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Pokemon No! Good news: You can now ban the virtual pests, er, pets to stop nerds wandering around your property


Re: No problem

(Has Bob changed his name or are there two shouty idiots on here?)

The style does seem familiar doesn't it?


Re: No problem

He's perhaps also some kind of right-wing pseudo-Christian as well? Or calls himself a Christian at any rate.

Probably expects the Pearly Gates to be draped with placards :





French data watchdog dishes out largest GDPR fine yet: Google ordered to hand over €50m


Re: When will this hit Apple?




Re: Switch to duckduckgo.com

Or use Startpage.com which anonymizes you before submitting the search to Google.

Its sister lxquick.com queries multiple sites.


Re: When will this hit Apple?

Well, now we've seen Blackberry Crumble, we need to replace it with Apple Turnover eh?

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'



"Some of us, however, have a more balanced view."


About Assange? - On these pages?


You forgot the 'Joke' icon.


Re: Is there money involved, and where does it come from/go to?

@Bruce Ordway

"I'd like to live in an embassy too"

I believe the Saudi embassy is very nice at this time of the year?


Double down?

@Jamie Jones

Seems pretty basic to me that if you double something then you increase it or raise it UP, viz the English expression "doubling up"

"Double down" makes no sense IMO and only seems to have appeared recently. Presumably it's an Americanism that's trying to ooze its way in over here.

It should be placed in the 'Rejected' bin, along with 'Gotten', 'Nite Club', 'Donut', etc. - oh, and 'Herb', when pronounced (in English) without the 'H' .

'arry 'oudini sat in the 'erb garden - Yes or No?

(Cockneys kindly ignore)

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream


Re: The Hunt for Bug October

"Excessively thrilling. Will make you loose your files!"

And then perhaps your bowels?

US mobe owners will get presidential text message at 2:18 pm Eastern Time


"You know it's serious government business from the number of acronyms involved."


wdwwt? - NOW!

Big Baboon ain't gibbon up: SAP, HP accused of aping software squirt's e-commerce patent


"Big Baboon ain't gibbon up"


Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm kicks crisis meeting into long grass


Re: You win some and loose some


Oh no you don't!

You win some and LOSE some!

RoboCop-ter: Boffins build drone to pinpoint brutal thugs in crowds


Re: Comments from the Author

@Pascal Monett

"Any idea what the accuracy is at an altitude of 50 meters over a packed football stadium ?"

I think the authorities would probably drop the drone idea when the winning Cup Final goal was scored in the last minute of extra time - and the hovering armed drone slaughtered the whole crowd .

You blithering Ajit! Huawei burns Pai for FCC sh*tlist proposal


@Chris G

"Pai must be getting a good slice of corporate pie when he finishes his current job."


Post-Facebook fallout: Americans envy Europeans' privacy – top EU data watchdog


Camelot and Google - Arise Sir Spyalot - (Here's the keys to the Kingdom!)

Trying to get used to the new NoScript layout, I've noticed that I CANNOT now access my National Lottery account without enabling a jscript open gate for google.com and gstatic.com. (Portcullis up, Drawbridge and Pants down!)

Will this be permitted under GDPR?

Under the old NoScript I had all scripts forbidden except those I specifically allowed, but had never noticed Google asking to peer over my shoulder. My eyesight's not the best these days though..

IT plonker stuffed 'destructive' logic bomb into US Army servers in contract revenge attack


'A Grave Miscarriage of Justice'

"Have you read 'The Times' this morning Holmes? That Das fellow in America seems to be getting his comeuppance for this army payroll thing eh?"

"On the contrary Watson - the man is completely innocent, and a grave miscarriage of justice is afoot. Call a cab - we must get to the American Embassy immediately!"

"Nonsense Holmes - look at this paragraph and just see the damage he has done!"

<Prosecutors described Das's program as "progressively destructive," adding: "The damage had to be corrected through removal of the malicious code, restoration of all information and features, and a thorough review of the entire system to locate any further malicious code,>

"Damage has indeed been done Watson - but not by Das - for observe, - the crime took place on THE SECOND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH!"

Drive-thru drive-by at McDs after ice cream no-show, say cops


Then fix it......

I believe that Mr Henry's lawyer is going to plead in mitigation that not only had dear Henry been much vexed by the lack of the eagerly anticipated ice cream, but had, just prior to this incident, had an angry and prolonged exchange with his wife, Eliza, about the unexpected discovery of a hole in the bucket in which he had intended to transport the aforesaid ice cream.

Parents claim Disney gobbled up kids' info through mobile games


Couldn't agree more !!!


"Mickey, still complete shite."

Would make an excellent title for a new biography of the unfunny little rat (IMHO.).

