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Can a corpse burp?

RD Lawrence

Can A Corpse Burp?

Dear Stephen Juan;

Can a corpse burp? Your right, not in the true sense of a burp. BUT. As a pilot I have flown many corpses around the country using small single or twin engine non-pressurized aircraft. The usual procedure is to remove the right front seat and lay the corpse on the floor then use the seat belts to secure the body. Well as you know, as the aircraft rises in the sky, so goes the pressure in the body.

I have had corpses "burp", "fart", "moan" and even go so far as to sit up. That’s an attention getter for the novice along for the ride. Had there been a parachute on board, he no doubt would have jumped. The question "Can a Corpse Burp" brought back some funny memories. Feel free to reprint this if you like.

RD Lawrence




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