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Artificial Intelligence: You know it isn't real, yeah?

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...I'm a waffle man

Eggheads want YOU to name Jupiter's five newly found moons ‒ and yeah, not so fast with Moony McMoonface

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I didn't see any orbituaries for Proteus?

Santander hands over $700m to IBM in hopes of becoming incredible banking machine

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David Chaos

"The global CIO of the group, David Chaos"

Let's see if this ends well... Either way the Reg headlines will be "Chaos rules supreme!"

Must have been an interesting call with the headhunters when he was found.

620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on dark web, seller boasts

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Re: Hacked my account?

I think you'll find that is my job.....

From Red Planet to deep into the red: Suicidal extrovert magnet Mars One finally implodes

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..maybe for their website?

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Re: Not surprised about this, but...

Mars Direct

Mike Ashley might buy that...

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Just a flesh wound!

If you look at their website today they are shrugging this of as the equivalent of “just a flesh wound” and will be seeking funding elsewhere...

Accused hacker Lauri Love to sue National Crime Agency to retrieve confiscated computing kit

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Re: Interesting angle.

Because someone is unlikely to have Planning Permission to build a railway/motorway/shopping centre through your car....

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Re: Why does he want five-year-old kit back?

...and he doesn't have backups himself? Unlikely given his background...?

QNAP NAS user? You'd better check your hosts file for mystery anti-antivirus entries

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Re: Source of the NAStiness?

From memory I think that might have actually happened with one version of the Malware Remover at some point last year....

They rushed out an update very quickly which removed it and also fixed it if the update had been applied.

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Re: Source of the NAStiness?

There were some QNAP firmware updates last year that plugged a couple of vulnerabilities to do with remote access.

It's possible that this is how the malware got on to the box in the first place if they had not been applied.

HMRC: We 'rigorously tested' IR35 tax-check tool... but have almost nothing to show for it

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Re: I wish this was a surprise

"I hit the same on a project for the Prison Service"

Definitely going to be "inside" there,,,

NASA pops titanium tea cosy over Martian InSight probe instrument

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Re: This is a colander

No - it's actually one of the "Smash" commercial Martians hiding (not very well) in the sand...

I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia!

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Flaw in testing protocol?

"So we were able to just split them in half to see if there was an effect, and there was. The 'rookies' had greater drops in NK-cell function compared to the veterans."

"Unfortunately they are all dead due to splitting them in half. Next time we'll amend the protocol to experiment on the 2 groups separately", they added.

NASA's Opportunity rover celebrates 15 years on Mars – by staying as dead as a doornail

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Re: Why solar

They don't have enough fuel for the RTGs currently also I believe

Florida man's deadliest catch forces police to evacuate Taco Bell

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Re: Here fishy fishy

I never knew fish were magnetic

That's a load of carp

Six Flags fingerprinted my son without consent, says mom. Y'know, this biometric case has teeth, say state supremes...

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Re: Companies will always push the privacy barriers because money is to be made from it.

Only one way to take it.....

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently

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User visibility

At the moment they can intercept/change/suppress content and requests with little user visibility.

Does "they" mean Google or extension...? Or both?

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At least it blocks AutoPlay now!

One thing I can say for Edge (the current non-Chromium one) is that it can now block AutoPlay videos following the W10 1809 update...

Big Red's big pay gap: $13,000 gulf between male and female Oracle staffers – reports

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Re: BS statement translation.

drawing up such a report "would be costly and time-consuming"

Surely this exercise should not be either of the above since they will be using their own Oracle HR Applications (maybe Cloudy) to do so.

If this is not the case then what will the Oracle salespeople be saying to prospects who are looking to buy Oracle HR Apps to manage their own HR and determine similar information....?

China's really cotton'd on to this whole Moon exploration thing: First seed sprouts in lunar lander biosphere

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Re: Biosphere did you say ?

Unfortunately we have the answer now.... "Not long without heating...."

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"My God it's full of flies"

(Now X-Flies as they are deep-frozen)

Germany has a problem with the entire point of Amazon's daft Dash buttons – and bans them

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Re: if five people notice that the toner is out on the printer...

So turn the Dash button (almost) into mini tablet?

Seems better to use your existing tablet/smartphone and/or that Amazon App

If I could turn back time, I'd tell you to keep that old Radarange at home

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Re: Military Ship Radars

Did you go back in time too?

Peak Apple: This time it's SERIOUS, Tim

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Re: Too late

Because they are potentially able to pay higher dividends from increased profits and/or the share price improves in response to that increased profit and future streams thereof.

That is what investors are after.

Mainframe brains-slurper sues IBM for 'age discrim', calls Ginny and biz 'morally bankrupt'

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Re: Sauce for the goose

..who could do the job of an American CxO for a fraction of the cost

Why would the ones who are smart and have the experience agree to do it for a fraction of the cost......? They will already be well-aware of their (international) market value.

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

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Re: Didn't know that - which one?


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Re: It really is as simple as

Thanks DaLo!

No idea why I got downvoted.....

