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Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'


Music Tech

I thought I would chime to back up comments about the Mac platform being good for media - I'm at uni studying Music Tech (BA), and ALL our music software is run on Mac Machines.

I defiantly think the support guy should have asked what the consumer actually wanted to do, but from using mac's I can see his point. And to be called a fanboy is plain rude - I think its probably appropriate to ask people why they use mac before accusing them of being fashion idiots.


Honda offers FCX for '08, bitchslaps Google


Better than Hybrid

Hybrid is just an easy way for car manufacturers to pass off a non-green idea as green. Petrol is going to run out, we are destroying the planet, yadda yadda, so lets run cars off electricity thats produced via unclean methods, and then use petrol anyway when that fails. Yes Toyota, really clever.

Hydrogen is the long term winner, and makes alot more sense than the daft Hybrid lot.



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