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Nvidia's skirt-chasing chips ogle babes, eyeball Twitter and YouTube

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Nothing to do with chips.

Is purely software really technology?

Also anything with a stored picture and the application and Internet can do this. No doubt a GPU can run the algorithm faster than a general purpose CPU.

First sale doctrine survives US Supreme Court

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Re: Yet in Ireland

The Levis case was similar but earlier. This was more upmarket clothes.

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Yet in Ireland

A man selling Legally purchased US Clothes had his stock confiscated as the Maker's Agents had not imported them but the man imported them himself.

Currently big companies in US appear to be able to control who imports to EU and set EU price. This seems unreasonable.

Build a BONKERS gaming PC

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Re: Bonkers? Yes... Overpriced? Most definitely

Yes, but it's Bonkers. It thus needs to be overpriced too. Maybe Apple should make a Gamer PC that runs windows.

Freeview suddenly UNWATCHABLE dross? It may just be a 4G test

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The Majority

Will most people know this is happening or know who to complain to?

Actually to have HD, 3D and other new TV services the DTT needed to keep this band. Governmental greed driven by 3G auction results. The amount of spectrum and number of operators means when economical subscription levels are reached the performance will be no better than 3G.

Operators will cherry pick locations rather than use this band to give Universal Rural coverage (the frequency is too low for small cell sizes needed to give decent Urban capacity).

Schmidt still scanning the skies 50 years after defining the quasar

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Re: No, no, no, no, no....

Also perhaps the quasars are used to calculate the orbit to put satellites in rather than satellites directly observing them. Certainly if you had a Star ship the quasar map would be brilliant.

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Re: No, no, no, no, no....

Maybe it seems dim because it's very far away?

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?

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Re: When are smartphones actually going to become smart?

Windows has the personalised menus and hide little used Icons feature by default. I turn it off on everyone's PC as it is the stupidest idea ever. The lesser & seldom used menus and Icons need the SAME prominence, the order and prominence of such MUST NEVER change on it's own or

A) You forget or don't know the item exists.

B) You can't find it when you need it..

Such a feature doesn't work in the real world except for people that only ever do half a dozen things and get someone else to fix phone/PC/Tablet etc when they need the 7th thing.

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Thumb Up

As long as you can turn off bits.

It will be fine. I presume a BT physical keyboard works?

Maybe time to the replace the Nokia E65 and Archos 605 WiFi with one gadget?


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Re: Bad photos

maybe web cams?

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We did have server, extra external SCSI drives case, Firewall/Router PC, and PC as packet Radio node controller and router. A visitor to the bathroom was sorry he asked about the strange noises.

Down to a single sever with mirrored SATA. Still in Attic. Power cord to UPS on a kitchen shelf via airing cupboard.

Freeview telly channels face £240m-A-YEAR shakedown by Ofcom

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IPTV is complementary.

IP can NEVER EVER replace LW, MW, SW, FM & UHF TV broadcast. No portability. Needs massive infrastructure and costs more the more people listen/view. The Broadcast systems allow portability, user operation on almost no power, and minimal infrastructure.

Streaming on IP (via coax/Fibre) is complementary to Radio Broadcast.

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They can only see ££££

Greater good of the Nation and unique nature of broadcasting means nothing to these money grabbing idiots that want to destroy Broadcast by:

1) Overcharging for spectrum

2) Removing protection by allowing so called white space licence free devices

3) Ignore issues of 4G and Tetra

4) Ignore PLT, CFL and PSU noise destroying LW, MW, SW and now VHF reception.

Copper load of that: Ofcom claims HUGE jump in 'average' broadband speed

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But ...

How many DSL users as a percentage of DSL users are using lines longer than 5km?

How many people are on Satellite or 3G Mobile because they can't get real broadband such as Fibre, Coax (Virgin), DSL or proper Fixed Wireless (which can be a genuine 8Mbps or 20Mbps and up for Business grade links).

Ten pi-fect projects for your new Raspberry Pi

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Is that it?

Really the top 10 projects El Reg can find?


