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Wii broke my ribs, Zelda finished me off

Lee Morse

No really, he did crack a rib…

I am married to this 'chronically inept' Wii owner and I can confirm that he really did crack a rib with what may have been the most enthusiastic (but granted, inept) forehand ever delivered. He has also hit the living room lampshade several times. I am only glad that he doesn’t play real tennis as the damage he could do wielding a racket as a weapon could be much, much worse – even in the great outdoors (I wouldn’t let him play in the house of course)!

News of this ridiculous injury has been shared with the rest of the world in all good humour as his peers have laughed and guffawed and held their own ribs to stop their sides from splitting (metaphorically of course) and riotously taken the Wii out of his injured state. So lighten up people, it’s only a game after all, :)



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