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World's first electric jet ski surfaces


Isn't that a ...

Looks like a jet bike to me. Jet skis are the one's that drag you around / stand up on I thought.

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond


Who does Larry refer to?

Why, Larry Hagman of course. aka JR from Dallas and also, incidentally, inventor of the semi-colon.

Pig plague 2.0: Can't spell 'pandemic' without 'panic'

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For the sensible voice of reason. I thought the (other) media were told off for scare mongering over bird flu? Seems they haven't learnt their lesson.

Meanwhile, back at Whitehall bad news is being buried....

Phorm director advises UK.gov broadband minister


Nice article

Thanks for giving us the lowdown on what appears to be some very shady people. Shirley they won't get away with it?

Brussels to sue UK over Phorm failures

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Glad to see more bad press about this repugnant technology. I was fearing they were on an upward curve after seeing this :


Nice to see them redefine 'trawl' to meet their evil needs.

Police ad urges: 'Trust no one'


Heard the ad in Swindon too

Though I think that was because Heart just took over our local station.

Heart FM sort out your ad targetting please! We don't want none of tha' there London nannying down 'ere ta!

BBC botnet investigation turns hacks into hackers


Saw this this morning

I was quite astonished to see the BBC's excuse for its intrusion into 22000 (!!) computers. I wonder if Gary McKinnon would agree.

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire



Pig Town has always been a road traffic experiment. Magic Roundabout (which works really well actually), bus lanes, roundabouts, traffic lights ON roundabouts (never figured this out).

Nice to see it at the forefront still. Hopefully other councils will follow.

Blighty's Museum of Computing forced to go mobile

Dead Vulture


Having the dubious privilege of stemming from and working in Swinetown, I'd say they've got their work cut out. All the big buildings appear to be steadily turning into apartment blocks or knocked down then turned into themed chav-mungus pubs.

Why's it based in Swindon anyway? If it was important, surely Bletchley would be the place? Not some 2nd rate arse end of nowhere 'big town' who has to borrow University names from 'neighbouring' cities.

Big Climate's strange 'science'



Climate science? Could this possibly be the same as meteorology? Which, judging by Bill Giles, has been around for a while. The climate models used in this field have been developed over a a number of decades. The reason for their inaccuracies are mainly down to the sheer amount of data needed and those ruddy butterflies in the Brazilian rain forest.

Either way, I agree with your point that climate change bandwagoning is simply a self interest situation and the statistics being produced are merely fear oriented. Fingers crossed someone will try and silence the idiots at the helm... oh, did someone already try that?

Senior officials now in frame for HMRC data fiasco



"That's why we don't like seeing work off-shored. It raises all kinds of security issues about sensitive data and the worry is that it could get into the wrong hands."

I may be from 'daan saf' but Tyne and Wear is hardly off shore!

Anyone else think the 'unions' are just using this to bolster their own self importance?


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