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Spotify: We kick the tyres

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Christmas for music lovers

Can't agree with Jared more.This is probably the best thing to happen to music fans in several years.

Instant streaming, no limit to number of times you can listen to a track, unlike last.fm. Rapidly expanding catalogue, by my reckoning they've added over 200,000 tracks in the past week. Can't believe some people can't find anything on it to listen to, I've the opposite problem, just too much :-)

It's not perfect and there are several things which could be done to improve the service, better search, recommendations, downloading, user defined charts etc but for something which is only a few months old is a revelation.

I'm on the free version at the moment but would happily subscribe if only to prevent it being scuppered by short sighted record companies.


Open Season exposes the real price paid for Radiohead's new album

William Dods


I'm impressed that James went to the trouble of buying the discbox and the download. However maybe he and anyone else considering that option should realise that a 'free' download is included in the discbox package,



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