have its cake AND eat it?

Intel has their own foundry

Intel has some of the best production, marketing and process engineering

Intel has an ARM licence, and certainly after the ARM chip sale to Marvell kept one or two Comms SoC.

So why isn't Intel making an SoC with four ARM cores, massive L1 cache, all the I/O (disk I/O) & memory interfaces... Just add RAM, ethernet magnetics and power?

It's not an either or. With MS promotion of ARM, likely Apple move to ARM for Mac Air and later all Macs and Intel promotion of Linux what is their problem?

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

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I remember a Tiled GUI, some while before Windows 1.0

How is this "modern"? Instead of "touch screen with finger" we had "touch screen with light pen", which meant that large areas of black could not be used. Some screens had three brightnesses of green and black.

IBM sniffs RIM, winks at BlackBerry big biz unit

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Re: RIM on the Edge?

They can probably get a bit for QNX too as it's a viable alternative to VXworks on some Industrial /Embedded application (exclusively the use before RIM bought it) where Linux for whatever reason isn't appropriate.

Mage Silver badge

RIM on the Edge?

Since other Push services now exist and increasingly real IMAP & POP email as well as Web Mail and other phone maker have been offering Blackberry form factor and RIM client the phones are pretty much doomed.

Likely only IBM can leverage some value out of the Enterprise services, competing with Exchange and its cloudy alternatives.

My advice to RIM, sell the patents (which mostly should never have been approved) and the Services, then shut up shop rather than wasting more money on developing , marketing and making phones that are competing with Windows Mobile and Symbian for bottom place.

Party like it's 1999: CDE Unix desktop REBORN

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Stark, utilitarian feel

Well, tidied up and and bit more functional, then it won't get in way like Win8 / Vista-7, OS X and some of the more barmy newer Linux desktops.

Folks need to realise that ONE DOES NOT FIT ALL! You need different flavours of GUI for different classes of device.

NASA's $2.5bn Curiosity rover: An Apple PowerBook on wheels

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Re: Cough...

Also you could get NT3.x and NT4.0 on a PPC

Apple: Samsung was in 'crisis' over our iPhone awesomeness

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Re: What are they smoking?

Capacitive touch screens were not that expensive, Just unwanted. Even Apple brought out a product that used resistive touch screen because to them the handwriting was important (Newton). Rather than improve it they scrapped it.

Palm then dominated that market and got the handwriting / sketching going well. It was some good deals with operators for 3G Data that made the original iPhone more attractive than other smart phones. Before the iPhone came out I couldn't afford to use 3G for data except in an emergency or if work was paying (PCMCIA data card on PC).

Phones before the iPhone had rounded corners and flat fronts. Not all were candybars.

Marketing and partnered deals and the Apple "cool" factor made the original iPhone a success. The HW was all commodity standard designs and the iOS style GUI was done before too.

Mage Silver badge

Re: Stylus required

Capacitive touch screens go back at least to the 1980s. But in the late 1980s we thought sketching and handwriting and using a remote desktop was important. All those need a Stylus and the higher superior precision of the resistive screen. The Capacitive screen was regarded as inferior.

Trolltech actually had two versions of their UI, one like "Windows" that needed a stylus occasionally and a 2nd one for "finger use".

Apple's innovation isn't in HW at all. But being at the right place and right time to market a phone and UI more for Media Consumption and "Joe Public" than most (but not all) the previous smart phones all orientated really to business use and data entry.

Their UI is a logic and obvious progression from mouse or stylus UI (not quite the same as you realise if you try to use Graphics tablet instead of a mouse on "standard" OS 9, Linux, and Win95/NT. Hence a tablet edition of XP.

They don't deserve to have more than a handful of patents. They are brilliant at marketing. Shame on them for attempting to block any decent competition when the SW & HW and shape of their own products is almost entirely based on Prior art . But USPO doesn't do due diligence, it's apparently up to people with very expensive lawyers to challenge every claim in a Court system that assumes Innovation is American and everyone else is cloning..

