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Channel 4 in Heathrow Playmobil reconstruction shocker

David Frank

Hi Do me a favour P-L-E-A-S-E?

Could you guys at old "El Reg" please knock up a monthly playmobil as a screen saver or such featuring the main news topics of the month. Would love to see your take on the current banking crisis and particularly your Mr. Darling character.

Smiley face becuase that is how I would fel if you did!

Commentard completely loses the plot

David Frank

He has gone totally "Rodger Irrelevant" love it!

I love these flame rants; shame you pulled the comment!

Would have been fun whatching the responses! :)

Pingu because now one understands his rants either!

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

David Frank
Dead Vulture



Council clamps down on 'man on the street'

David Frank
Paris Hilton

OLD can't use that!

I was told by a local council PC manager last year that you cannot use the term "OLD" as it;

1. Refers to age of a human

2. "OLD" is refers to decrepid or unreliable as you often throw things out simply because they are "OLD"

So unfortunately this particular council has dropped a major PC clanger here!

Anyway I must go as we have a "very unreliable" human wearing a skirt waiting for me in the welcome suite!

Paris! because she will still be horny when she is "unreliable"!

UK boffins roll out video periodic table

David Frank

Prof Poliakoff V Professor Pillinger

These guys should have their own TV series based on say getting a can of cambells soup on to the moon (my suggestion for episode one) or they could do a TV series, bit like James Burkes connections.

I'd watch it!

Eye protection because only sissys wear it!

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

David Frank

Works Fine for Me

Did not back up first!

Was feeling daring with my home made "white box" MItac PC hand built by an idiot; me ( I must be because I installed Vista 64 bit!

Realtek video too!

At last the OS does not try to map every network drive as I open MY computer to cruise to the C drive or the shortcut that always took milliseconds to load in XP but took 1 minute with pre-SP1 Vista 64 bit.

Very happy with the result just need to find a wifi card that works with vista 64 bit!

Paris because she designed Vista!

Canada announces monster solar plant

David Frank

Solar energy is all about Insolation

Insolation is the amount of electromagnetic energy (solar radiation) incident on the surface of the earth. Basically who much sunlight reaches the ground.

Ontario Canada has a Insolation value of 3.3

London UK has a Insolation value of 2.6

Albuferia Portugal has an Insolation value of 4.5

These are rough values based on a yearly average. The highest values in summer will be around

Ontario Canada has a Insolation value of 5.0

London UK has a Insolation value of 4.5

Albuferia Portugal has an Insolation value of 6.8

So at the end of the day the Canadians may be a bit too far North to get the benefits per square metre that Portugal has; they may be better locating the site in America and piping the electricity North dependant on how much ennergy is lost in the cables going North that is.

I can't help thinking that Canada would be better choppong down some trees or coppice and burning them to produce heat and power as this would be far more greener than manufacturing solar cells made from non-renewalble sources.

This is what Germany does already, and it seems to work for them.

All sounds a bit Canadian to me!

Fifty foot Michael Jackson robot to stalk Vegas

David Frank

Yes I gree it is MJ

"Have no fear though. El Reg's technical experts are working on a possible solution, which will probably involve a 50 foot genetically-enhanced pair of blond groupie twins."

May I ask the simulated age and sex of the blond groupie twins?

Public toilet database features McDonald's worldwide

David Frank

Bog bloggers have been real busy!

Just had a look at the bog site and I can now rest at ease, there are now loads of places to "sit and take the weight off your feet" in the UK not just at Mcdonalds!


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