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Who wants a ROBO-BUTLER? Google and pals do – and they've just put $2m towards it

Adrian Lidington


More spies snooping for Google...how dull.

Lawyers of Mordor retreat from The Hobbit

Adrian Lidington

Not just the images, they didn't like the term" hobbit", either. Read the letter.

The term "hobbit" is found in the nineteenth century, Denham Tracts. It predates Tolkein. SZC have no rights to that name as far as I can see.

PETA riled by Mario's raccoon skin suit

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BioWare Baldur's Gate

Adrian Lidington
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Three words...

Big Metal Unit :D (If you have no idea what I'm on about, you need more pantaloons! )

AMD spills secret to World Record clock speed

Adrian Lidington

@ Eddy Ito

Heh. I don't think anyone has ever worked on a bread based cooling system...

Electric cars not as 'green' as advertised

Adrian Lidington

"- emits 108g/kg."

So the diesel Bluemotion is *actually* powered by some 90-ish% matter-antimatter reaction? :P

IBM super cleared for trivia showdown with humanity

Adrian Lidington


"They're" not "Their". That is all.

Gov.uk to grant £5k to e-car buyers

Adrian Lidington

Can anyone tell me...

How long does one of these things (electric cars) hold its charge for? I use my car occasionally. If I fill up with fuel, drive it, leave it and then come back later (maybe a week) I can pretty much expect that all the fuel I didn't use to still be there. If I were to charge my electric car and do the same, how much would have leaked away? Maybe not much when new, but after four or maybe five years? I can see a point where I'd be having to charge every night, just to keep it topped up ready for use. In the short term how is that better for the environment, considering the source of all the electricity is fossil fuel?In the long run, how is that better for me when green electricity becomes more abundanyt, as current projections have it pegged as significantly more expensive.

WTF is... up with e-book pricing?

Adrian Lidington

And there's always...

I totally understand technical and reference books being on an e-reader. Love the idea of having a searchable library. However, when it comes to novels, I like having a physical book. I like the cover art, and in the case of my graphic novels, I like the printed story. Some of them come with fold-out mini posters. And some that I own are signed by the author, which personally I love. I own Neil Gaiman's Absolute Editions of the The Sandman, and I will *never* swap them for a poxy e-book; because simply put, they are just awesomely cool as objet d'art.

The last point I'll make, (as so many of the other ones have been covered already) is that it seems I'm the only one who likes to hold a book, like a book i.e. in two hands so I can see two pages at once. I want an e-reader that is clam-shell in style, if only so that when I close it, the two screens are protected. Am I really alone in wanting this?

Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life

Adrian Lidington

"Wala!" ????

WTF? It's "Voila!". As in, "There it is!". 'Tard. *

*Unless it's a deliberate malapropism.

iPhone upgrades - a one-way control-freak street

Adrian Lidington
Jobs Horns

If software makers were like spanners...

One of the most fundamental things to do in a regression suite, is an upgrade-downgrade test.

This whole thing just makes the analogy I put to a friend, all the more pertinent. (Just for the record I have no affiliation, or love for that matter, for anyone in the OS world)

If software makers were like spanners...

MS would give you a set of Imperial and Metric spanners. GNU/Linux would give you a full suite of adjustable spanners. Apple however, would sell you one spanner (because of course, "There's only one type of nut."); but you could have the spanner in one of a range of pretty colours.

Replace Bulldog gridiron mascot with robot, PETA demands

Adrian Lidington

Hold the phone.

"*This is we-shall-mostly-be-bonking-into-each-other-and-grunting American-style football"

What? Oh of course. You mean "Put-on-forty-pounds-kevlar-armour-to-play-what-is-essentially-English-rugby, American style football"

NZ woman sacked for SHOUTY EMAILS

Adrian Lidington


Just as "must be able to use a computer" and "must be able to write coherently" and "must be able to breath, not through mouth" should be but never are.

Must be able to breath. There is no verb "to breath". Breathe damn it!

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

Adrian Lidington

@ "The problem with socialists and their misunderstanding of history"

OK I'll bite.

"Americans spent a half century shedding their money & blood because of European love for Socialism:"

Fact:- America was pretty much the only country to make a profit from WWII. It only bothered to step in and help the UK, when the UK was bankrupt and part of the condition was that the UK broke up the Empire (which in itself, I concede, is probably not a bad thing) because it didn't like an island nation wielding quite so much power and influence. You even allowed the Nazi party in the form of the German-American Bund, which did in fact promote Socialism. So (just for a change) collectively, you aren't quite so clean and shiny, as you'd have the rest of us believe.

Furthermore your comment about "fighting against socialism"; it wasn't out of the "Goodness" of your collective hearts. As always, it was out monetary, self-interest. Like politicians, you only do good by accident, (or if it furthers your own agenda)

Hindus take divine mace to Sony Playstation

Adrian Lidington


Greed eh? Ask ignorant retard about the Hindu caste system. A system which has effectively created and underclass of slaves. Bigot.

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games

Adrian Lidington

Timothy ....