Facebook hit two billion users today and SugarCRM reminded us you are Zuck's product


Re: Pointless

"Musicians etc"

A quote from ClassicFM in the UK recently:

"A musician is a man who - upon hearing a lady singing in the bath - puts his EAR to the keyhole!"


Re: A "love reaction"?

An injection you say???

Please provide more detail - I have a good friend etc, etc.

Yours truly,

I.P. Painfully

Disney plotting 15 more years of Star Wars


Re: Time is the wrong dimension to measure

Heard that Disney is considering naming their next Star Trek combo

"Snow White and the Seven Worfs"

Facebook, Instagram: No, you can't auto-slurp our profiles (cough, cough, border officials)


@ J.Smith

But, as Al Capone said

“You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” :

Most of 2016's holes had fixes the day we knew about 'em. Did we patch? Did we @£$%


Re: Why do we patch, or not?

@Charles 9

The 'hesitation' bit was the chuckle inducing part - For me anyway.


Re: Why do we patch, or not?

@Mike 16

"Offer a starving man a moose-turd pie, and watch him hesitate."

Lovely image - Made me chuckle anyway.

Like your Parliamentary Act as well.

Lawyer defending arson suspect flees court with pants on fire


Re: Ahh colloquial meanings of words.


Good post - Can anyone trump that?

BT agrees to legal separation of Openreach


"felt like a proverbial kick to the bollocks."

There speaks a man who has obviously NEVER had a kick in the bollocks!

Investigatory Powers Act signed into UK law by Queen


Re: Words to the Wise which will not Trouble the Foolish

@amanfromMars 1

Hello amanfromMars, Greetings!

Not being offensive or anything, just reading your (and previous) prose and am truly curious.

Were you, in your youth maybe, of the hippy persuasion, and possibly a little over enthusiastic with the extended dropping of a certain acidic compound?

Long, long ago, some foreign cretin once (without my knowledge) slipped me some inside a soft-centred square of chocolate in a Continental canal-side bar, and - after I got over the odd behaviour of my arms wanting to float up towards my head every time I took my eyes off them - I spent a happy few hours watching regiments and battalions of bricks doing a march, wheel and counter-march routine along the opposite canal wall. Interspersed with the fantastic multicoloured rippling wash of small boats along and amongst the marching bricks it was an extraordinary experience - and yet, there's something about your prose that immediately reminds me of that sunny (and rainbow coloured) afternoon.

Or are you perhaps an admirer of Lewis Carroll's 'Jabberwocky'?

No offence meant I assure you, just honest curiousity about your unique style.


Re: *idly wonders how easy it would be to access an MP's WiFi*

@Nick Ryan

I think May already dances to Charles Farr's tune - though she probably thinks she's doing a solo.


*idly wonders how easy it would be to access an MP's WiFi*


GCHQ probably have that in hand already.

With every juicy titbit being filed away in the blackmail bank for future use as needed.

(They who control the politicians control the levers of power - Permanently!) (Herbert Hoover) (probably)

Christ - What sort of country is being created here.

It's not Britain (as I've always known it) anyway.


29th of November 2016 - A(nother) date that will live in infamy?

Theresa May - A name to go with it!

Wonder what history will call the current Parliament - 'The Worthless Parliament'? 'The Shameful Parliament'? 'The Parliament of Lickspittles' that yawn and sign away the essential privacy of their citizens (and their own families) with barely a debate or word of protest?

Well. their names will be there for all to see for as long as Hansard (and history) lasts.

Perhaps we should in future refer to the current shower as 'The Regime' rather than 'the Government'. They seem to have taken the first step down a VERY slippery slope.

Both my parents spent 6 years in the Forces, fighting against Hitler and his ideas.

Don't think they were fighting for Theresa May and hers though.

Lad cuffed after iOS call exploit knocks out Arizona 911 center


Re: AZ sheriff


So, ....not keen eh?


Judge not, lest ye be judg.....

Maricopa County struck a bell.

Thought that was the place where the Sheriff kept the jail inmates in tents out in the jailyard.

Just did a Google and found that the Sheriff himself is now being charged with contempt of a Federal court order, so might soon be enjoying a little camping out himself. (Or would that be at a Federal campsite?)


Samsung are amateurs – NASA shows how you really do a battery fire


Has the intern now been dubbed "Robopop"?

'Hacker' accused of idiotic plan to defraud bank out of $1.5 million


Clap Hans....

.... In Jail.

'Fappening' hacker gets 18 months in US federal clapper


Dem Bones eh? - What are dey like!

The exploding Note 7 is no surprise – leaked Samsung doc highlights toxic internal culture


Work till you drop?

