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Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers


startrek, "please acces mp3 file" access denied payment required!


The music industry are just scared cos its hitting them in the wallet, look lets share information, yes SHARE, A very important lecturer from Uni of greenwich once mentioned that people of the future will share there information, people will pay for live music but not for recorded music.

The greedy record companys have really shown there true colours how they manipulated legislation, fined people extorsionate cash sums, spread spyware, malware and the list gos on.

its a real shame when i read that some uk govenment called lord "whats his name" of the dept of innovation is bending the law to suit the consortium of record companys, AND dont say to me that music companys are about innovation or excellent in progressive music, if britney spears sells they go with it-Simple. However it breaks my heart theres so many great musicians out there who cant make a break cos the record companys push rubbish out "that sells"

The conglomatrate of these companys are trying to twist people into buying there copyright bullshit by putting pressure on governements, people, and generally being butt heads, does noone agree spreading virus's in the p2p network & on the net and relying on public ignorance of INFORMATION SHARING is a crime against humanity initself- behavior on par with a maniac me thinks!

Im a musicain myself www.myspace.com/shem115 and i have always believed in making music and releasing for free, people pay for gigs thats fair, i hear comments some people say like, "if people wernt paid to make music then they wouldnt be music" lol well my answer to that is if there making music for money they aint gonna make much plus if they make music for money then they aint making music for the right reasons.

truth is, there never stop p2p, there never stop people sharing, i hope to high hell they cant...................


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