Mines the one with 20 Bernard Bambini Pi Projects.

Bye-bye Telinco - death warrant finally issued by TalkTalk

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Big Brother

Domain name cost?

How much a year does it cost the owner to keep the domain alive? £20 a year inc their own Admin costs, plus a once off script to move the existing accounts to a currently maintained server?

It's about branding and income. If a service doesn't make money and isn't current corporate branding it will be axed.

The alternative to zero privacy "who knows where hosted" email is your own domain and hosting package with a smaller known National datacentre. Move it when they can't tell you what country it's in.

Enormo-display Apple iPhone prototype surfaces

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Re: @ Mage - This is how that thing happened:

The original Star Trek has a lot to answer for with Scotties inflation of time and then infeasibly fast delivery. For years plagued by managers assuming we were all like Scottie. He'd also ask the most junior team members for estimates of project duration.

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Re: This is how that thing happened:

Timescales and cash a bit low, but probably not far off. Put x5 on everything.

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Re: More likely

Similar systems from Inhand and Samsung. Apple probably didn't build or design it.

This example has 4G in 2006 and fits in a large pocket. Zero custom hardware, ran Debian and Qtopia. Cost about £3,000.

Apple is about the Marketing, GUI and services.

Marvel: 'Come and get 'em! 700 first-issue comics! FREE!'

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iOS and Android?

What about people with decent size screens laptops/PCs?

A two page spread would be nice on 15" size 1600 x 1200

New Apple TV may hint at Apple-Samsung divorce

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Trade Descriptions Act. & SoGA

No Tuner

No Screen

Why are they allowed to call it a TV? It's just a locked down overpriced Media playback & Streaming device.

Tech fest 'net activists offer free 'Super Wi-Fi': Now go tell the FCC

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" taking it back is hard"

It's pretty near impossible when it's something the public buys.

"But White Space allows regulators to hand over some spectrum for a bit and then take it back - within hours if opinion changes. Those lobbying against it are more concerned that the people will refuse to give it up rather than concerning themselves with any technical problem."

Indeed it *WILL* cause problems and the new gadget users will neither keep the rules nor give it back.

This is a disaster in the making.

'Wireless charging' in Galaxy S4 will betray Samsung's best pal

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Since the charger needs a wire

Is it as wireless as a so called cordless kettle?

If you don't like a USB plug, a round jack or a dock, then I suppose you need it. But any range more than a few cm or so will cause issues. Inductive charging is just about ok, RF charging a stupidity.

You are STILL going to trip over the cord of the charging mat and forget where you put it or its wired "wall wart".

Extra expense for little value, a marketing gimmick?

Six things a text editor must do - or it's a one-way trip to the trash

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Re: Multi-Edit

But unless I'm mistaken this isn't a review of text editors but Verity Stob lightening our day.

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Re: There is only one thing a text editor needs

Maybe 10 years ago, now it's nano.

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

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Re: So what we're saying is..

Vista. Win7 and Win 8 are thus pointless for laptops & desktops and all users & Business really want is a SP4 for XP that removes some bugs and inconsistencies.

Most of the stupidity of Explorer's design is STILL in Win8.

HTC slays Nokia's two-headed Android patent dragon in Germany

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Re: Came to think about it

No. Edison, Marconi, RCA etc famous for it. Huge battles and 1000s of spurious patents awarded.

It started getting out of hand in the late 19th century.

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Re: re. the '974 patent

They had TVs running 405 lines in the 1950s with a CdS sensor for ambient light and controlled the TV screen brightness. What idiot gave a patent on such a simple obvious idea?

Safety authorities to hold hearings into Boeing 787's battery woes

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NiMH are heavier for same power, but similar power to volume and after 200 power cycles may actually beat lithium on capacity vs weight.

The extra weight isn't than much overall. Less likely to have thermal runaway.

Unsurprisingly Airbus who were considering Lithium Ion are going to stick with NiMH (though news item said NiCd, I suspect it's NiMH).

Mmmm, TOE jam: Trev shoves Intel's NICs in his bonkers test lab

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Re: most of this stuff is old

Mmm... Roland A3+ ...

