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NY policeman plunders US terror watchlist

Mellissa Wright

Failure of Organizational IT

This just goes to show, in vivid detail, what happens when an organization makes it too difficult for employees to acccess systems and information -- The one person in a department who's pulled enough teeth to be given access to a needed system/database ends up leaving "his credentials on a notepad so his co-workers could access the system when he wasn't around."


Craiglist rant man on criminal libel rap

Mellissa Wright

@ J, ratfox, and I am Me --

The part that applies to the ex-girlfriend is this:

"Truth is not a defense in such cases [the dead], or in ones that 'expose the natural defects of one who is alive'."

Since she's alive, they must be using "the natural defects" angle. I just hope the law defines "natural defect."



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