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Opera extends Speed Dial with Swordfish beta

Neil Greatorex

I concur with Mr. Balmer, it's very fast

Wish they'd get their heads around it at work though, where I'm forced to use Chrome :-(

Still, could be worse I suppose; FF or IE

Microsoft Skype: How the VCs won and Ballmer overpaid

Neil Greatorex

Re: AC 23:47

"Microsoft has just acquired a rather large user base"

Sorry, in Microsoft's world, 170 million users is extremely small beer.

Wish it were otherwise.

ACS:Law fined for data breach

Neil Greatorex
Thumb Up

What comes around..

goes around.

Wonder if his dole being 10 minutes late or the queues at the soup kitchen are quite as annoying?

Google offers to pop round and take some piccies

Neil Greatorex

You need to get out of your Mother's basement

and stop watching Doctor Who. :-)

PSN hack triggers lawsuit

Neil Greatorex

Was only a matter of time

Before some litigious twat hit the sue button.

Makes one wonder why anyone would want to do business in the old US

ARM jingling with cash as its chips get everywhere

Neil Greatorex

Jingling with cash?

£50m - that's less than a banker's bonus..

Vodafone AU falls on Easter Sunday

Neil Greatorex

It's in TFA

"swapping out its Ericsson base station gear with Huawei equipment"


Texas grandma gets first 'Super Wi-Fi'

Neil Greatorex

"watch religious programming"

Euphemism for porn no doubt.

I'm going OK?

Wii price cut coming

Neil Greatorex

Osbourne effect?

They've just killed April sales.

AT&T's iPhone 4 drops 2.5 times as many calls as Verizon's

Neil Greatorex

Bloody iphone

I've got a work one & I can't make reliable calls with it/them. We installed femtocells to improve things (as we're out in the wilds) I still can't use it for calls.

Home reception was crap too, though pre iphone Nokia 8800 & Blackberry had perfect call quality . So I put in another femtocell. Calls are now just a tad above utter shite.

What bollox.

Don't get me onto the bloody charging regime..

Facebook Comments kill web freedom

Neil Greatorex

"and everyone's already on Facebook"

Not everyone.

BT, TalkTalk in court seeking axe for Digital Economy Act

Neil Greatorex

@ seanj

Please don't forget:

Twice disgraced "Lord" Peter Mandelson.

iPlayer Global iPad app price announced

Neil Greatorex

US$10 per month

Including the 30% iFee?

Cheap at half the price...

Google undercuts Apple in publisher revenues dash

Neil Greatorex
Jobs Horns

I suspect the cover price will remain the same

Regardless of the intermediary.

Having said that, however, I think I will buy my ebooks through Google; as more money (though still an insignificant proportion of the cover price) will go to the author.

HP gives Lou Reed a right shoeing

Neil Greatorex

That dog at 0:49

Gets my vote.

Microsoft, Nokia, and MeeGo: Are they all doomed?

This post has been deleted by a moderator

EC parades common phone charger

Neil Greatorex

So where is HTC?

More importantly, where is Nokia?

Lenovo and NEC to combine PC ops

Neil Greatorex

I can't believe it's not.....

"The two companies will marge their Japanese operations"

HP inks $1.4bn outsourcing deal with energy firm E.ON

Neil Greatorex

"HP Inks"

That'll be expensive then..

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

Neil Greatorex

Cameron & chums probably still don't realise

That the ball is round in Association Football...

I suspect Panorama were an order of magnitude out on their "3 FIFA members corrupt" storyline.

About time the FA got some balls & opted out of control by FIFA, let's bring some moral rectitude <snurgle> back into the game :-)

HP builds touchscreen Linux PC for India

Neil Greatorex

Aah yes, but you'd then be able to say:

"Please do the needful"

Neil Greatorex

Why only India?

At that price they could sell a shed-load here in Blighty. I'd buy one.

iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

Neil Greatorex

Nope, me too

I've had 3 lost connection error messages, reconnect & it starts from the beginning :-(

Finally finished the download, twice now it's complained that it can't save the backup & stopped.


Shell's London office UNDER WATER and besieged by GIANT EELS

Neil Greatorex

It also contained a surgery

I went for an interview there, in the 70's, which included a full medical (?)

Google snips Facebook's Gmail line

Neil Greatorex


Read the T&CS, they really do own the lists.. :-(

Spamhaus blocks fellow antispam outfit

Neil Greatorex

"we paid a large amount of money through a third party"

Think that might be your problem, Spamhaus don't charge for delisting.

