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Public cloud will grow when experienced IT folks DIE

Bryan Jones

Internet Cloud Connectivity

The average company connecting to cloud services is doing it over their standard Internet connection without dedicated leased lines etc direct to their cloud providers. If there is a big outage on the Internet, however localised, a lot of companies are going to be a lot of thinking about resiliant access to the Internet and hence accessing the cloud services whereas most have been worried about uptime of the cloud services themselves.

50 years in SPAAAAACE: Telstar celebrates half-century since launch

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Re: Echo and SCORE (Needles in space)

Crazy but true as an early communications relay idea


Server virtualisation is not enough

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IT Angle

Cars don't travel on Eurostar

Well they don't ...

Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system

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Thumb Up

Who could forget

Go get a left handed shovel

Get some glass nails

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt

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People in authority thinking they know about fires - a long history

Sir Thomas Bloodworth was unimpressed to be woken one night to inspect a fire. "A woman could pi** it out" was his comment on the situation at hand.

Little did he know how imortal his words would become given that

1. He was Lord Mayor of London

2. He was looking at Pudding Lane

3. It was 1666

4. Samuel Pepys was writing a diary

MIT sues architect for crap computing-dept campus

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Paris Hilton

Barcelona/Bilbao there all in Portugal aren't they?

I think The Guggenheim Museum you're referring to is in Bilbao, northern Spain rather than Barcelona.

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