Mine isn't working properly. No pen up/down and faulty Home position. Can't find the schematic though. Maybe time to dump it and get a laser etching systems.

I must have a dumping session to recycling centre, box loads of ISA x86 Mobos, MFM drives, boxes of ISA cards, boxes of stone age DRAM.

I might hold on to the genuine IBM AT stuffed full of AST memory cards. And the upgraded PCW8256 (3.5" 2nd drive and 512K RAM).

Maybe the DELL 486

Some old Mobile Radio programming SW needs a real DOS with a real serial port. Though no doubt someone clever can get it working on <insert HW & OS of choice>

Mines the one stuffed full of Writing MS-DOS device Drivers and Interfacing to the IBM PC in the pockets.

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most of this stuff is old


What does than make my PCI 10/100 Intel cards?

Or my 16Mbps Token, 2Mbps wifi 5V PCMCIA cards and 10Mbps ISA cards with 15 way connectors to vampire taps?

First C compiler pops up on Github

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Re: Stupid Question

Yes, Compiler writers of ANY language love to write the compiler in the same language.

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Re: K&R c...

No, it was not.

The language was ambiguous. You could write a "bug free" C compiler and it would produce different code.

Or you could write "correct" C code for an agreed "compatible" compiler and it would not do as expected.

C++ was supposed to sort some of these issues, but unfortunately the original version was too much backward compatible.

C was not used for many critical control systems for this reason.

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Re: Allow me

C was then just the idea of a portable macro assembler to make it faster to port UNIX to new machines.

Hence the awful reliance even today on the #define abhorred by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Plastic Logic shows off bendy 'leccy posters: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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When lasers were invented people used them as posh "rulers". Communications? Nah.

Certainly if the price is right then this *IS* cool technology that deserves a market. I thought by now I'd have an A4 (or legal size) roll up eReader that fits 211 mm x 12 mm x 80 mm form factor. A bit smaller than my old Slide Rule in its plastic case.

It's a pity people want video and colour on phones and colour inherently needs a back light or it can be no better than 1/3rd brightness of B&W ePaper.

4G operators move into new homes in the spectrum 'hood

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and so will likely suffer more than the rest

Three suffer?

No, the poor viewer that doesn't know what's wrong will suffer.

'Google Maps' of US White Space spectrum goes LIVE

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seriously disruptive

To Digital Terrestrial TV viewers who will never register as complaints about White Space as there is no mechanism for them to understand what is causing pixellation or freezing and no money assigned for independent verification of user compliance and non-interference in the field.

The Databases can never be accurate enough and eventually too many people will be using extra power, bigger aerials or even disabling or faking database.

There is simply not enough control and oversight.

Browser makers open local storage hole in HTML5

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Re: Cookie Size

The article says cookies up to 10Mbyte. Actually I don't want websites to store anything else, unless I go "File Save".

10 bytes is 80bits.

That's 1208925819614629174706176 possible visitors for each website.

What is this? HTML planning for a universe of visitors that it needs 80 Million bits of storage per visitor on your own machine?

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Cookie Size

Madness. All a cookie needs to store is be a unique identifier. Why 10Mbyte? 10 bytes is lots.

German boffins turn ALCOHOL into hydrogen at low temp

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Re: produces co2

Yes, indeed you need the same amount of CO2 to make it from Hydrogen (perhaps extracted from sea water by fusion power?).

The Catalyst life is a problem though. But can the catalyst be regenerated or is it gradually evaporated into the Hydrogen and then into the fuel cell water?

Google+ goes single sign-in, exec roasts Zuck's 'frictionless sharing'

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Bad enough

That they want you to use one Google Log in for gmail, Docs and YouTube (As far as I concerned unrelated services).

I'd rather have my own notebook of accounts (never kept near laptop) and my own local password manager (only used for accounts that don't involve money).

Someone needs to beat Twitter, Facebook, Google etc over the head with a stick with nails in it and make them eat copies of data protection acts and security best practice till they change their ways.

Also would places like BBC stop promoting Google, Twitter etc ...