Office for ARM will lack features, report claims

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Well, is it a big deal?

1) Macros are often badly written, badly designed and a vector for Malware.

2) Libre Office / Open Office

3) Goggle Docs (Yuch actually).

Obviously someone may have existing Macros they want to use. But generally it's a sign that someone is trying to (mis)use a spreadsheet or Word Document rather than get a proper application or use a real database.

I bought my last copy of MS Office in 2002. I'll not bother buying updates anyway.

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life

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Extended support for Windows XP finishes on 8 April 2014,


less than 2 years to get to terms with Linux or write a replacement.

Of course unlike "eat within two days of opening" cooked meats, XP won't go "off" immediately. Whatever we move to it won't be Apple Candy or MS Metro shiny windows.

Hundreds of MS CDs and DVDs here. Won't be buying more product from them. Unless maybe a games console for some kids...

Lords call for the end of TV transmissions

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Crass Stupidity

Internet and Wireless Broadcast are complementary. It's fantasy to think you can replace Broadcast media with Internet. Unless every lamp post is a WiFi Point or LTE base.

Surface slab WILL rub our PC-making pals the wrong way – Microsoft

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Re: This will not end well? Legacy?

"Its Windows, it HAS to run my legacy software!" are going to feel VERY hoodwinked.

Mmm... I think the majority of non-Business customers are not interested in Legacy Windows SW support. Sales of Mac Books, iPad and Android tablets prove that.

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barely profitable option for ARM

"barely profitable option for ARM is to try for the premium market at a price level higher than iPad3"

ALL the iPads and iPhones use an ARM core. ARM win from every Android, iOS and Win8 ARM sale.

I expect the only loser will be Intel. They have an ARM licence and the best Fab, why aren't they making Intel ARM SoC?

I expect the Mac Air to switch from x86 to ARM sometime too.

Microsoft posts first-ever quarterly loss

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Past the peak

No one needs Win7, it's just a default OS and a Vista Service pack

Upgrades to MS office are increasingly pointless.

You can be as productive on Office 2003 and XP.

Desktop Linux still is not quite right, but MS determined to make Win 8 as rubbish as possible.

Many people just using Internet or could use Open Office.

Most future MS Windows and Office will only be "pre-installed". They are in slow decline. If Apple brings out a 1/2 price Mac Book/Mac Air running iOS on ARM (They'll never call it an iPad + keyboard but that's what it will be) then MS is looking at rapid decline as their own systems have poor legacy compatibility and a minority need it.

Wired broadband adoption dips as wireless flies

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"UPC which offers a broadband product which, thanks to a five-terabyte download allowance at a speed of just ten megabits per second, cannot ever reach the download quota"

So that's "unlimited" then. Unlike the many "unlimited" products (many on slower connections) where you CAN use up your quota (Fine Print FUP = "Fair Usage Policy")

I have "fixed wireless". Unlike Mobile (Mobile Broadband is an oxymoron). it's real broadband.

The Irish Government (successive) and Comreg are pushing hard to get mobile included as "real broadband" in EC and OECD stats. Otherwise someone could end up being prosecuted. The National Broadband Scheme simply subsidized "Three" adding more Mobile masts for 3G. Not a single Broadband connection

Devolo dLAN 500Mb/s powerline network adaptor review

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Comparative tests with 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz a/b/g/n?

Comparison with wired Cat5e via 1Gbps Switch?

Effect of all the light sockets with cheap CFL lamps?

Spectrum analyser measuring EMC?

Effect of 5 x PC / Laptop cheap PSUs

Effect of cheap lightweight phone charger and flat phone on same socket

Effect of Filtered extension strip/non-filtered to connect it to a skirting board

Effect of plugging both ends and gear at both ends into 2 x UPS

Or is this just Shiny Gadget Advertising?

It costs $450 in marketing to make someone buy a $49 Nokia Lumia

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Only hope

Is to make toilet paper, wellie boots and phone mast gear.

They are dead on phones.

