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Musos demand Guantanamo Bay playlist


@Ken Hagan

That was Bon Jovi, last track from their second album 7800 fahrenheit, relased in 1985. The following year they had their brakthrough with the slippery when wet album was released.

As all good poodle rockers they had to include that one slow track for the late night dancing.

US judge rejects lawsuit against God

Paris Hilton


(Personally I'd love to see OT God vs NT God...that'd be fun!)

We all know the difference between the OT God and the NT God, it is even written out in the beginning of NT, see for instance Matt 1,18, and Luke 1,35:

It's the same lad, the only difference is that He got laid!

Paris, well she surely knows about divine experiences too

Home Secretary in ID card gaffe


secure cards

While I find the idea of a national database with "off-line" user authentication containing fingerprints, DNA genome info, and criminal records, about airport workers and juveniles a somewhat alien concept, there are a couple of solutions to the common place use I haven't seen mentioned here.

The most important being a PIN code on the card itself, allowing the card being used as a common bank card. With private forces invited in on this, a link between the card and your bank account is probably to likely. That would make the card an replacement for current banking cards, and with all in one place you would of course don't have to carry that many cards around.

(Being totally screwed the day your purse/wallet is stolen is of course not considered, nor the question of this being accepted by international banks, instead of their favorite noble metal coloured ones. )

This two-factor combination would also alleviate the " a card with a fingerprint being authenticated towards the base is only a card authenticating" argument.

If this is a novel thought to the powers that be, we can only hope and assume they don't read the reg.

The authentication scheme would then be dependent upon several factors, ranging from the card being in your possession, your picture being on the card, you having the PIN for the card, your signature being on the card, your finger print, iris scan, and DNA match being there.

Authorization would be a result of the level of authentication, communicated by pigeon (see RFC 1149, or 2249) as communication protocol to avoid buying expensive secure digital lines.

A digital hash of the DNA would even ensure uniqueness, and make it impossible to register several cards.

What can I say, sounds brilliant to me, after a few pints, let me hasten to add that..

The only thing that could mess up this would be someone untrustworthy, like the government being in charge of the database.

They could get around that by outsourcing to India or China of course.


Software company seeks 'Senior BJ assistant'

Paris Hilton


Depends, if Paris was involved it would most likely be more like a 6-9 job.

Paris Hilton

reminds me of the old line...

If I blow your mind, will you promise to not think in my mouth.

Paris, well if she blew my mind... what can I say..

Great War diary reveals original Captain Blackadder


@Sceptical bastard

I think you'll find by actually spending 10 seconds looking up _facts_ that Germany was dragged into WW I due to their various alliances, a military buildup in Europe for the past couple of years, and military strategies from several of the involved players based on a rather offensive defense. Claiming they started it is a gross misrepresentation of facts.

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