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Manhunt 2 leaked by Sony Europe employee

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RE:RE: No, YOU'RE missing the point, Andrew...

I think you're generalising over the whole of society and current industry we live in. What you're saying is completely true about the jews and world war two and also about street gangs and kids with knives and guns etc....

A previous comment was stupid enough to say why not do kiddie fiddling or concentration camps. i think this guy's the one people need to be wary of. i can think of numerous games i've played where i've blown off the head of a 'baddie' with a sniper rifle and smiled....so much so that some magazines encourage you to do this. What about the Hitman games that were out....there's a film being released end of november based on the game.....suppose all the fans of agent 47 are go out with a couple of highballer's (i think that's what they're called) and shoot out all and sundrie, oh and then of course you can strangle some of them too as to not to make a sound....calssic ha ha!

The reason i'm responding to this is that we're talking about this ONE game and not a general concensus on whether or not games/music/movies in general are bad.

The blame on kids immitating what they see and act in games is a reflection on learning the difference between right and wrong and that's instilled by parents....games and movies and even music with hidden messages are here to stay so we must learn to deal with it not go on about how it shouldn't be here!

anthony newcombe


Why oh why oh why do so many people get their knickers in a twist over a game....hostel was brought out and everyone loved it....masochism, murder, torture, blood, guts, violence....this is fine but but a control pad in front and all of a sudden it's immoral!

Walk into any video shop and you have your choice of thousands of people being being mamed and tortured and murdered in soooo many ways it's untrue....for instance Hills have eyes 2....one plot in this which you the viewer actually witnesses is one of the freaks RAPING yes RAPING one of the women....now apparantly this is fine and to celebrate lets put it out on sky box office!!!!!!

People forget that they have the option...1 DON'T BUY THE EFFIN GAME and 2 TURN IT OFF AND TAKE IT BACK IF YOU DONT LIKE IT....i'd wager any money that any adult that bought this and were shocked at first, would never in a million years take it back....it would be too much like watching a horror movie through your fingers...you just couldn't keep away.

I actually found the first game a bit dull and linear but the opportunity to have a choice in 'finishing' people was a very nice touch. Soe of it was too much but then YOU are in control of how you 'finish' people and more importantly playing the game in the first place!

I hope we do get a version of this game, and hopefully a reworked version on the PS3 (actually...maybe not ha ha!).

All in all i hope common sense prevails and that this game gets a UK release....in the meantime, ebay holland here i come!!!!!!



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