So games are to have an evil rating? Well let us not stop there. Perhaps we should explore the notion of perpetrators of evil and who the biggest cuplrits of all time are...

Hmmm *ponders* Oh yes. That's it . Organised religion in all it s "glory".

Computer games depict virtual people killing virtual things/people or breaking stuff.

Organised religion has actual people, killing people. Throughout history you and believers like you have a *mountain* range of bodies to answer for.

Which of those two is worse.

Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)

Adrian Lidington


Why does no one sell non-DRM'd FLAC files? If you listen to MP3's on decent Hi-Fi gear it shows it up badly. I want an electronic format, that's as good as my CD's, damnit.

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of in-game ads analysts

Adrian Lidington


"Will anyone even notice?"

Call me paranoid but, maybe that's their idea. You are so engrossed in the game that the ads affect you in a subliminal way i.e. processed by your subconscious with no higher brain processing.

Especially as the ads are dynamic. Static ads you will filter after the first few times you encounter them. If ads are refreshed in-game then you will notice the change.

I am pretty keen gamer. I already pay these companies for their product. I neither want them to pipe me ads nor (and I'm looking at EA here) monitor "anonymously" my web activity.

Video games blamed for England Euro flop

Adrian Lidington

I think it's great we get knocked out

....then I don't have to hear about football in the media, or our thugs starting trouble. Why is how well we do as nation at football, cited as an indicator for the mood of the nation.

Very few of the people I know care about the sport, and regard the salaries as grotesque. That and the fact it seems to suck the money and therefore life out of every other sport.

Charlie Sheen in upside-down iPhone outrage

Adrian Lidington

Can we also avoid people who use...

"viola" when they mean "voilà". - Unless it's used as a malapropism, to take the piss out of people who use the former. Or unless they really do mean the middle voice of the violin family.

"loose" instead of "lose". - "You're a looser" being a pet hate of mine. Unless they possibly mean, using bastardised grammar, the person who lets loose hounds, or maybe catapults.

"then" when they mean "than", or vice versa. - The seemingly interchangable nature of these two, is becoming something of an epidemic. Do people really have no clue as to the idea of past, present and future? Adverbs or conjunctions?

Thesp? - I've never been to Thespia, but I've heard they're all lovely. :)

Drink rats' milk, suggests battling Heather Mills

Adrian Lidington

How about..

the vacuous self promoting tart STFU. If she and all the other vociferous gobshite vegetarians want to address climate change, they should be lobbying for population control, not telling people how to live.

A reduction in the number of people would go *alot* further to helping the environment.

Americans clueless on NASA budgets

Adrian Lidington

@ Bounty

"... Come to think of it, I don't know of a single spaceflight that was based on gasoline.... which means everything they do is based on alternative energy. So, they're probably looking into it."

You are so wrong my friend. The first stage of the mighty Saturn V used RP-1 (alternately, Rocket Propellant-1 or Refined Petroleum-1) which is ultra pure kerosene remarkably similar to aviation fuel.

Brown announces new counter-terror plans

Adrian Lidington

All these anti-terror laws....

I imagine there will be a backlash against Muslims for these changes to our laws.

Man on Street:- "I don't see why my taxes should have to go up to pay for security to protect me from "your lot". How about we just get rid of "your lot". Who's with me?"

And so it came to pass that the BNP got in to power...

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'

Adrian Lidington

Let people do things that kill them.

The last thing this country (and this planet) needs is anymore bloody people.

Home Office minister invites DNA database debate

Adrian Lidington

The DNA database needs to be removed...

I'm reasonably certain that the Reg did an article on a paper that a couple of Chinese students submitted to their university, about how biological agents could be engineered to target specific traits in a genome.

Given the Chinese governents resources and propensity to hack whatever it feels like, having your entire population's DNA in one database just seems like an astonishingly bad idea.

Student suspended in gun rights email row

Adrian Lidington

Guns don't kill people...

but they sure do help...

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

Adrian Lidington


Carbon dioxide may or may not make the planet retain heat. However, all of the automobiles, planes, trains and power stations burn predominantly fossil fuels. All heat engines generate lots of waste heat energy which goes in to the biggest heatsink of all, the environment.

If you could accurately ascertain the total volume of fossil fuel burned, you could make a reasonable calculation as to the calorific energy released. From this, certainly in car engines, only between 30-40% does actual work. You get a bit of sound energy and lots of wasted heat energy. Maybe 50%. Heat engines, by definintion, create heat.

CO2 aside, humans use more and more fossil fuels year on year, the waste heat from which goes in to the planet. Why are we surprised its getting warmer?

Church slams cathedral gun battle game's Bafta nomination

Adrian Lidington

No sympathy for the Church...

So fictional works depicted in a cathedral are sacriligious?

Where do they stand on actual atrocities perpetrated by the Church against other faiths where their paladins killed actual real people?

STFU you bigots.

