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McAfee snaps up Secure Computing



Will be interesting to see the distribution fallout from this one. McAfee have 5 distributors and SecureComputing have only just recently dropped Bell (one of McAfee's distributors) in favour of a sole distribution contract with Sphinx. Sphinx must be pretty miffed. I wonder what the resellers think?

Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast

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Blu-Ray still too expensive!!

Yes, I can see myself picking up a decent £200 BR player by Xmas, but not if the BR-DVD's are still £15-20! Upscaling DVD's is more than satisfactory. When the price point hits an average of £10-12, then I'll be swapping to BR full time. Until then .....

HMRC appoints 37 data guardians


It's not about people, it's about processes.

...and about common sense. What's this person going to do exactly?

"Excuse me", say's office minion to new data guardian "can I please send this unencrypted, passwordless files containing the social security numbers of great britain's population in the post please?!"

"No" say's data guardian.

End of story.

These HMRC folk and all the others need to have a real hard look at their DLP strategy and implement the systems and processes in technology (and people to a certain extent, but not 37 of them!) to prevent this kind of thing happening. Has no one heard of SFTP or encrypted mail. It's not hard, you cannot really on humans not to make errors so you need the right technology to support them.

Sony ships 11in OLED TV in the US


That's not THAT expensive

As long as it deliverys on what it say's it does.....

7 years ago, folks were paying £6/7k on 40" plasmas, and I knew people who bought them. In a few short years, the price will come down to sub £1k for a decent sized screen and let's face it, it's so thin you aren't going to NEED a 50" version for the sitting room are you, it'll find more niche allplications early on it the bedroom and kitchen for example where you don't need big screen sizes.

Tumbleweeds outnumber punters, as iPhone's First Night flops

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iphone - stunning concept, poor execution

I saw a cracked one before the launch. 4 months before actually. was a really interesting gadget, it even made voice calls too.

trouble is there's no 3G (duhhhh errrr?!), the camera has no flash, the battery is integrated, it's remarkably expensive to own with an O2 contract.

However, besides all product stuff we can list other failures - they used O2 exclusively, the launched in the UK at least 3 months too late, they over stocked, they believed their own hype.

Everyone I know wants/owns atleast 1 ipod, no-one I know wants (cannot be bothered about) an iPhone.

Shame, could have been something special. Looking forward to version 2, to see what they've learned.

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