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Fat or thin: an insider's view on Java's destiny

J Walker

Make Mine Regular PHP

My first computer language was OS1100 assembler language. I went through Fortran, Basic, COBOL, BAL, APL, . . . . , Query languages, Visual Basic, XML, XSLT, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Object-oriented, compiler and interpreter languages. Mainframes, Minis, mainframes that looked like minis, PCs and the Internet. Joomla, Drupal, Zend Framework, Ruby on Rails, ASPX.

XML is occasionally useful for EDI. My development environment has become HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP (non-OOP). It's been that way for some time now. Nothing else lets me get the job done faster. I'm not sure why I would need anything else?


Navisite scrambles to restore web hosting service

J Walker

Blog Concerning OneWorldHosting Problem

I started a blog concerning OneWorldHosting. It is one of the companies affected by this move. I have no idea whether the number 200,000 is correct for the total accounts affected. However, I would say that potentially 18,000 visitors have been affected by not being able to go to the Aviongoo website (http://www.aviongoo.com) alone over the weekend.

And, Aviongoo is still being negatively affected due to inconsistent email. There is also a mysterious problem that cropped up with another vendor. Does anyone know whether BYETHOST is also affected by the Navisite problems?



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