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Apple's fourth Leopard spits out 25 patches

Daniel Beardsall

Fourth Leopard?

I count five.





and now 10.5.4

Oh thanks, mine's the one with the arms sewn together.

WD pitches Firewire pocket HDD

Daniel Beardsall


Well, count me out then. That's really not very well thought out, is it?

Asus' Atom-powered Eee PC spied on web

Daniel Beardsall
Paris Hilton


...with the stock shot of a Paris Hiltonalike fondling her Eee on the beach. At least one article about the Eee where you don't use it, please? It's not as if this one was running short of images.

Microsoft Office Online falls into Halloween time vortex

Daniel Beardsall


Using Microsoft Office may cause disruptions to the fabric of spacetime.

Also, the annual bill for using Microsoft Office may cause disruptions to the fabric of your underwear.

Rebit: This is your grandmother's data backup

Daniel Beardsall


If you're capable of partitioning a drive, installing the OS on one part and keeping data on t'other, then you're really not the target market for this gadget.

Britt Ekland on board for 'Wicker Man 2'

Daniel Beardsall

genial laird

I so read that as 'genital lard'. Should have gone to specsavers.

Hamster-in-rain emergency prompts 999 call

Daniel Beardsall

@ F Cage

I believe the opening statement in question here is the one the police operators give you when you actually get put through, not the initial 999 operators' greeting. That is still to ask the nature of the emergency and which service the caller requires. After which they will be transferred to the police operator, who will give them this new greeting.

Also, is your first name Faraday?

Office update disables MS files

Daniel Beardsall
Gates Horns


It's all been downhill after Word 5.1 for Mac, you know.

I still use Office 2003 from time to time, on computers that aren't my own. Funnily enough, I don't get much call to open crumbling documents such as the ones now locked out, but it still annoys me.

And why in the hell would anyone want to switch to Office 2007? Worst attempt at an interface I've seen in... well, since Word 5.1 come to think of it. I took one look at 2007 and switched to OpenOffice.

Need a new set of b*llocks? Try Argos

Daniel Beardsall


They seem to do a good line in 'crap computers'.

They also reinforce my personal opinion of the Nintendo DS, as it presents me with two of them when I search for 'toss'.

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