... wanders off muttering darkly ...

Mine's the long brown one with a bag of 4" nails and hammer.

Mobile TV is BACK: Ericsson launches broadcast video for 4G

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Re: 4G = TV frequencies

Done already years ago.

Never took off in Europe, only much marketed in Germany, but popular in Asia.

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Been here before


Qualcomm's TV?

What advantage does it give over sticking in a DVB-T2 chip?

Will people pay?

We had quite good real Broadcast technologies before for phones. But I suspect unless it's free no-one wants it.


Ordinary Mobile varies the QAM and data rate as signal gets poorer to give about x8 the range of the fastest data but at slow speed. To get 8x range from fixed speed broadcast you either have to have x64 the power or 1/70th the program / data / channel capacity.

Ancient lost continent discovered lounging on Mauritian beach

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I thought

Atlantis in the Atlanic (Maybe it's Ireland!) and Lemuria is the one in the Indian ocean.

Firefox to spit out third-party cookies

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Re: "Use custom settings for history"

Firefox has had a setting since ages to block 3rd party cookies. But it's fairly buried in the settings.

Cheap iPhone mini 'makes sense' for world domination

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Re: NO! It doesn't make sense. It would ruin Apple!


The fact that they are really overpriced and uber controlled by Apple is ignored when selling according to current strategy.

If there was a cut price Apple and it was successful it would destroy existing market. So they would be condemned to make a similar profit from much larger sales. Makes them more vulnerable. Exchange larger market so as to have 1/4 to 1/10th the profit per sale. I don't think so. Apple makes currently x4 to x10 more profit per item because actually they in many cases use parts no more expensive at all. Actually other than Retina display it's hard to think of premium parts in iThings.

Also would need complete cultural change inside Apple.

Happy birthday, LP: Can you believe it's only 65?

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Flash won? No, CDs overpriced.

Tesco today a decent DVD is €6

But Fleetwood mac Rumours is €12.99 on CD. I did buy it on LP at original release and again on CD many years ago. There are also OLD less quality CD titles promoted at Checkout for a "bargain" €17

C R A Z Y !

(1 Euro about 83 pence Sterling yesterday)

Downloaded files need backed up and entire Albums are over priced.

Buy a CD and rip it at your desired quality and you have a decent backup automatically.

BTW 33 & 1/3 RPM was released about 1929 on plastic, 16" for cinema and then 1931 on 12". But same size grooves as 78 rpm.

"Stereo" as done on 33 & 45 was demoed by EMI in 1933 or 1934.

1948 was the microgroove version. LP

1949 was the 45 rpm

Prototype Wurlitzer jukebox 1929. Common production 1934 (10, 12 or 15 off 78s)

BTW the CDs are PRESSED, not etched.

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas

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Re: AC. Sony and Valve should Merge?

How would it annoy me?

Steam is successful on the PC Platform, but is unhappy with Windows and considering Linux and an x86 console.

Sony wants to be more involved with Online and has dabbled with Linux on PS2 & PS3

Both love DRM ... (I don't mean Digital Radio Mondale either!).

Big screen console style gaming isn't going to go away due to iOS or Andriod. Different market really, the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP type devices more challenged by phone based gaming now that even Primary school kids are getting smart phones.

A fully open HW platform such as PC with Windows or Linux gets problematic quickly compared to closed HW like PS3, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii / U or even Apple's Mac OSX stuff. The PC based Windows for Gaming has become a high end niche, not mass market.

Apple curiously has never managed to leverage the stable HW aspect of its computer products as well as iphone and iPad for gaming, A few stunning titles and some ports.

I'd guess Apple don't like to be reminded of Pippin? Also was the Apple TV (a pretty limited media box and not a TV, not maybe much different from Roku?) a missed opportunity as a gaming console.

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Sony and Valve should Merge?


Rid yourself of Adobe: New Firefox 19.0 gets JAVASCRIPT PDF viewer

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Re: Mixed blessing

Better to use NO plug in and save file and use a decent PDF application OUTSIDE the browser.. PDFs are NOT web pages.

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