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New strain of Gozi Trojan prowls the net

Mike Chesmore

Adobe 8 issues

While Adobe has had a really bad reputation in the past, Adobe 8 is a vast improvement over previous versions. I am very pleased with it overall. I have rolled Adobe out to 6000 + users in the forms of 6, 7 and now 8. If you are having trouble loading Adobe 8, you need to download the Adobe 8 MSI creator, it is free and really easy to use. I have created hundreds of MSI's with all the major tools out there and this one is as good as any of the paid for ones. I saw a comment about deploying it via AD, you absolutely can use AD to deploy it. The largest complaint we had with it were that "it looks different". Well it is different, things change, software changes, sorry but we still can't use Windows 3.11 even though Vista looks different. Move on... I am still not a huge Adobe fan largely due to their past history but the new stuff seems much much better.




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