I was in Hyundai years ago when it was just a village with a large shipyard attached and not a car plant in sight. (We stayed at the aptly named 'Foreigners Hotel')

Walking along the main street one day I watched two telephone linesmen working 20 feet up a pole with a young lad down on the ground. When they finished with the first pole they rather oddly pulled their ladder UP to the top with them and then laid it across the actual phone wires. They then lay one on top of each side of the ladder and dropped a rope (attached to the middle of the ladder) down to the boy on the ground. The boy grabbed the rope and set off at a run towards the next pole as the two linesmen slid along the wires 20ft above him. (With no safety net or harness of any kind.!)

I remember thinking as I saw it, "Wow. How do you compete against a work ethic like this?"

Pound falling, Marmite off the shelves – what the UK needs right now is ... an AI ethics board


True story....

In the 80's myself and a girlfriend once stayed in a small fishing motel in a place called (I think) Clear Lake, north of San Francisco.

In the morning I walked alone to the supermarket for some groceries and suddenly spotted a familiar squat brown, yellow capped, jar of Marmite on the shelves. Hardly believing my luck I dropped a jar into the basket and eventually arrived at the checkout. The friendly middle aged lady at the till picked up the jar and remarked on how this was the first time anyone, other than herself, had actually bought a jar.

Delighted to have met another Marmite junkie so far from the UK I enthused at some length about my love for Marmite, especially on toast for breakfast.

As I spoke I saw her jaw drop and a cartoon-like stunned expression crossed her face. Sensing something obviously amiss I enquired as to how she preferred it.

"Spread on my dog's collar to keep the fleas off" she said.

My own jaw dropped and, shaken into silence, I paid for my sack of groceries and made my way to the door and the normality of the street.

It occurred to me later that it must have been the 'mite' in Marmite that led her astray..

What she made of my pleasure in eating the stuff remains a mystery.

Rosetta's last comet pic


Re: Well done!

I think the fuller (and quite apt) quote is:

"Well done, thou good and faithful servant."

(Matthew 25:21)

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers


In the browser popularity list - was there a 'Pale Moon Rising'?

London cops hunt for drone pilots who tried dropping drugs into jail


Re: Time for Trebuchets!


...or an Essex girl...

Brexit campaign group fined £50k for sending half a million spam texts


Re: Friends, MEP's, Countrymen!

p.s. Just what ARE you talking about by the way?

Since you've piqued my interest, Ive done a 'Startpage' search for Kelvin's name but came up with nothing that seemed remotely relevant to my post, so just do the 'decent' thing and elucidate a little.

Or is it just that you're a UKIP and/or Brexit supporter?

Ahhh, the mists are starting to clear perhaps?


Re: Friends, MEP's, Countrymen!

"Kelvin Mackenzie"? I don't read the Sun so don't know what you're referring to.

About the only Kelvin Mackenzie related things that come immediately to my mind are the Belgrano headline and the Hillsborough disaster.

The only quote in the body of my post was one line from the Mark Antony speech with "So are they all" in 'Julius Caesar'. Don't think Kelvin Mackenzie wrote that. Maybe you think otherwise though?


Friends, MEP's, Countrymen!

Well, I can only say that I sincerely trust that all our UKIP MEP's are undoubtedly going to do the honourable thing and get their shoulders to the wheel, put their noses to the grindstone and their backs into wholeheartedly encouraging the UK populace to vote them out of their 8,020 euro's/month salary by going for Brexit.

Well naturally they're going to do that. What other course of action would honourable men take? - And we know that MP's in general are undoubtedly the most honourable people in the country simply by looking at the numbers of honours they receive. I mean, the House of Lords is stuffed full of 'em. MP's even refer to each other as "The honourable member".

So are they all, all honourable men.

The people rest M'Lud.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


Re: ...dog toffee?

Well, - S'pose it could also be a 'eeeuuw-phemism'.


Re: ...dog toffee?

It's a pooh-phemism

Neighbour sick of you parking in his driveway? You'd better hack-proof your car


'ello, 'ello (again!)

"Karamba's founders are Ami Dotan, Tal Ben David, David Barzilai and Assaf Harel. Ben David and Harel cut their teeth managing Check Point's endpoint security research and development teams."


Weren't CheckPoint the outfit that bought a neat little free Firewall called 'Zone Alarm' a few years ago and turned it into a bloated useless mess that didn't work properly for bloody weeks? I gave up on it in the end, so don't know HOW long it took them to get it working properly again - IF indeed they ever did!

Not sure I'd fancy them working on MY car's security.

French parliament votes to jail tech execs who refuse to decrypt data


Sacre Bleu !!!

If they believe there really is a possibility of French execs being jailed, wouldn't it just incentivise some of them to consider moving their businesses (and jobs) into the French speaking areas of next-door countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland?

The government might end up shooting some of its own toes off if it draws that gun out of its holster.


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