Build a bonkers hi-fi

Mage Silver badge
Thumb Down

Nah, fail

There is stuff out there that makes this look sane.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine restored

Mage Silver badge

How does it sound in Mono though?

Forget internet fridges and Big Data. Where's my internet fish tank?

Mage Silver badge

The Problem?

It costs too much.

No-one will buy your sign. Actually probably it uses LEDs now and not Neon. Even the "Neon" ones are mostly not but like giant coloured CFLs.

Do you work in IT at RBS? Or at the next place to get hit ...?

Mage Silver badge

Re: the Building Society: Nationwide

But not the one called Irish Nationwide

Governments probe domain land-snatch: many.gTLDs.suck

Mage Silver badge


I can't even begin to enumerate how stupid all this is and how badly ICANN are managing it.

The plebs and small businesses will forever be plebeian.co.uk while the Fat Cats have anything.fatcats

Has Amazon also bidded for .amazon (Brazil might not be happy?)

Price Waterhouse Cooper: Only mobile comms can SAVE HUMANITY

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Only as a compliment to real fixed Broadband.

The guy must know nothing about the economics of Mobile Capacity and Coverage versus fibre everywhere.

Acer bigwig sees gloomy future for Ultrabooks in Europe

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Acer is right

We don't want Ultrabooks.

Unless they are 1/4 or maybe 1/5th cost.

They are priced for Rich Singletons that want to pose in expensive coffee shops.

You don't need it at home or office and would you use something so expensive on the beach, crowded bus or train?

It can't decide if it's a small overpriced laptop or big overpriced tablet with a keyboard that won't detach.

They need 14 hrs+ battery life, keyboard that can detach or fold under or in it, 1900 x 1200 resolution touch screen, ARM cpu and to cost under €500, ideally under €250.

Apple sell so few actual computers compared to phones and ipads that they ditched computer from their name. The Macbook Air isn't a product anyone not called Apple can sell.

Chess algorithm written by Alan Turing goes up against Kasparov

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Not the Turing Test again.

Turing didn't invent AI nor is the Father of it. He was a Genius an one of the founders of Modern Computing.

The "Turing test" wasn't a rigorous proof, just an idea that has been shown to be flawed. Nothing really to do with AI. Really it's just a conversation piece and not one of his real bits of work, mathematics or research.

Turing obviously proved that a Chess program didn't need AI either (as was thought at one stage).

So far NO-ONE has invented AI, partly because we can't even agree exactly what "real" Intelligence is or how or measure it (IQ tests don't).

Give me a spec for Intelligence rather than a vague goal (Playing Go, Chess or simulating the Archers, or convincing conversation) and I'll design the algorithms and write a program. If the computer "isn't powerful enough" or "hasn't enough database" (two oft excuses) then it will be a slow poorly educated socially inept un-British artificial Intelligence. It will be intelligent and artificial.

Ballmer welcomes Yammer to the Microsoft family

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Re: If you can't innovate, acquire

Visio and Sybase SQL were quite good acquisitions. They still work.

Skype has been going downhill since 3.8x which a good bit before MS bought it. So I still run 3.8x after testing the later versions on other PCs.

It' seems actually that Vista and especially win7 has result in a rash of poor compatibility Upgrades. Paint Shop Pro? Also very often moving from XP to Win7 you have to BUY a new version of the SW you already have so as to be able to run on Win7.

So the problem is Windows Development generally, not particularly what MS do with acquisitions. But I agree, I think Skype and Yammer are a waste of money for them.

Mines the one with Linux Distro in the pocket

No one watches TV, Nielsen, and you know it

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Re: sheilas wheels

Radio Adverts big problem (in a News program are worst).

The Mute is no use as you can't tell when the program is back :(

Mage Silver badge

Re: There was a simple solution in Germany

German TV much better than Italian TV though.

Unless you like inane game shows.

Mage Silver badge
Big Brother


Loads of people WOULD watch more TV if there was decent content.

But UK & Irish is sinking to be like US TV cable 30 years ago, esp. US daytime TV. It's aimed at a lowest common denominator of poorly educated person comatose on the sofa watching it because it's more effort to do something else.

