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Windows random number generator is so not random

Luke May
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Old News

This is old news.


Domino's pizza prices may rise

Luke May

Domino's is site dependant.

I've tried Domino's in 4 different places of the UK.

I have to say it's site dependant.

Nottingham = ok pizza, BOGOF.

Eastbourne = good pizza, no deals

Birmingham = god pizza, free garlic bread normally.

London = box full of melted cheese, couple of bits of cigarette but and spittle.

Where I live I went on a stint of eating 1 domino's a day for a month, and not just a normal sized domino's a large dominator texas barbeque. Possibly the fattest bastard pizza ever. Needless to say I didn't have many beer tokens on the weekend during that period.

Normally the best pizza shops are the independants, it seems to me it's all about building a friendship with the makers of your pizza.


World of Warcraft asks Europeans to please speaka da English

Luke May

Delays? Who wow'd have thought!

Because Blizzard never spend over 2-3 days sorting out billing and in-game issues anyway.

They have always had delays since open beta. I reluctantly log into wow every now and again but I have to say the game is getting rather stagnant and boring as of late.



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