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Skiving Aussie fingered on Facebook

Black Helicopters

Grow up, facebook-cleansers

I have to agree that this guy WAS sick, whether or not it was self inflicted shouldn't matter.

I hope the legacy of facebook will be that people realise that actually, letting loose occasionally is perfectly normal and healthy. I wish these internet-face cleansing twats who feel the need to lie about their lives, and the management they hope to impress, would just grow the fuck up.

Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed


What if she'd been a drunk, and had survived?

Okay so it's pretty bad to piss on someone, but is it really so bad that it deserves 3 years in prison?

For all the guy knew she was some drunk in a doorway. Okay, so even if someone's drunk in a doorway it's no good reason to piss on them, but if she really was just off her head and had survived, would the same act have earned national media attention and a long jail sentence?

It seems out of proportion.

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