Phone 7: Another Vista or another XP?

Neil Greatorex

Have you been RTwrongFA?

There is no SD slot on this phone, there may be one on <insert any other handset manufacturer here> but this phone doesn't have one.

"Hard reset" WTF??

Have a pint.

Neil Greatorex

Don't think I'll be considering this.

As I neither twatter, facebook nor use Google for my data.

PS Still can't see if anyone has addressed the "Can it make phone calls" yet.

Jobs' Lion to marry Mac OS X and iOS

Neil Greatorex

I just got a line..

"Dashboard rethought because it's become a mess of overlapping paradigms"

Full house before the night's out..

Google ends all Street View Wi-Fi data collection

Neil Greatorex

Shanghai Tom, in Beijing

You're doing it wrong..

Robot goes berserk in Balkan lab: 6 boffins given dead arms

Neil Greatorex

Baffled Balkan Boffins Battered By Borut's Batty Bot

Just added a couple :-)

Microsoft plays favorites in Windows Phone 7 cloud picks

Neil Greatorex

All this social network stuff

Is fine and dandy, the real question is "Can you make a phone call?" nobody seems to have addressed this.

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished

Neil Greatorex

It's not boring or negative, it's neutral

You anonymous pillock.

Unless you really are that stupid, I can only assume you're a shill. Bugger off.

Distressed cock whipped out of wheelie bin

Neil Greatorex

Can't parse this sentence

"For anything in the bird world, if it's without water for 24 hours, it will die within a week."


Bulgarians bag German pair for pinching panzer

Neil Greatorex

833,333 Bulgarian scrapped Panzer IV tanks

Gordon B. Ruins gold sale..


Provincial outrage over BT's broadband upgrade race

Neil Greatorex

I just voted

And currently make up 25% of the voters in my village.

Don't think we'll be getting FTTC anytime soon.

Field Service Engineers and their needs

Neil Greatorex


One lot are away from the office one lot aren't.

!= Rocket science

Apple's iPad is the hotcake of the 21st century

Neil Greatorex

"wonderful utopia of love"

Hmm, you're obviously not in Lincolnshire then.

I also spent some considerable time working for a ginormous US corp, used to do the ass/arse thing with them too. Got cuffed around the ear (metaphorically) by the septic bosses quite often :-)

I was a TS wiz at the time (mid-late 90's) so had asbestos coating. Briefly..

Have a pint of Haake Beck on me.

Neil Greatorex


On this side of the pond:

Ass = Equus Asinus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equus_asinus)

Arse = (_|_)

Neil Greatorex



Neil Greatorex

Hear the sound?


Gone right over your head, hasn't it?

Official exposes govt IT overlaps

Neil Greatorex

News just in....

Government IT projects waste money.

Stuxnet worm slithers into China, heralds alien invasion

Neil Greatorex

He was quite right

You can control a nuclear power station using the processing power of your average digital alarm clock. :-)

Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling

Neil Greatorex


When you're looking at network traffic identifying torrent traffic is trivial, encrypted or not.

US.gov set IPv6 upgrade deadlines

Neil Greatorex

About time

It was always going to take a big push to get everyone off their arses, perhaps this is the requisite impetus.

Now then, if we could only get a similar announcement from the ConDems.......

iPhone fanbois run off road in CoolBrand race

Neil Greatorex

What a pillock!

"Something that appeals to ordinary people and to celebrities too"


BlackBerry tablet boots from 'floppy disk OS'

Neil Greatorex




HP purges Cisco gear from data centers

Neil Greatorex

CCNA/MCP/MCSE aren't entirely useless..

They have an unexpectedly valid use: weeding out the dross.

I know of one CTO who will discard *every single* CV/Resume that includes any of the above spurious certifications, usually immediately he spots it.

PS I looked at the site linked, please do the world a favour; don't link to it again, ever. It's mind-numbingly boring, irrelevant to readers here & bloody awful to look at.

AT&T chief: 'All your iPhone are belong to us'

Neil Greatorex


Didn't see the *tiny* arrow indicating a reply. Nonetheless "Citation needed" is for another plaice..

US forces drop dead drug-poison killer mice from helicopters

Neil Greatorex

"airborne murine drug-zombie"

Excellent, made my morning.

Wonder how many grammar Nazis will be trotting out the "It's mArine you thickos..."


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