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Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs almost 3:1 in Europe

Ben Bufton

Pssst... here's a secret:

... Blu-ray has already won the battle, HD DVD just doesn't know it yet.

And here's another:

Downloads has already won the war, Blu-ray just doesn't know it yet.

Shame - Blu-ray is awesome (and anybody who says those extra 20Gb doesn't make a difference hasn't seen Pirates 2 at 1080p).


iPhone to get 3G in May 2008

Ben Bufton

I like this comments thread...

... there's actually a lot of common sense here (mainly of the "buy and enjoy" or "don't buy but respect other peoples views and decisions" variety).

Wouldn't it be nice if we could make all these comment sections genuine discussion areas (like - do we agree with the 3G/battery-life decisions that Apple made with the iPhone was the right choice?) rather than slagging sessions.

To all you balanced and well considered writers above - thank you.


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