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Nike pulls Air Stab trainers

Bruce Arnott

Whatever happened to...

the steel toecapped, 26 hole Doctor Martin's F&*k You Ups?

Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?

Bruce Arnott

Sold at a loss

From what I remember Nintendo is the only console manufacturer to have ever made any money on hardware sales?

Apple grants Windows PCs the right to run Safari for Windows

Bruce Arnott

Apple Labeled

I've got an Apple label on my PC (Came with my iPod if I remember right) Does this mean I can happily install Safari-so-goodie?

Retailer reveals Wii Laser Sword

Bruce Arnott

Force Unleashed

Was announced and demoed for the Wii a couple of weeks back...complete with Sabre Duels and ffrrrruuummmmfffrrruuuummmm noises from the Wiimote.

Star Wars Lego no more....http://www.lucasarts.com/company/release/news20070918a.html

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