Will Advertising and the chasing of "ratings" and Broadcasters concentrating on VOD of old content and hbbTV instead of actual compelling Broadcast content kill Radio & TV as we used to know it in UK when Ch4 had only started in Nov 1982? Maybe.

Is fragmentation and niche channels killing TV & Radio? Certainly 40 to 800 Channels is far too many. TV would arguably be better if there was 10 channels. Arguably VOD and Internet TV can't economically or sensibly replace Main Popular Broadcast (or shouldn't). But Channels with 0.1% and less viewers (most of them on Satellite & Cable) are better off and better suited to Internet. That's what Internet on TVs should be used for, not more BBC/ITV/C4 content diluting those channels. They need to concentrate on decent in house content production. Contracting out and Purchasing In "foreign" off the shelf stuff destroys our culture and the Ethos & Character of the broadcasters.

Adobe feeling drained by new model, but hopes things will improve

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It's way overpriced.

Sell at £99 and x10 more people will buy it.

Turing Machine brought to life with Lego

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But either all Programmable Digital Computers are Turing Machines, or none are (lack of infinitely long "tape").

The tape doesn't have to be a tape. It's all a mind game, a concept. See if you can build Hilbert's Hotel out of lego. For an encore build the coaches for Hilbert's Hotel.

Mathematicians were quite happy with Turing's paper, they had had over 10 years to get used to infinite stuff. Hilbert really upset them about 10 years earlier. I'd guess they were relieved there was only ONE infinite tape and the headaches had worn off.

Assange's Ecuador asylum bid has violated £200k UK bail, say cops

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That bastion of free speech, human rights and excellent investigative reporters that are never molested or end up dead.

Or am I confused?

He's a liability to Wikileaks.

Chick-lit naughty girl MP Mensch starts own web-jabber service

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Oh I don't know

Why should we have only one Facebook and one Twitter?

Lots of people run discussion forums, mostly a saner, web based version of Usenet, but with better interface, search and prettier.

Why shouldn't people set up their own Wikis, Twits and Graffiti covered "walls" with privacy that equals FaceGoo+... Just like the "popular" ones no-one will make you use them.

There are PLENTY of places to talk about Politics Live though.

Ten... dual-band wireless routers

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1m Distance?

Totally unrealistic!

Also < 10% use Macs

What about TurboG mode on 11g and 5.xGHz 11a modes?

What about testing when 4 users?

Or Laptop speed when a Nintendo, phone or PSP is using 11Mbps b or 54Mbps g?

LG shelves future tablet efforts

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Apple's lead in Tablets

It's simple.

The Apple thing only resembles a Tablet. It's an iPad. If it was really a Tablet no-one else would be allowed to make one.

You might as well argue that a Mac is a PC :-)

Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

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Oh dear

When is the Patent system going to be reformed with only "real" patents?

Fatties are 'destroying the world'

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Hobbit meals

You know how much a hobbit eats?

One is like a family of Americans.

How did the Shire feed them?

ARM unleashes 8-core Mali 450 GPU, heads down both forks in road

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ARM dominates smartphones

"ARM dominates smartphones thanks to the iPhone and Samsung's run-away Galaxy S II. The company claims 20 per cent of Android smartphones and half of Android tablets run Mali."

Virtually every other phone (even many not smart) has an ARM core too. Even some dumb phones have ARM core.


"ARM designed Mali dominates smartphones thanks to the iPhone and Samsung's run-away Galaxy S II. The company claims 20 per cent of Android smartphones and half of Android tablets run Mali."


"ARM dominates smartphones".

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

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Re: N900

Add another digit

Sometime around the N9120 or so Nokia lost the GUI plot.

They bought Trolltech too late and destroyed it.

Maemo was years too late (and didn't actually drive a phone!) and was destroyed by Meego.

If ever a company destroyed its world leader position itself by bad management it was Nokia. They make Kodak and Polariod look competent and face the same future.

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