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Google chief: Only miscreants worry about net privacy

Paris Hilton

Where will it end...?

First your 'logged in' search results,then emails followed quickly by documents and the calendar of your life.

Now the m'fers want your DNS lookups, all your web searches and to top it off, your voice mails.

I boycotted my day to day use of Google multiple months ago and went to what used to be the Sith Lord's empire - however the MS today seems to be a much tamer beast than yesteryear - and I'm really liking Bing.

Screw Google and screw the horse they rode in on.

/Paris because Schmidt's about as clueless as she is.

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint

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In defence of...

...M$ why shouldn't they be allowed to wack IE on the PC with nowt else? After all many parts of M$ Omniverse use the IE engine internally.

I work for a MS Gold Partner in the US - in fact we're so tied to the hip with MS it's unreal - however I was the first to tell them at a meeting that I was a happy Firefox user and there was no way on grud's green planet I was gonna become an IE groupie.

As other folk have so rightly put it, no-ones holding a gun to anyones head - and if the situation is so fricken' dire then how come Firefox et al are increasing market share year by year.

I could kinda sorta see peoples annoyances in years gone by (the days of dial up and US Robotic 56K modems) that to d/l a new browser would be a day long exercise in '5 bytes to go then "connection lost"' futility, but given the large # of peeps who have some level of Broadband is this really so much of an issue?

Or is the real problem that Opera are fighting a losing battle and are worried about becoming the Lib Dem's to the MS/Mozilla (I'll let you gentle reader pick the appropriate party affiliation here) Labour & Tory party's? (I suppose that puts Safari as the Green Party, nes-pas?)

Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill

Paris Hilton


It depends on the carrier; tethering is considered by and large a big no-no and many of the telco's like to slap you down hard (e.g. Verizon Wireless); however it's a good unwritten rule that if you tether lightly (IMAP emails would be a classic example) then you can fly under the bandwidth radar (many would argue you can get away with more so mileage will vary).

Not so this schmuko - if he honestly thought that his monthly $10 Canadian gave him unlimited access then he deserves the large bill he got. When I signed up with VW I was very careful to research exactly what my five bucks a month gave me (answer: Sweet FA)

Welcome to the 21st century where everything costs and a thought process based off "caveat empor" was never so bloody valuable.

Sure he's not related to Paris H?

Camelot pulls scratchcard amid numerical anarchy

Dead Vulture

History repeats itself

Blackadder: "I have two beans, then I add two more beans. What does that make?"

Baldrick: "A very small casserole."

'nuff said.

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