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Boffins report lightning on Venus, our non-identical twin

Nick Barker
Black Helicopters

@ Mark Johnson

Before Flaming folk... you should get at least one of your facts straight...

aeroplane = British spelling

airplane = American Spelling.

Either way.. Spleen was right...

BBC HD channel gets green light

Nick Barker

I want to feel that HD love inside me (Eyes man, EYES)

My grandad said something like what im reading about 50 years ago, saying that why move from black and white. Color doesnt look any better.

In all the ages we have seen progression from one phase of technology to a newer phase. Those that dont want to progress with the times dont have to, you can stay with std Def telly's and your am radio. I for one am all but set shy the providor. I refuse to pay sky hd prices just yet. But highdef movies from a pc at 1080i? blow yer god damn sox off.

CM, if the BEEC have produced another worthless channel for the albanians, least its not a High Deff one that they get for free with the state benefits and mobile phone top up's.

Have a nice day!!!


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