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Roberts WM-201 Wi-Fi internet radio

Matt Morgan


A good wireless router costs $30. A sufficiently good radio, for what I want, at least, probably costs $20. That makes $50, which is what, like ₤20? Is there no hope of getting a low end version of one of these wifi radios?

US, Canada seize fake Cisco goods

Matt Morgan

does it work?

Does it work? If you call Cisco do they support it? I mean, is this "counterfeit" in the sense of "looks and acts like the real thing" or is it just fake and when you get it and turn it on you realize it doesn't work right? I'm not worried as much about network infrastructure if it's the latter.

Nokia develops eco phone concept

Matt Morgan

"Recyclable" means nothing

"Recyclable" is the same thing as "not recycled."

What you need to look for is products made out of post-consumer, recycled material. That actually supports recycling.

Honda to put ultracapacitors on the road in '08

Matt Morgan


The usual problem cited with regular batteries is that they are heavy. So we're going to replace them with vaporware ultracapacitors that at best will store half the energy for the size? Why?

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