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Re: It really is as simple as

a significant UK government service

Didn't know that - which one?

Dark matter's such a pushover: Baby stars can shove weird stuff around dwarf galaxies

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Re: Mexican Wall of Shame


Do you believe that your spelling is above average...;-)

Pewdiepie fanboi printer, Chromecast haxxx0r retreats, says they're 'afraid of being caught'

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Makes sense, his actions were shellfish

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

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Re: Choice

You don't have to switch if you don't want to - as long as you don't "need" the new features (such as they are).

I recently bought a second-hand (64GB) 6S from Mazuma Mobile, which although in "Very Good" spec looks almost new to me - with a 12-month guarantee.

When/if my 6S (with new £25 battery) conks out, I'll look at replacing it with a second-hand (or Refurb/Renew) phone from them (or a similar provider) or pick one up from the hight street shops that seem to have loads of decent corporate offloads for reasonable money.

With the current high-profile campaigns against single-use plastics etc., I am surprised that this route is not gaining a higher profile or chosen by more (of those who care about it...) due to the energy-dense production processes involved in these devices (whether Apple/Android or not).

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Battery replacements - UK at least

I got my 6S and my wife's SE (both 3 years old phones) batteries swapped out last week under the £25 deal.

Every slot was taken right up to the end of the deal period, and talking to the staff in the Apple Store (Kingston, UK), the replacement scheme had been extremely popular.

If that is representative then people are not perceiving that the new phones add significant value and their older iPhones still work fine, so £25 to restore performance and battery life is a no-brainer (as is the post-deal £79 replacement price to be honest) compared to the cost of the XR now that the SE is gone.

However, the cheaper battery scheme has at least kept people in the Apple services (iCloud, iTunes etc.) universe so will have been a worthwhile investment for APple in that respect (notwithstanding the inertial effects if you have several iDevices in your household).

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music

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Re: Better than the Christmas number 1 in the UK

Yes, more pastry-faced youths there

Slap for Slack chat app after US, Canada chaps zapped in Iranian IP address map whack

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Whack a mole?

What is to stop them creating a new account?

If other IPs on their account are linked to their “Iranian” one (and so would flag their account) then due to dynamic IPs Slack would be in for a whole load of spurious account closures from people who have never visited Iran - so Slack can’t be doing anything that sophisticated to prevent this.

Unless they are also targeting anyone with an Iranian-sounding name.....

IBM: Co-Op Insurance talking direct to coding subcontractor helped collapse of £55m IT revamp project

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Re: "Blame the customer" is not new

European hosted system migrating to the United States

Wow - Wouldn't that have legal/data custody implications too that the end-client would be very unhappy about?

Happy Christmas! Bloodhound SSC refuelled by Yorkshire business chap

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Re: Fuel pumped by a Jaguar V8 engine

Best leaf blower. Ever!

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Re: Fuel pumped by a Jaguar V8 engine

..and fittingly the G2 Business Jet engine is self-depreciating (as it's on for only $5000) and irony (and possibly aluminiumy/titaniumy too?)

Fed up with Oracle's Sith, AWS wades into Big Red's lawsuit over Pentagon JEDI contract

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Do you still love her?

Do you still love her?

Forget your deepest, darkest secrets, smart speakers will soon listen for sniffles and farts too

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Re: My security system already listens to everything.

I suppose that is a more practical type of B-Ark....

Think of the confusion/mayhem if you had a dog called Alexa AND an Alexa device...

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Re: I gotta hand it to them

I imagine that there will be some "counter-AI" decoy apps that you leave playing next to the smart speaker to mess with their models or waste processing time.

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Re: I want votes and applauses

Good idea for an Alexa skill - a fart app 10 years on from the mobile phone ones?

Like Clippy:

"You're having a fart - shall I open a window?"

"You put ill-deserved confidence into that fart - should I order some new underwear, or maybe a jet washer and some new carpet?"

Poor people should get slower internet speeds, American ISPs tell FCC

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Re: What does "broadband" get you these days?

Drink quicker then?

For fax sake: NHS to be banned from buying archaic copy-flingers

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Re: Fax Auditer

They’ll get baud quicker if you do that...

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Carrier pigeon/Chinese whispers...?

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Re: Ban a system that works and is malware free*...

Yes I remember that too - during/after the postal strike suddenly everyone had a fax machine or knew what one was!

Privacy, security fears about ID cards? UK.gov's digital bod has one simple solution: 'Get over it'

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Re: Here we go again...

You missed "DevOps" and "Agile"

Oz opposition folds, agrees to give Australians coal in their stockings this Christmas

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Re: Gets popcorn

...receives Royal Ascent.

Yes - that's definitely one-upmanship (or womanship?) described here

Customers baffled as Citrix forces password changes for document-slinging Sharefile outfit

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Re: What about other Cisco services?

My mistake - I meant Citrix.....

FYI: NASA has sent a snatch-and-grab spacecraft to an asteroid to seize some rock and send it back to Earth

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If it’s on a collision course that is dicing with death?


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