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Amazon: 'iPad LCD tablets no threat to Kindle'


What about other tablets

I am looking at buying a Kindle these days, but I have been tempted by Android tablets, such as the Archos 7 and the newer 70.

At less that 200 Euros for the 7 and around 250 for the 70 (both flash based not HDD), it's as much as Amazon wants to charge me for buying and shipping Kindle 3G plus case to my country (Cyprus). Locally it's almost double that, I saw it at a retailer for around 370 Euros.

Since I can already manage reading books on my N900 (need some more real estate though), the tablet is the obvious choice.

My problem as with all gadgets these days is battery life.

Dear boffins, when can I finally have my nanotech-quantum-juice that lasts for years on a charge?

BlackBerry Storm 2 spotted in wild



On the device's back photo without the battery, you can clearly see a MAC plus redacted code on the sticker, so i guess it will most definetely have Wifi unless specs from test unit are changed.

'Louis Vuitton'-edition 'Moto Aura' launched


13 lacpixel camera

Interestingly this little thingy sports a 13 lacpixel camera for "support to shoot video with sound, the time depends on storage".

Hmm, interesting, so this is the next big thing in digital photography then. Can't wait for Canon, Nikon et al to move their a@@@s to make lacpixel cameras, can't let a cheap chinese knock off beat them to it.

Remembering the IBM PC


User friendly

Don't know if anyone bothered to read the microsoft ad in the article but at some point it says "And MS-DOS' descriptive error messages make it a user friendly OS".

Don't know about that but I guess that's why they later went for the BSOD, that's their marketing tool for user friendliness.

Windows random number generator is so not random


Hardware RNG

I thought all modern cpu's (PIII and on) have hardware RNG built in.

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