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Optus cable routers let anyone change passwords, says tech

Toru Nagisa
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I just contacted Optus and ended up speaking with technical support. The gentleman I spoke with denied the vulnerability existed (or had no knowledge of it), and told me I'd be safe from 'hackers.' Luckily, I haven't yet installed my CG3000v2 - I think it will stay in the box for now.


Toru Nagisa


I'm disappointed to see that a key ingredient is missing. None of the entrants have a hash brown (or similar potato concoction) added to absorb the grease and sauce. It's a pity submissions are over!

DARPA selects 11 robotic grunts to take driver's license test

Toru Nagisa

@California Driving Test?

There's far more then that we'll need to teach the AI! You can't forget the following phrases:

- "Ahh... G'day"

- " 'ows'it goin'?"

- "D'ya do it?"

The last one could be followed by your proposed "phwoaaarrrr." I'm sure it would be able to pass for any driver.

Half-petaflop IBM BlueGene supercomputer plan announced

Toru Nagisa

If I may...

I recommend people go check out Herr Zuse's machines - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z3

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