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Fitness app Polar even better at revealing secrets than Strava

Jon Kinsey

Military personnel found near military bases…

That is a big surprise (secret?).

Android Wear: The bloatware that turned into gloatware

Jon Kinsey

I like mine...

I'm a runner, so a garmin could easily set me back the cost of my apple watch, so the cost isn't a factor for me. I'm also someone who doesn't have their phone in their hand all the time so the notifications are useful for me.

As for the need to charge it everyday, I don't wear watches in bed so it doesn't effect me at all.


Jon Kinsey

The answer is obvious

Turn off the power in Canada.

Last moon landing was 40 years ago today

Jon Kinsey

Re: I'm amazed there's no sceptics out there...

I wasn't suggesting that they didn't happen, just that I was surpirsed there weren't any comments saying this here. I'm under 40, so have no direct experience of the events, so technically there's a very small chance they didn't happen, as with all historic events.

Getting a mirror on the moon (via a rocket say) is a lot easier than doing a manned mission and doesn't prove it happened beyond any doubt.


Jon Kinsey
Black Helicopters

I'm amazed there's no sceptics out there...

"the fact remains that as of today it's 40 years since a human <allegedly> set foot on the moon."

Dell accidentally sells 140,000 monitors for $15 a pop

Jon Kinsey

No they don't

In the uk all the prices on goods are just suggestions and the price they ask for at the till is what you have to pay. At least that's what it was like a few years ago.

Of course a lot of shops do honour mis-pricings on shelves, but that is their policy to make you trust the prices you see.

Microsoft insists Hotmail redesign hasn't left users out in the cold

Jon Kinsey

I like it...

am I all alone?

Defrauded punter says 'catflaps' to PayPal marketing stunt

Jon Kinsey

£300 for phone on ebay?

I guess it's possible that a very new phone might get that sort of money on ebay. For me though the first obvious sign of a scam is unrealistic bids. I wonder if greed played a part in not noticing how dodgy the buyer looked?

WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade

Jon Kinsey


50/100 firefox 2 here, and I guess you can get different results on the same browser if your have different settings.

Enraged vegan spitroasts Reg hack

Jon Kinsey

Carnassial teeth

To the "anon coward" above, who clearly didn't look that far into wikipedia about carnassial teeth:

"The word "carnivore" sometimes refers to the mammalian Order Carnivora, but this is misleading. Although many Carnivora fit the first definition of being exclusively meat eaters, not all do. For example, bears are members of Carnivora that are not carnivores in the dietary sense, and pandas are almost exclusively herbivorous. Likewise, some full-time (dolphins, shrews) and part-time (humans, pigs) predatory species among mammals, let alone all carnivorous non-mammals, are not members of Carnivora." (Carnassials are the defining characteristic of the Carnivora order)

I'm hungry...

California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap

Jon Kinsey

GPS accuracy not important?

If you read the article closely it states that "it sends a signal every 30 seconds that records his whereabouts and travel speed", I assume the position is from gps and the speed from the speedometer.

So minor inaccuracies in the position won't affect the accuracy of the recorded speed.

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