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Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up

Greg Ayres

Too expensive and too easy to unlock....

Rather than drop prices in European markets and risk further unlocking/exporting, perhaps the best way to stimulate sales would be to offer the first three months free or six months half price on O2. This might even tempt people with a few months left on their current deal and would certainly provide an incentive to activate with O2 rather than unlocking and going on a different network.

Apple to charge $20 for iPod Touch update

Greg Ayres

£13 or £600

I've paid it. It beats the shite out of an 18 month contract @ £35 with O2. So my 16 GB iPod Touch which I've had for a few months has now cost me £282 which still seems a bit cheaper than £899 or whatever it was for an 8GB iPhone. I've saved £600 (although I have signed up for a massive £4 Cloud subscription so I have Wi-Fi everywhere there are more than five people gathered).

Pissed off? Smug more like. Having battled with the idea of an iPhone, I stayed strong and went for the cheaper option. Now if I'd bought an iPhone (or indeed was O2 or AT&T), I really would be pissed off.

Newly-homeless kids get free iPod

Greg Ayres
Jobs Horns

I just wonder...

if the reason Apple weren't so keen to publicise what they've done is that there might be some pressure on them to do things like this for other kids in the world (yes, even outside California) for whom something worse than having to move into a temporary large house in a rich area rather than their usual larger house in a rich area.

Offhand I struggle to think of any kids who may have had a worse experience than that. Perhaps watching your entire village being raped and pillaged might be slightly worse. Or indeed being sent to work in a factory in China making western MP3 playing devices.

Best Buy sells 'last Wii' twice

Greg Ayres
Paris Hilton

Bank This Thought

It may be a good way of selling your own Wii after Christmas when you've realised that with the possible exception of Zelda, none of the games are of any real interest to anyone with an attention span of an average human.

If the Wii was a person, it would be Paris Hilton.

Before anyone starts the "I bet you've never played one" routine, I was indeed one of the lemmings desperately trying to get one the last time stock was a problem. I've never been so disappointed by anything.

People say the PS3 is expensive for £300, but at least you'll actually still be using it in a few months' time. It even has state of the art functions the Wii hasn't, like a DVD player.

15 years ago: the first mass-produced GSM phone

Greg Ayres

@ Mahoney

I think that sounds like the Nokia 1610. I sold phones at the time and someone had tried to nick one of these off one of our customers. He simply battered the bloke with it.

I don't think the iPhone has quite the same potential as a weapon!


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