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

Adrian Lidington

@ amanfromMars


Some of your stuff almost reads like Haiku, but is in fact nonsense. :)

Symantec accidentally warns of internet meltdown

Adrian Lidington


My initial comment was leveled at Symantec, not El Reg. My bad for not making it clearer.

Adrian Lidington

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Defcon 1 - All out nuclear war

Defcon 5 - World Peace

Please do some research.

Top judge: put everyone in UK on the DNA database

Adrian Lidington

Four words for you.

Tetragametic chimerism. Lidyia Fairchild.

Moller touts flying-saucer hovercar, again

Adrian Lidington

Flying cars.....

Because human beings can't quite waste *enough* energy hauling their fat carcasses around already.

NSA surveillance and the dream police

Adrian Lidington

There is one sure fire way to bring down a Government...........

Governments only survive because people work. Stop working and then they have to take notice. If people really didn't want a government in power, stockpile enough food and water for a month or two hand in your notice and then take a month off. When nobody turns up at the stock exchange, banks, car plants, power stations, newspapers or docks. See how they react. Of course people in hospitals will die and those who need care, but it depends how badly society wants to be rid of a facist dictatorship. You also have to be prepared that you yourself might die too if said government turns the military upon it own citizens. However, if the military kill large numbers of people then said goverment has still lost as it cannot recover and will be humiliated amongst it peers throughout the world. Or will get invaded as it may be too weak to defend itself.

Without workers governments are nothing. A fact which most people who assume office these days seem to have conveniently forgotten.

Men jailed for inciting terrorism on the internet

Adrian Lidington

The man is a fool

He'd better call for vehicles that carry propane or acetylene cylinders to stop being *labeled* as "explosive" then.

Half a million kids' DNA on UK police database

Adrian Lidington

Why is this a problem ? - One word, GATTACA

Dystopian future where every individual's genes are known? No thanks. Once the information hits the public domain (and it will) or is snooped by or made available to companies; your job prospects, insurance premiums, housing, partner prospects are all likely to be affected. Once you artificially create a demand by telling people what genes will get them the lowest insurance premiums, you create a bioscience industry where people will want to be able to have their genes manipulated. Of course only the rich will able to buy the "Right" / "Best" genes for their offspring (as there'll be genes available for everyone's pocket book) thereby making their offspring more successful and so the cycle continues. Tailor made people. Do you really want to pursue that?

Because that's what will happen if you start to hold people accountable for their genes. If there are genes identified that show an individual to have a better than average chance of being slightly more aggressive, will you allow that gene to be pruned from their DNA at conception, or do you allow them to keep it and simply monitor them throughout their adult life, or "treat" them with drugs. Do you really want the state to identify what the "Right" genes are, and dictate what sort of child you can have? Or give them the ability to predict how you are likely to behave and tax you accordingly? Or let them know how you are likely to die?

'It'll be ugly when half the software industry goes away' - pundit

Adrian Lidington


I was having this very discussion a couple of days ago with some colleagues. Assuming the applications run remotely, where are my corporate documents, databases, commercially sensistive sales information, personnel details and e-mails going to be held exactly? If not locally then remotely right? So if one of these proposed almighty software as a service server/datacentres gets hit by for example, a bomb or suffers a sustained power outage, then does that mean that a great swathe of the businesses in an area or city cease trading? An who exactly will "own" the data on this remote hardware? What happens if you miss a bill or there is payment hiccup? Will they then have the right to delete your data? What happens if you want your data transferred to another provider of a "software service", will they promise/actually delete what they have? If your business is in competition with one of these major software service players how do you trust them not to go snooping around your data? If they did would you ever know? And if the data is held on foreign soil, how do you stop nosey bastard government officials doing the same?

Quite frankly, and I'm sure I'm not alone here, I don't trust anyone to have my businesses best interests at heart except me. Simply handing over the provebial keys of my house to complete strangers, fills me with dread.

Engineers write defence against aliens manual

Adrian Lidington

They'd bother because the human race is (currently) vermin.

If there were a spacefaring species, it'd be safer and easier to wipe humans out now; rather than to let them get sufficiently advanced enough to trundle about the galaxies stuffing up other planets, in the way they've stuffed up their own.

Adrian Lidington

Asteroids.....hardly nifty

Larry Niven et al had it covered with "Footfall". Nifty alien weapons not really required; just keep slamming asteroids into the Earth from the Kuiper Belt. That should keep those puny humans quiet.

Electric cars may not be solution to all world problems

Adrian Lidington

All electricity comes from somewhere....

Simply using electricity doesn't actually help that much. All that happens is that carbon emissions are shunted back to fossil fuel power stations. These are still the prime sources of energy in the UK, and most of known civilisation. Furthermore high efficiency electric motors tend to use the most powerful permanent magnets they can. The best of which use the rare earth metal neodymium, which is costly to refine.

So therefore would someone please tell me how a Toyota Prius, assembled in the far east, shipped half way around the globe, utilising a difficult to extract rare metals and using electricity as power source (one that at point of consumption i.e. the wall socket is only a few percent efficient after generation and electrical transmission loss) is better for the environment, because I'd really love to know.

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