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Mac lambs line up for slaughter



Despite some issues with first products, my experiece and esp. when watching releases is that when people have hardware issues, they're usually given a brand new machine.

For instance, my buddy, seeing the improvements to the iPhone interface, flashed his phone with the update (un-jailbreaking it) and saw the his vibrate mode still didn't work anymore. Upon taking it to the local Apple store, they gave him a brand-spanking new one, even though he had his since 2 weeks after the launch.

Software updates for problems that arise come out QUICK, especially recently. Bash the products all you want, but I have yet to see anything better in customer support, not to mention interface and software.

Apple keeps critical security fixes to itself



The so-called "malicious code vulnerabilities" would only crash the app on a Mac. Sorry, bub, but Symantec is just another security fear-monger, nothing people need to take seriously.

I bet your site got hits for this, though, so el Reg gets some revenue.

Mac OS X firewall blocks Skype and online gamers



World of Warcraft worked perfectly the first time I started it up in Leopard.

However, this may be do to the fact I had the blue screen problem after install, and had to manually transfer all of my accounts, apps, preferences, and everything else the install should have done automatically.

Enabling the firewall for WoW isn't hard anyway, so most people who actually use it should have no problem figuring out the problem from WoW error messages and simply turn on the right port. I believe which is stated in the original documentation.

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