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In defence of Comic Sans

David Dodwell-Bennett

Nobody Cares

Pete 2 - I can assure you many people do care. I think the article sums up the level of hot under the collarness Comic SS creates quite well - if anything, it undersells it a little.

I'm on the "don't use it" side of the fence...especially in schools where I see it used all over the place. The excuse is that is "forms the 'a' properly" thus not confusing small children.

Fair comment, but there are many other fonts which do that, and when it is used in newsletters home which are aimed at adults, my wife departs the room before she has to sit through another of my rants. It's the font equivalent of celebrity culture - famous for nothing other than being famous as it has no real talent worth speaking off.

Of course, ultimately it's just a form of "I know better than you" snobbery, just as the use of unnecessary jargon and TLA's is. And it does give one a good reason for a long rant at people who couldn't careless and that is always worth a giggle in my book (a book printed in Helvetica)

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

David Dodwell-Bennett

online petition?

Lets have a real giggle with these guys. Someone out there start an online petition we can all click on so they can see how many (probably high spending) customers they just lost!

I too was swapping from the gone downhill Orange to O2 in June. Not now!!!

Why is the iPlayer a multi million pound disaster?

David Dodwell-Bennett


I've hardly used it at all, largely becuase the interface is just so rubbish.

Given that auntie has given us one of the nets most useful little apps - the radio player, from ewhere I get at least 50% of my media fix - it beggars belief they didn't adopt that same simple uncomplicated approach to the TV interface.

Too much style (and that's being generous) and too little substance.


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