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Swindon twins with Walt Disney World



Seriously? There will actually be a sign outside Disney World that says "Twinned with Swindon"...? WTF?

Expedition to probe cavern lake 3km beneath Antarctic ice



...Shoggoths are the biggest worry here.

'Water bears' survive in outer space


Re: I have to wonder

Presumably the point was to prove that life could have potentially survived and interstellar journey on a comet or other space debris.

I was interested to hear that they’ve done this as an experiment, as I seem to remember one of my university lecturers talking about water bears and how he thought they could potentially survive in space, and that was several years ago now. Looks like he was right, although I don't believe it was his theory as such; I think it's one that has been 'floating around' for a while now (if you'll excuse the pun). :)

Aussie laser-pointer dazzle attacks on airliners: Bad


A relatively cheap solution.

As a laser technician, a cheap(ish) and quick solution has popped into my head. Issue the pilots with laser safety goggles. Let's see, goggles that block green wavelength ranges *flips through catalogue* Hmmm, ~£100 a pair. Not fantastically cheap, but probably the easiest solution to impliment.

Of course, I know nothing about landing a plane, so if there are some critical green lights that the pilots need to see (either on the ground, or on their control panels), then it's back to the drawing board.

Russian: I killed Buster Crabb in 1956 underwater scrap


Ok. But...

...remind me why MI6 would want to blow up a Russian Cruiser that was docked in Portsmouth harbour? It'd be obvious the Brits did it, and it'd be very difficult to clear-up.

I guess if the mine had a really long timer then it could blow up on the way home, but it would still point the finger at the Brits.

Maybe it was a listening device or something? Just seems odd to me.

German law smites Warhammer fan flick



...the way I understand it is that they did indeed have permission when filming started. Only as a verbal promise though - which obviously isn't worth anything. I can see GW's position, and they're probably right, but I don't think it's fair to say that the Damnatus crew were naive... GW changed there position when the film was nearly complete and the film makers checked again, just to be sure. Presumably GW had read up on German law by then, and so changed their answer to "no".

It's a shame really. I remember seeing a trailer for this a few years back and thinking it looked interesting. The fact that Damnatus wouldn't be released came to light a couple of months ago, and all the GW-related forums lit-up with righteous indignation for a week or two. I'm a little surprised to see this in the mainstream news now...

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