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Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

Sam Green

Mostly agree

Agree, but only about Applets, and the quality of your average graduate.

Disagree with AC above "Reinventing the wheel". Actually, that's C and C++ devs who are paranoid of using APIs (rightly so, no-one wants to core).

Disagree with the sentiment in general about Java. It's mature, it's fast, it has excellent APIs and I've worked on many a scalable, stable, ultra low-latency and high throughput algo trading system built on it.

Mighty trash-bag balloon cluster soars above Nevada

Sam Green
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That's pretty awesome. Are you supposed to inform air traffic control or anything if doing this in the UK?

A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work

Sam Green
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"Young and pretty, 'shows huge promise'"

Coffee-keyboard interaction. I blame excellently poor taste lurking on the front page

2016 bug hits Windows phones

Sam Green
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Any ideas how?

Obviously there's some common dodgy code lurking about creating this problem, but I can't for the life of me figure out how you'd go about coding something that copes with dates up to 2010, but gives 2016 for 2010.

I imagine finding this in the code:

if (year > 2009) {

year = 2016; // Lolz!!!11 Jokezorz


Write haiku, win home server

Sam Green

My attempt

Samba is flaky

Home Server makes Jesus cry

I'm off to the pub

Boffins build Flash-like chip from graphite

Sam Green
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"the same material used to put lead in your pencil"

All those nice people sending me emails about c1alis and v1agra will be enhappied with this news.

Met hires Twitter consultancy

Sam Green
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"Answer the social phone!"

Invoice for one new keyboard making it's way to 6 Consulting.

O2 saunters into laptop market

Sam Green

Re: Bring back the laptot!

Here here!

I thought we decided on this many moons ago?! I'd make a facebook group about this very thing, but unfortunately I start screaming and p***ing blood every time I go near the unholy device.

Obama's rainbow stealth aircraft uncloaks over Virginia

Sam Green
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I have soiled myself mirth-wise.

Intel to present 32nm chip while AMD shows off 22nm part

Sam Green
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Re: Using...

That's: Small (Extremely) Men to you and I.

Bioshock sequel teaser trailer now showing

Sam Green
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Re: I hate Mondays

Popular-brand cola product ALL over my keyboard. Thanks.

Commentard completely loses the plot

Sam Green
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"Spunk bubble"

Phenomenal. Just, phenomenal.

SCCs, MIDs to achieve laptop-matching sales by 2013

Sam Green

Again, it's actually...

laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot laptot.

Scrap PCs smuggled, dumped in Africa, China

Sam Green


"often by children who disassemble the equipment – then stripped down and incinerated in the open air"

Those poor children

Netbooks and Mini-Laptops

Sam Green
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Utterly splendid

I don't know if you were the fire to compile such a matrix, but it's certainly the first I've seen.

Hats off to you, very useful. It's otherwise very difficult to digest the range of laptots in the market.

Keep this up to date and republish it often wouldja? I'd be forever endebted

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

Sam Green
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Cracking use of 'beezer' there Lewis.

A PS3 price reduction? You must be kidding!

Sam Green


"which retails for around £200 (€134/£107)"

That broke my head. I need an emergency trip to the pub, and quick.

Google waves Occam's Razor at web coders

Sam Green

Re: Yes, but

Just remember, it's still not as bad a Slashdot. *shudder*

So how will the new US prez handle IT issues?

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If enough of us talk...

... I can slip out the back and head off to the Kings Arms. It is Friday after all (Isn't it?)

Nvidia paid the right amount for 3dfx, court affirms

Sam Green

Gaw' blimey

I can still hear the 'kerKLUNK' of my Voodoo 1 3D add-on card kicking in. I swear the lights dimmed as well.

BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy

Sam Green
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Brings a nostalgic tear to my aging eye...


When you achieved it, your status was '- - - E L I T E - - -'


Security can come cheaply

Sam Green
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" SCWRStock error '800a0006'


/catalog/browse.asp, line 32 "

Either I've successfully hacked the mainframe, or the links for those books (or whatever lies at the other end) are shagged.

Asus Eee PC gives Sony the willies

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Re: rootkit?

... and her front!

*Mine's the one with drool down the front*

How HMRC gave away the UK's national identity

Sam Green

They're right...

"The banking industry would like to reassure its customers that sort code and bank account, national insurance number, date of birth, name and address details are not enough in themselves for an ID fraudster to access your bank account"

It's true. You have to actively pick up the phone and then SAY those bits of information to the person at the other end with your MOUTH.

Then and only then can the fraud be committed.

What's Auntie for, exactly?

Sam Green
Dead Vulture

Ah yes

"the abduction of Madeleine McCann"

Umm, I hate to point out that even 'abduction' belies an assumption as nothing is yet proven. 'disappearance' could perhaps be a better word.

Could it be that you're using the word 'abduction' to make your point hard-hitting? :)

Damned journalists.

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